Poetry Box review: Daniel L (10) reviews Bullseye Bella

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 7.52.41 AM.png

Bullseye Bella by James T. Guthrie, Scholastic, 2019


Bella Kerr is an amazing darts player. She wants to earn money to help pay for her little brother’s special schooling, so she secretly enters a local dart competition. But Bella is only 12, and the older darts players are not happy. Bella has to find a way of qualifying for the national competition, even when others stand in her way.

As Bella goes through her journey we learn that she is brave and strong.  We get the feeling that we can accomplish anything if we are determined enough.  Bella is a great role model.

I liked that this book is a NZ book, and it is about an unusual topic – I have never read a book about darts before!  It is a bit hard at the beginning because you have to learn about the sport of darts, but there is a helpful glossary. The story is funny and action packed and it makes you think. I think Bullseye Bella is a good book to read for confident readers, aged 8 -13.


Reviewed by Daniel L. Age 10, Year 6, Adventure School, Wellington


Note from Paula: James won the Tom Fitzgibbon Award for a previously unpublished author with this book.

Scholastic teacher notes  here




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