Poetry Box is taking a summer holiday



Thank you so much young poetry fans for reading my blog and trying my challenges in 2018. What a lot of emails I got from you ALL! I have such fun doing this blog -and I love it when I get to meet some of you in schools. I am hoping I can do more school visits in 2019 than I did this year.

I am putting Poetry Box to sleep until February while I finish editing my book, swim at the beach and read a big stack of novels.

You might like to keep a poem notebook and then send me your favourite one at the start of February.

I will have more time for my blogs next year so will have a little part of my brain thinking about what I can do to make them better and to involve you more.


Keep safe, have fun, read poetry, write poetry and enjoy your weeks and weeks of free time – summer is a time to play!


warm regards

Paula Green


DSCN9225 (1)





2 thoughts on “Poetry Box is taking a summer holiday

  1. Jo Van Dam

    Merry Christmas Paula and thank you for all your fabulous challenges throughout the year. I hope you have a very well deserved rest and relax in the holidays and that 2019 is less ‘eventful’ for you in terms of injuries!! The children at my schools, (and I) look forward to more challenges next year, and say thank you once again. Warmest regards, Jo


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