Poetry Box July challenge: recycling my Groovy Fish titles


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You might like to come to my Auckland and Wellington school holiday events. I will be read and writing poetry with you and have a lucky dip to give away two drawings at each event. If you have written a poem for this challenge bring it to show me!!



Well I am getting excited waiting for my copies of Groovy Fish to arrive in the post!

It was a long time in the making this book – and I had such fun doing the drawings and the little painting for the cover.

Writing poems when someone else gives you the titles is a very cool thing to do because it takes your imagination in a ZILLION new directions. Some titles were so challenging. I never knew where I would end up!

I loved the experience so much I decided to throw it back to you. You can try writing a poem using one of my titles.

° before you start writing make a list of words that jump into your mind as you look at the title – where will they carry you?

° listen to your poem when you have finished it

° try three different starts then pick your favourite

° try three different endings then pick your favourite

° try setting the poem out in 2 different ways

° do a drawing to go with it if you are in the mood

° don’t send it the day you write it – leave for a day or so (I left my poems for 2 years!) and listen to it again


See the titles below.


I will pick one poem per title to post at the end of JULY.

I will read all your poems at the end of the month.

I will give away 2 of my drawings and 2 copies of the books – lucky dip style!


Deadline: July 26th

Include: your name, age, year, name of school

Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Don’t forget to put GROOVY FISH CHALLENGE in the subject line so I don’t miss your email.






h a v e   f u n

h a v e   e x t r a    s p e c i a l   p o e t r y   f u n









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