Two river poems




Thanks for joining in my popUP 48-hour river challenge. I am sending Daniel a copy of the book thanks to Gecko Press. I loved reading your poems.



On The Whanganui River

The untouched paradise of the Whanganui RIver

Gives a glimpse of the Aotearoa of long ago

A Jurassic wilderness where the moody sky changes

From dark obsidian, to shining sapphire

The river, stirred up by the torrents flowing from Mount Ruapehu,

Is the colour of caramel fudge

The trees lining the canyon are as green as dewy grass

All we hear is the sound of the keruru’s heavy wingbeats

Echoing down the valley

And the roar of hidden waterfalls cascading down

As a cacophony of nature’s teardrops

I have found my peaceful connection


Daniel aged 10 Adventure School




In our river

There are stepping stones

Placed by families

To help us

Cross to the other side

And balance

To play pooh sticks

With our friends


In our river

There is a water hole

Where all the kids go

To cool off

And splash about

Until the eels arrive

And we all make

A mad dash for the shore


In our river

Everyone can have fun.


Gemma written age 9 Adventure School

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