Excellent holiday reading: Stories of the Night by Kitty Crowther

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Stories of the Night by Kitty Crowther (Gecko Press, 2018) age 5+


Kitty lives in Belgium – her parents are English and Swedish. She has written and illustrated over 40 books. They have been translated into 20 languages and won many awards. In 2010 she won a major prize for children’s authors: The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Kitty dedicated the book to Sarah who came to stay one night and dreamed Kitty wrote a book called ‘Stories of the Night‘ with a pink cover and a handwritten title! Wonderful!

And now it is in the world!!


Kitty’s new book is an absolute honey of a book – a modern fairy tale – that I want to read and read and read again.

Little Bear wants Mother Bear to tell three bedtime stories to help them go to sleep.

The book is exquisite pink the perfect pink for a book that is dreamy and magical and soothes. A smallish hardback that I have held in my hand for two days before opening because I wanted to save and savour it!!!

The beautiful drawings take me back to all the bear books I have loved – so full of life and delight.


The number 3 is powerful in fairy stories – 3 stories are Little Bear’s way into sleep.

The first story is about the Night Guardian who says when it is time to go to sleep even when it doesn’t feel like time because there is one more thing to do!


Donnnnng Donnnnnnnng

“It’s time to go to bed, little ant.”

“I just need to get this one piece of petal,” called a tiny voice.


The second story is about a little girl with a sword who gets lost. She goes hunting for blackberries and ends up having the snuggliest sleep.


Zhora snuggled under a leaf and fell fast asleep. She felt safe.

At dawn, she heard her brothers and sisters calling her in the distance. She was so excited to tell them about her adventures, but her bed was snuggle and warm so she stayed just a little longer. Right now, being here was perfect.


The third story is about the man in a big coat who never sleeps. I especially love this story because his best friend Otto the otter writes poems on stones and throws them into the sea.


Bo was delighted to be back in his bed.

The moment his head touched the pillow, he sank into a deep sleep. He didn’t ask if this was because of his night swim or because he’d found one of Otto’s stone poems or because he had such a wonderful friend—or even if it was a mixture of everything.


Good books make us feel good but they also shine little lights on the world – on how we fit together in families and friendships. I love this book because it reminded me of my life as a mother, a daughter and a friend, of how stories are gold, and kindness and gentleness and braveness and perseverance are also gold. Sleep well young readers!

this book is a keep-me-forever dreamtime book






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