Jake’s (aged 10) heart poem

My Broken Heart

I’m different to everyone else.
I have a big heart,
I was born with an extra valve.
I couldn’t do what all the other kids were doing.
I couldn’t run as fast as them,
I couldn’t climb as high as them,
it was hard.
But one day it all changed.
An ambulance is normally late but this one was different.
The ambulance was on time. It was in time. In time to save me and my
broken heart.
They put a heart monitor on me,
They thought it was broken so they turned it off and on again,
I was broken, not the machine.
It went about up to 180-240. Beats. Beats in a minute.
Can you hear your heart? I can always hear mine. I’m always listening.
I know it’s sound.
An average man faints by now. I didn’t.
They were impressed…
By my broken heart and my strong will.
They opened me up and took some of my heart, the broken part. But not my will.
It’s fixed now. My broken heart.
I’m different to everyone else
I have a big heart… still.
I can do what all the other kids are doing
I can run faster than them
I can climb higher than them,
It is hard.
Now I live my life as a nearly normal boy,
With a big heart, that matches my big dreams, that needs my strong will.
My big heart smiles every day.
they thought it was broken so they turned it off and on again,
I’m different to everyone else.

By Jake Steel



Hi my name is Jake, I go to Sunnynook Primary School and I am a house leader in year 6. I love to play sport my favourite sport is golf and rugby but I like to do anything. I find writing a bit hard, but I really enjoyed writing this poem. My favourite books are David Walliams books and anything about nature. I hope you like my poem, my heart is much better now. Thank you, Jake

PS Jake is 10 years old and has had SVT which is a heart condition. He has had SVT since he was 3 years old and it took about 6 years to diagnose what it was. We were fortunate to have surgery last year whereby this is no longer an issue for him.

3 thoughts on “Jake’s (aged 10) heart poem

  1. mudst

    Jake, thank you for sharing about your big heart. What an inspiration you are. When you share about your strong will and your love of sports and nature. You are special.


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