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Poetry Box feature: Visiting Waimauku School


This week I visited the Y5 and 6 syndicate at Waimauku School in West Auckland which is almost in my neighbourhood! I had a great visit because the students were so engaged and so engaging. I loved the enthusiasm rippling through the room, the way everyone joined in and paid attention.

I came away inspired and very excited that I am getting to visit other schools this year.

And this is the first school I have read poems from my new book Groovy Fish.

Here are some poems we made up together inspired by some in the book. One hour flashed by!

The room sizzled with poetry! What a treat.




The shuffling

chocolate brown

insect eating

rough puffy feathered

hole dweller

seaweed slick

moon reflecting







I’m a flat fat cat

I’m a grumpy lazy cat

I’m a little rugby cat

I’m a rip rat cat

I’m a scratch-the-pole cat

I’m a dee jay cat

I’m a quick slick cat

I’m a rat chasing cat

I’m an All White cat

I’m a sad, sleepy cat,

BUT!     I’m still a flat fat cat.




On the black sand running

by the green waves crashing

on the sand dunes sliding

on the surf board surfing

on the horse back riding

by the cold shells cracking

in a sand buggy racing

when the blazing sun’s shining

by the hungry gannets diving

by the foam bubbles popping,

I’m at Muriwai.



Thank you for a lovely school visit!













Poetry Box feature: (Y6) Daniel’s American holiday – some poems

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 2.58.41 PM.png


Walking on the Moon (Alabama)


One small step for a man

Only happened

Because of the many steps

Of 400 000 humans

Working on the scene

Behind the scenes

Setting the scene

For our screens

Every one of them a part of

One giant leap for mankind


Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 2.59.21 PM.png




Rocket Launch (Huntsville, Alabama)

At 8:32

On July 16

5000 rockets

In 5 perfect circles

Leapt into the silent sky

Exploding the stillness with light

Simultaneously breaking world records

And celebrating the launch of men to the moon



Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 2.59.42 PM.png


Riding on the Range (Big Sky, Montana)


On a tangerine horse

Along a beige trail

Amongst emerald trees

Through silver streams

Across ivory snow

Under cyan sky

Beneath golden sun

Chasing the stripes of a Montana rainbow




Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 3.00.13 PM.png


The Safe House (Chicago)


In the heart of Chicago

Lies a curious red door

Nothing around it

But a concrete jungle


The bright door beckons

I slip inside

An animated automation

Gives me a code word


A bookcase opens

A staircase is revealed

I slink down

Beneath the city bustle


I share the code word

A card is exchanged

A mission presented

A time bomb ticks


A myriad of gadgets

Only one to choose

Information is gathered

Concentration mustered


Silence starts, time stops

People swoop around

A painting shifts

A long hallway calls


In the heart of Chicago

A boy with a moustache

Emerges from a stairwell

And disappears into the night


(This was about a crazy spy restaurant I went to!)




Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 3.00.40 PM.png


Buffalo Valley (Wyoming)

Down in the scorching valley

Is where nobody goes

Because dangerous things live there…



Down in the snowy valley

Is where everybody goes

Because when it snows

The buffalo go


Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 3.00.59 PM.png


Cool Corn (Iowa)


Corn… corn… so much corn!

Corn syrup

Corn starch

Corn ears

Corn kernels

Corn bread

Corn flakes

Corn dogs

Corn fields

Corn is the capital food source

Mountains of corn cascading and climbing

Iowa is the county of the Corn Clans

Come to the Kingdom of Corn


All by poems by Daniel, Y6, Adventure School, Wellington

Poetry Box August challenge: some favourite moon poems




by Jenna aged 8, Matua School

Thank you so much for the bumper crop of moon poems. It has taken me from early this morning to read them all. So I am glowing inside with the moon!

I loved the way you used imagination, humour, beauty.

I loved the way you played with words and images, similes and sounds.

I loved the way poems can be short or long.

I am sad I can’t post all the poems but I am glad you all love writing so much – it shows.

Check out the way Russley School (down the bottom) refreshed smiles in poems. AMAZING!!


Thanks to Amber Moffat and MidnightSun Publishing I have a copy of Amber’s magnificent moon book for Mia.  See my review here.

I am sending a copy of my new book Groovy Fish to Josie.

Do try my September challenge (out on 1st).




The Moon


Shiny cheese

moon dancing

dizzily dark


Lilla, 8 years, Matua School



The Working Moon

The moon sparkles in the night time sky
Its light flows through my window
The moon sparkles in the night time sky
I hear its music play
The moon sparkles in the night time sky
Its light wakes me up

Charlotte K Age 8 Ilam School


Fox and moon

I am a fox
On a cliff
With my friend moon.
He is so gentle.
He has an ocean
Made from soft wolf fur.
He has another friend
Called Ruru.
And more friends called Stars.

Josie O  Age 6  Ilam School


Moon sonnet

The moon

is as restless

as a dream.

The sea slaps

the rusty concrete wall

like a whale’s tail.

Smashing waves.

The coloured lights

in the Norfolk pines

like fallen stars.

The moon knocks

like the wind

on my bedroom window pane

calling, “It’s time to go to bed again”

Zoe S Age: 12  Heaton Intermediate


Tired as a Moon

By the light of the moon
As dark as a peach
I hear my Dad making lunch
I hear country music play
I’m tired as a child’s name

Isobel P Age 8  Ilam School, Christchurch


Moon Cake

I eat Moon Cake that I bake
I put a spoon inside a little moon and soon I mix the moon into a cocoon
I mix the cocoon with a raccoon but soon it does a BIG BOOM inside the room
Then it pops out baked into Moon Cake!

William Y  Aged 8,  Year 3,  St Andrew’s College


The Moon Who Cared
In a sky there was a moon
A moon who loved to ……
Move around the world
To make sure
Everyone was safe
While they slept
But when the sun is at highest peak
The moon is just at the other side
Waiting for it’s journey to be complete

Ida, Year 6, age 10,  Selwyn House School


Bringing swan feathers to the moon

I sleep
On black and white swan
feathers woven into
soft, cuddly blanket.
I use sticks and wood to
build a bed
in a treehouse.
I feel a ray of
moonlight shining
onto me.
I climb on
and rise
onto the moon.

Mia W Year 4 age 8 Fendalton School


The moon

The moon is as bright
as a shining sun at night
When you start to cry and you’re lost
the moon can help you find a light.
The starry sky is where the moon lies
I love the moon

Olivia B Age 8 Year 4 Maoribank School


The moon

The moon is the night’s sun
The moon is a golden badge on a black t-shirt
The moon lights the way on lonely nights
I love the moon

Ilah L Age 8 Year 4 Maoribank School


The moon

In a world of my dreams it would always be night
The moon would be green, the clouds purple and bright
Rain shall be pink – and yellow the colour of my sky
Yes people should be made of jelly, there’ll be no black and white
For those clouds have no sense of fun
No they are nothing like my big green night sun.

Skylarose H Age 10 Year 6 Maoribank School


The moon

The moon is a circular object
shining when the dark rises
It gracefully moves leaving a trail of yellow dots
When the sun starts to rise
The moon makes its way to the other side
The moon’s shift is over

Krysta T age 9 Year 5 Maoribank School



The moon and the sea otter

The moon reaches the tide
And brings it up
The sea otters squeak
When the moon
Paints the sky.

The moon takes the sea otters
Up onto her back
And shows them the paints.

Red, orange, yellow, pink
All different shades.

At night
The moon puts them back
In the sea.

All four sea otters
Safe and sound.

Ivy M, age: 6, Year 2, Ilam Primary School, Christchurch


The pink moon


What has happened

To the pure white moon?

It’s now pink.

But wait,

There are now two rabbits

On the moon.

How weird.

Oh, silly me, it’s just a drawing!


Rynie R, Age: 6 years, Y2, Ilam School


Losing The Moon

The moon gazes down at me,
I gaze up at him.
It almost looks like
he is smiling.
I see clouds
start to creep
across the moon,
then he is gone.

Sophie O, Ilam School, Year 3, aged 7
Turn off the light

Marvellous moon
Big and bright
Sapphire sky
White Light

Owl hoots
Dazzling blaze
Car toots
Magical phase

I close my eyes tight
But still can’t sleep
I try hard to fight
The hallowed orb tonight

It illuminates my thoughts and
Makes me wonder
Why it’s made of cheese

To me it looks like golden glass
I yawn it’s time to turn it off please

Emily P Age: 9   Y4  Fendalton Open Air School



Moon Riddle 16
I bring in the nights
with fields of stars.
I call the tides
from the sky and beach.
Watch me move slowly
s   l   o   w   l   y.

I bring your light.
I fill your lantern.
I am your torch.

Sometimes I look like stone.
Sometimes I am half of myself.
Sometimes a quarter.

I can be full.
I can be empty.

If you are quick
you can catch me
in the morning.

Tom N  Year 6 age 10 Hoon Hay School/Te Kura Koaka


In the Moon’s Company

an icy rock alone in space
turning pirouettes
for no applause

a deep silver
keeping us company
in her warm glow

Olivia L Age: 12  Y8 Selwyn House School


The Were-Cat



The cry of the were-cat echoed through the valley

The villagers jumped and looked up

A glowing green comet tore through the sky

Cracks on the moon filled by a golden glow

Craters lit up with a toxic green

Then, a green cloud erupted smothering the moon

In an emerald haze


The were-cat was coming.


It howled once more

Four bolts of pure, white-hot energy

Struck the four mountains surrounding the valley

Turning the river electric blue


The were-cat had come.


The immense creature opened a huge pouch in its belly

And put exactly 1623 tons of fish inside.

It flew it up to the moon to lay it across the surface

And is still devouring it as I tell this story

So from now on you’ll always know

The moon isn’t made of cheese, or rock

It is made of fish.


Daniel Y6 Adventure School


Moon light

The sun sets,
and the moon rises
in the night sky.
It’s as bright
as the sun
as round as a disk.
The wind comes
and the trees swish.
The bright moon
gets eaten
until it’s like a banana..
New Year returns,
the full moon comes back!

Olivia C Age 8 Year 4 Fendalton Open Air School


The moon man

A lantern gives off a soft glow
Two shadows are dancing slow
There is a faint echo of song
In the town where the moon man lives

The sky is grey
It is where the clouds are made
He is working hard
Under the shining light
It is the town where the moon man lives

They say he is mad
From staring at the moon
They say that he is a loon
This is the town where the moon man lives

They whisper about him everyday
They even have a chant
They say that “He is crackers, without cheese! and frankly quite unclean!”
He pretends not to hear
In the town where the moon man lives.

In the old dairy
Pompous Mrs Mary
Sings like a canary
About the moon man
About the “loon man”
She doesn’t know him very well
It is the town where the moon man lives

The children laugh at him
Their parents snicker at him
And the few who remember him as a child
Wish that he had grown up less “Wild”
This is the town where the moon man lives

At night they marvel at his creations
Without knowing that he made them
Perhaps if they did
Then they wouldn’t be so mean
In the town where the moon man lives

But the Moon Man doesn’t mind
Because his heart shines
As if a star has landed in his chest
He is as kind as a soft light
And maybe that is why
They call him the moon man

Gabbie (Gabriella) R  Year – 8, Age 12, Newlands Intermediate


Moon Diary
When I was two,
the cow jumped over the moon,

When I was four,
I fell asleep with the moonlight shining through the car window,

When I was six,
the moon shone on the glistening water,

When I was eight,
the moon celebrated New Years with me,

Now that I am ten,
fifty years have passed since the first man on the moon,

In fifteen years time,
I want to be the next person on the moon.

Raffaella C Year 5  Age 10  Three Kings School


WHAT IS the MOON really?

Is the moon a giant slow-motion ball
circling around the world?

Or is the moon a round ball of
rotten yellow cheese?

Is the moon a grey ball dented
with craters?

Or is the moon a giant’s silver marble flicked into space?

Sagana S  10 years old, Year 5  Three Kings School



Grey, shiny, dusty moon
everyone looks at you.

You are the one that inspires us to build rockets,
and launch ourselves to reach you.

Do you like us standing on you?

Seaton F Year 5 Age 9  Three Kings School


The Shine

The silk-shine sneaks into my room and aims at my eye,
I shriek in pain while it beams at me,
I move my blinds to see the silver blanket covering the world,
“Ahh!” my eyes adjust to the gleaming light of the moon.

Finlay Age 9 years Year 5 Three Kings School


Some moon poems from 8 year olds at Matua School




A Tweet to the Moon

Oh my Moon!
You’re my toon,
you’re my star,
you’re beautiful as you are.
Yes you are.
Down in the city,
there is a black kitty,
and his name is Pringle,
the pretty pussy cat.
He saw something sweet,
and sang a tweet,
to the magical,

Jolie P year 6 age 10 Richmond Road School Te whanau whariki


The Bright Moon

The moon is bright,
with all its might,
It’s shining on the water.

On a hot summer night
It makes the tide go in and out.
I know the moon
doesn’t have a doubt.

The moon is bright,
with all its might,
It’s shining on the water.

Taane R Year 6  Age 11  Richmond Road School / te whanau whariki


Some moon poems from Russley School


Spiky Moon

by Jade H, age 11


The moon is a grey dog

playing with a white shiny bone


The moon is a black computer

doing tiring homework


The moon is a white piece of paper

ripping in the dark spooky night


The moon is a glowing tooth

under my pillow



Once in a Blue Moon

by Ruby, age 10


The moon is a silver pin


into dark velvet


It is an ash wolf


on a large rock


It is a cluster of glowworms


into a cave


It is a colony of butterflies


with life


The moon is a crescent shaped




Bright Moon

by Noel H, age 10


The moon is a hat

left hanging in the closet


It is a bumpy tire

stuck on the back of a car


The moon is an old grey picture

kept in a drawer


It is a block of silver

hidden in a safe



Silvery Moon

by Amelia Y, age 11


The moon is a fat grey mouse

who ate too much cheese.


The moon is a white football

filled with helium.


The moon is a silver coin

dropped from the giant’s land.


The moon is a grey reflection

shining in the sky.


The moon is a huddle of fireflies

all sound asleep.


The moon is a pearly beach

with people playing beach ball.




Just like…

by Ava M, age 11


The moon is a shining pearl

waiting to be found


The moon is a dragon’s eye

gleaming in the sunlight


The moon is a silver disk

constantly on repeat


The moon is a metallic pastel

drawing on sapphire paper


The moon is a white scarf

fluttering hopelessly in the cold winter wind



Shining Night Skies

by Ava S, age 10


The moon is a white rabbit

jumping from one place to



The moon is a silver

coin, lying there waiting

to get somewhere


The moon is a curvy

ball, getting kicked into the

night sky


The moon is a round

lollie, getting re-wrapped

when the morning comes



The Moon, our Guardian

by Reuben Veenstra, age 11


The moon is a black motorcycle jacket


against the wind


The moon is a grey sheet of metal

protecting soldiers from




It is an olden days photo

of a child


in an old man’s journal


The moon is our guardian

keeping us safe

through the night



What is the Moon?

by Yathi K, age 12


The moon is a white blank page

flying in the breeze


It is grey like an old man’s hair

waving in the wind as he walks by


The moon is silver like a tip of a pen

writing history


It is a perfectly burnt marshmallow

tempting to look at


The moon is gold like a treasure

waiting to be stolen


White Pom-pom on an Indigo Hat

by Ella-Rose, age 11


The moon is a white pom-pom bobbing on an indigo hat.

It is a silver ornament sparkling on a beautiful tree.


The moon is a gold medal glistening in the summer sun.

It is a multi coloured disco ball shining in a dark room.


The moon is a grey concrete path revealing dusty footprints.

It is a red stop sign captivating looks of awe.



My Great Grandad, the Moon

101 Years Old

by William, age 12


The moon is my great grandad

trudging along the endless sky


It is my great grandad’s hair

white, and swaying in the breeze


The moon is my great grandad’s smile

whenever I come and visit



The Night Light (or the moon rabbit)

Watch the sky late at night,
and you’ll see a twilight sight.
The round white, night light,
what a sight!
The glistening thing’s
it sings.
It orbits around the earth.
The thing that lights up the world,
in the darkest nights.
The owls, they hoot at the pretty sight.
The wolves, they howl, it is so bright,
looking at their night light.
The rabbit watches,
above the world,
as it jumps around the big, circle, yellow light,
that it calls its home.

Ella Age: 10  Westmere School Auckland

Jake’s (aged 10) heart poem

My Broken Heart

I’m different to everyone else.
I have a big heart,
I was born with an extra valve.
I couldn’t do what all the other kids were doing.
I couldn’t run as fast as them,
I couldn’t climb as high as them,
it was hard.
But one day it all changed.
An ambulance is normally late but this one was different.
The ambulance was on time. It was in time. In time to save me and my
broken heart.
They put a heart monitor on me,
They thought it was broken so they turned it off and on again,
I was broken, not the machine.
It went about up to 180-240. Beats. Beats in a minute.
Can you hear your heart? I can always hear mine. I’m always listening.
I know it’s sound.
An average man faints by now. I didn’t.
They were impressed…
By my broken heart and my strong will.
They opened me up and took some of my heart, the broken part. But not my will.
It’s fixed now. My broken heart.
I’m different to everyone else
I have a big heart… still.
I can do what all the other kids are doing
I can run faster than them
I can climb higher than them,
It is hard.
Now I live my life as a nearly normal boy,
With a big heart, that matches my big dreams, that needs my strong will.
My big heart smiles every day.
they thought it was broken so they turned it off and on again,
I’m different to everyone else.

By Jake Steel



Hi my name is Jake, I go to Sunnynook Primary School and I am a house leader in year 6. I love to play sport my favourite sport is golf and rugby but I like to do anything. I find writing a bit hard, but I really enjoyed writing this poem. My favourite books are David Walliams books and anything about nature. I hope you like my poem, my heart is much better now. Thank you, Jake

PS Jake is 10 years old and has had SVT which is a heart condition. He has had SVT since he was 3 years old and it took about 6 years to diagnose what it was. We were fortunate to have surgery last year whereby this is no longer an issue for him.

Poetry Box August challenge: moon poems


Amber Moffat I Would Dangle the Moon, MidnightSun Publishing 2019

click for my review



I recently reviewed a magnificent MOON picture book on Poetry Box and was inspired to do a moon challenge this month with a copy of the book to give way thanks to the publisher and author. And it is of course a special moon anniversary!

I love moon poems. I wrote a book of poems called Macaroni Moon which is now out of print but maybe you can find in the library.


     t   h   e          m   o   o   n          poem challenge


There is something about the moon that is altogether mysterious, magical and marvellous. It can be such a thing of beauty hanging in the sky. So far away!

So this month your challenge is to write a moon poem. It can be a poem about the moon or a poem in which the moon makes an appearance as an object or even as a character.



Hunt for as many moon words as you can. What it looks like! Reminds you of.

Try different endings. Try different kinds of endings that makes the reader feel something different.

Try using real detail. Look for word strings (all the words like shine!)

Use your imagination and see where you moon leap.

What does the moon remind you of? Test out different possibilities.

Think carefully about how many words you use on the line. Play!

Find which words stand out in your poem? That are particularly delicious and moon perfect.

Test out different forms – do a monn list or a moon picture poem, a haiku or a triolet.

Keep your poem longer than the day you write it. Let it simmer so you can see if you want to change anything.


DEADLINE: Monday August 26th

Send to

Include: your name, year, age and name of school.

PLEASE say: it’s for the Moon-Poem in subject line so I don’t miss your email.

I will post my favourites on August 30th

and have the moon book for a poet.  It is not a competition though! I just like sharing books.


h a v e    m o o n         FUN



The moon

the moon is like a gleaming hubcap

as it moves across the tarseal sky