October challenge: a few more tree poems



Oh dear I got my deadline date muddled for the tree poems because Sunday (today) is the 28th not Friday!


So I am delighted to post a few more TREE poems that arrived in the nick of time. Gemma played with poetry forms, Daniel played with humour and Michelle made a warm-glow poem.


A poem from Michelle Z, Y2, Ilam School


Yellow flowers upon this tree,

Flying around the sky.

Playing hide and seek,

all together.

Holding the golden flowers,

eating lunch together.

Finding sweet new friends,

Friends found by you,

best friends,

always there for you.

Kōwhai flowers.


Three poems from Gemma Y8, Adventure School


He rakau ātaahua koe

(You are a beautiful tree)


he rakau ātaahua koe Kōwhai

he rakau ātaahua koe Nīkau

he rakau ātaahua koe Rimu

he rakau ātaahua koe Tōtara

he rakau ātaahua koe Kauri

he rakau ātaahua koe

rakau ātaahua o nga atua




The golden kōwhai

In spring a tūī café

A treat for us all



Shall I compare thee to a tōtara tree?

You are as upstanding and as solid

And while parts of you may seem tough to me

My life without you would be just horrid


At times you help me reach up to the sky

Using your branches to find great new height

Yet you also shelter me when I cry

And offer me safety when I take fright


Like the tree, our bond took much time to grow

But our roots run deep giving strength to last

And while lofty heights mean I’m ready to go

I’m glad you saved me from growing too fast


So while I may roam, beyond what you see

You’ll always remain, my tōtara tree.



Three poems from Daniel Y5, Adventure School


I wonder…

I wonder how the first tree began?

Did some matter clump together, til suddenly…



Or was it a mutant

Plant from the sea

That somehow evolved to the might we now see?


Or did god use all his power

To create something great

Nature’s own tower?


I guess that we will never know

But still I am glad

That trees came to grow



If a tree could grow

In zero gravity

Its roots might stretch

In crazy directions

Like a dancing octopus

And in autumn

The leaves would float

Like a shower of confetti

That never stopped raining


Daniel L, Adventure School



The Beech Tree

I sit under the beech tree lying there doing nothing.
I hear the wind going through the leaves,
Making the most wonderful noise.
The birds whistling their lovely melodies.
Blossoms falling all over the place.
I ask myself “what would life be without trees?”

William F (11, Year 6), Ilam School, Christchurch

1 thought on “October challenge: a few more tree poems

  1. mareikura

    Absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed reading these poems thank you Paula and kids. I was particularly impressed with the ‘Gravi-tree’ what a clever play on words and thoughts. The spring Tui cafe conjured up images of feasting and chatting birds too 😉


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