From Gecko Press – a spectacular book on rivers for children with a 48 hour popUP poetry challenge and giveaway





Rivers are such fascinating things. I used to swim in Nelson rivers in my summer holidays. Nowadays I find the braided rivers of the South Island so so beautiful.

Gecko Press have published a magnificent book about rivers by Peter Goes:

Rivers: A visual history from river to sea

It is a big beautiful entrancing glorious book. Each page is filled to the brim with facts and drawings that you can dip and dive into for weeks on end.

You will discover what lives beside a river, what you get to do on rivers and what state rivers are in. Plus the geography and history of rivers.

A fascinating fact: Hardly any water from the Colorado River in the United States makes the sea as most is used for drinking water.

Anothering fascinating fact: Lantern fish in the South Pacific Ocean make light.

A third fascinating fact: The Yakutian horse in Kazakhstan can find grass even under thick snow.

If you like facts and other places and very curious things – and like going to museums or visiting foreign countries or travelling back in time – then this is just the book for you!!


 P o e t r y   B o x    HIGHLY RECOMMENDS   this book



A popUP poem challenge for you

I  really love the things people build to get over rivers. This book has inspired me to write a poem about it.

I challenge you to write a poem about a river – any way you like!


Deadline 5pm on Sunday 9th December.  You have 48 hours!

Send to

Include: your name age year and name of school.

Don’t forget to put RIVER POEM in subject line so I don’t miss your email.

I will post some poems on Monday 10th of December if I get any and have a copy of the book to give to one lucky poet (Y0 – Y8).

Please share this with a friend!












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