Poetry POPS at Campbells Bay School




This is our cat Charlie who arrived as a stray kitten and grew and grew (there’s a poem about where he likes to sleep in The Letterbox Cat!)


Yesterday I spent the whole day at Campbells Bay School doing poetry sessions in big syndicates and it was such fun – writing a huge book and having a year of accidents meant I have only been to a couple of schools in the past two years. I miss school visits!!

What a cool school to visit – thank you for the warm greetings, the saved parking space, the delicious packed lunch and my two lovely minders, Chloe and Stella. And the biggest thank you to the students for your heartwarming poetry attention.




Here are some of the poems we made up together inspired by my Letterbox Cat poems (sadly I didn’t copy the poems Y6 made up with me):



Silvery stone

lumpy and rough

star light star bright

moving slowly across the sky




Ginger fur

no tail (a long story)

loves sunny patches

and loves to scratch

miaows like a rocket

purrs like a bulldozer




On my fabulous tree

you will find

money and diamonds

honey and almonds




Hi-top shoes

Running shoes

Sprinting shoes

Rainbow shoes

Jumping shoes




Stuff about cats

Grey cat

loves to sleep


Brown cat

loves to eat cat food


White cat

loves to play ball


PInk cat

loves to jump


Two black cats

love to lick their paws




The rain pitters

the rain patters

the rain splashes

the rain drops


on the ground



My cat

Furry grey

black eyed

likes to leap

on the roof


Long tailed

skinny cat

likes to play

chase the ball


Sharp teeth

likes to eat fish

and meat

gobbles everything!



The alligator


The alligator by the lake

ate a calculator and a piece of cake




Pouring galoring

streaks of water

tiny drops

transparent tears

pattering down




Campbells Bay

Golden sand glittering

like stars

the waves are soothing

the shells cut your feet

pohutukawa red as blood

boats rocking, gulls screeching.



Thank you for a COOL time at your school – Paula











2 thoughts on “Poetry POPS at Campbells Bay School

  1. Rosa

    hi I am in year 5 at Campbells bay school after yesterday I wrote a poem about a magic pencil (its quite long) here it is:

    Celia once found a pencil the pencil called here name she started of just with a line that looked kind of lame but her creativity still flowed stronger then ever her pencil gave her an Idea about the weather she drew up a sun to shine all day she’d only just began she started to play first it was a Barbie she loved very much and then she conjured up a scrumptious picnic lunch the lunch was yummy the barbie was great but Celia decided she needed a break she drew up a bed to catch some sleep and a teddy bear a lovely treat she dreamed of tomorrow and the places she’ll go Paris, Fiji, Hawaii, Sydney

    I hope you like it. if you have any suggestions on how to improve it please say so I want to give it to my sister Celia for Christmas and I want it to be good for her. your talk was awesome and I was going to ask you if poems have punctuation in them thanks for listening bye!

    1. Paula Green Post author

      HI Rosa Thanks for sharing this with me – I loved reading it – especially liked the way it told a story. Did you set it out like this or a poem? If you post on my comments it goes lilke a story and all runs together. You could try setting it out like a poem and emailing it to me paulajoygreen@gmail.com I loved the ending! regards Paula


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