Poetry Box LOVE LOVE LOVES Eric Veillé’s An Encylopedia of Grannies



Eric Veillé, An Encyclopedia of Grannies, Gecko Press, 2019


You can tell by now I only post reviews of books I love on Poetry Box – books I want you to







in a FLASH

to find


and this one requires extra dashing and darting because this book is so cool.

Eric Vevillé’s Encyclopedia of Grannies filled me a warm glow because it is

funny and wise and imaginative and real! All in one glorious package.


Eric opens our eyes to grannies – to what they can do and feel and remember.

This feels really important to me because our elders feel really important to me.


Every page is a treasure house of good feelings, a sizzling banquet of questions. I was reading this in a waiting room and I kept laughing out loud and so everyone else started to laugh out loud. I wanted to read them the book! But I came home and read it to my partner Michael as we ate lunch.



I am SAVING my FAVOURITE page for my May poetry challenge

but I love the page where a granny sits high up in a tree in the dark of night with her grandson eating extra long filled rolls. I love that adventurousness. The page is called ‘Wisdom’. Eric reminds us that:


Grannies know a lot of things!

So let’s make sure to ask them

the important questions.


Then the grandson asks in his speech bubble: ‘Grandma when we’re dead, will we still have potato chips?”

And the grandma replies in her speech bubble: ‘Definitely!’


A good book makes you feel the world differently – it might make you laugh, it might make you ponder. An Encyclopedia of Grannies does all these things. We get to see grannies in a thousand new lights! I highly recommend this book. I plan to give a copy away in my poetry challenge next month so give my MAY poem challenge a go (Y0-8). I will post around May 1st. Do get young passionate writers to watch out for it.



The Gecko Press page


Eric Veillé was born in 1976 in Laval and studied at the Duperré School in Paris. While working as an artistic director in publishing, he decided one spring day to devote himself to writing and children’s book illustration. He has since released many books including The Bureau of Misplaced Dads and My Pictures after the Storm (Gecko Press).










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