Poetry Box: Some favourite happy poems from our October challenge


baking bread makes me happy!

and writing poems

and reading your poems!


A RECORD number of poems arrived in my email box this month I am sure

I was driving in the car this morning listening to people talk about what makes them happy. I really like the way little things make me happy – like watching the wind blow the mānuka or our cats sleeping in cardboard boxes they have discovered or picking a fresh tomato from the garden or listening to music. I have happy times with friends and family and happy times when I am outside in the bush or at the beach. Doing my blogs makes me happy, writing makes me happy and reading all your poems makes me extra happy.

Here I am sipping peppermint tea, about to read a whole month of happy poems, and I feel happy at the thought!

many hours later  ……

It has taken me ages to read and write back to you because there were so many happy poems which is a good thing! But the sad thing is for every amazing poem I posted here there are swags of amazing poems I didn’t pick.

Do have a scroll through and hunt for a poem that makes you feel HAPPY. There are some little beauties.


I put all the names in a hat and picked Lucy to send a copy of my new poetry book  Groovy Fish.


Check out my last challenge of the year tomorrow (although I may have some pop up ones)


Silly swirly sliding paint
across a blank and perfect paper.

Splish splosh
I dip again a ruby red
a berry blue
a perfect pink
a pretty purple
and can’t forget the turtle teal.

Splash sploosh I dip again
a yummy yellow
a grass green
a woolly white
a forest fuchsia
Just slither in a snake silver.

Silly swirly sliding paint
Across a blank and perfect paper.
Slip slide I finish up
a grumpy gray
a blitzing black
Ending with a glitter gold.

Ella M Age 10 Year 5 Westmere School


My happy writing
I feel joyful when it comes to animals
when a smile is on someone’s face
it really makes my day great
I feel awesome when I succeed
at something I’m not good at
and that makes me feel like a light-hearted girl
joyful is the colour of yellow
like bananas and corn

Kylesha M Age 6 Maoribank School


I’ll paint a picture

I’ll paint a picture in my head
I’ll paint a bed some bread my best friend Jed
I’ll paint a picture in my head
A stalk of grass a jar of brass a dog a frog a log a bog
I’ll paint a cook a nook an odd looking book maybe a trick a brick
A slobbery lick I’ll paint a hat a rat a chocolate cat a beak a leak
A smelly creek I’ll paint some ears some chairs but never
Of all the pictures I could paint
…..I think I’ll go outside instead….

Laki P Aged 8 LS5 Westmere School


The warm breeze brushing against my face,
Resting on the balcony listening to the sea reading my book,
Seeing the blossom sway in the wind,
Relaxing in the pool,
Hearing birds chirp in the morning,
Watching a movie in the rain,
Having fun with your friends,
Sleeping in your big bunk bed with your dog,
Building a fort,
Skiing on the snowy mountains,
Biking in the sun,
Talking to your soft bear,
Playing monopoly with your sister
and smiling when you hug your mum.

Eddie K  Age: 10, Y5, Fendalton School


The Travelling Balloon

I sent a message in a balloon
It floated over turtles, dolphins and coral in Hawaii,
It floated over the Matterhorn Bobsleds in Disneyland,
It floated over the Grand Canyon,
It floated over The Statue of Liberty in New York,
It floated over polar bears on icebergs,
And it floated through the open window
Of my Aunty and Uncle’s apartment in Paris.

“Please send me
the Eiffel Tower,
three passionfruit macaroons
and a fresh, crusty baguette.”

Lucy P Age 10 yrs Three Kings School


The snow falls

Children come out to play

They make snowballs

That makes it fun every day

The skating begins

On the ice

I wish I could do twirls and spins

Hot chocolate time

It’s very nice


Ashley C  Age: 7 Year 2, Ilam School


Living with a Cat

Gray and ginger legs
nudge my arms for food,
A soft sleepy purr
calms my nerves,
A glossy, bossy friend
who loves me end to end,
A positive bundle
of all the best things,
A nosy whiskered spy
to help me find the culprit,
And a royal, loyal friend
Now… who wouldn’t want a cat?

Anna P 10 years  Three King School

I wish I had a cat

I wish I had a cat,
But I don’t.
It would lie on the mat,
I love it when a cat does that.

I wish I had a cat,
But I don’t.
It would be fat.
And fluffy. Obviously.

I wish I had a cat,
But I don’t.
It would wander around wanting a pat.
But that’s not going to happen.

I wish I had a cat.
But I don’t.

Leo D LS5 Age 9 Westmere School

Recipe for Happiness
1. Imagination – let it free.
2. Corn – eat it up.
3. Cheetahs – watch them run.
4. Yellow – let it paint.
5. Science – let it create.
6. Books – read them quiet, read them louder.
7. Exploring – discover and look.
8. Art – colour colour colour.
9. Poetry – be writing.

Tom N Age 11 Year 6  Hoon Hay School/Te Kura Koaka



There is a feeling that is joyful.
But also can be quite silly.
But the Joyful feeling well is better.
Because the silly one just gets you in trouble.
This feeling is better than any other feeling.
Most people like this feeling the most.
But grumpy people absolutely don’t like it.

Alex D  Age 8  Y4  Fendalton School

A not happy poem

This is not a happy poem,
This is a grey miserable poem!

There are no cats
cheerfully singing hello,

There are no dogs
doing yoga,

There are no bears
drawing themselves.

This is not a happy poem!!

Dana C Aged 9 years Three Kings School



He returns

I heard a gentle knock on the door.
I was going to wait for Mum,
but I was as eager
as a group of lions with an African Buffalo
to see if it was my Father.
I gingerly opened the door.
To my surprise it was Dad.
A warm sensation filled my whole body.
From that day on everything felt right.


Alice M I am 12 years old, Y7, Selwyn House School



His fur is
as soft as

His teeth are
as sharp as

His tail is
as straight as
a pole.

His breath
smells like
a reeking
rubbish bin.

His eyes are
as brown as
dark chocolate.

His hips sway
side to side
like an unstoppable

His eyes light
up with excitement
when I come
home from school.

He snores like a
little mouse when it

Olive W  Age: 10 Year: 5 Westmere School


A Sunny Summer’s Day

A sunny
Summer’s day
Brings out joy
For me
For you
Or even a toy!

Slappy, sloppy
On soft skin.
Ice cream dribbles
Down children’s chins
As popsicle wrappers
In a bin.

Tall palm trees
Stretch up to the sky,
As seagulls
Swoop by in a
Blink of an eye.

Hours go by
As surfers ride
like a horse galloping,
away with pride.

A nice evening
pushing in,
With fish ‘n chips.
A young free family,
Licks their lips.

It’s time to say
A sweet goodnight,
To him to her
To mum
Who yells…

Isla R  Age: 10 Year: 5 Westmere School


Things that make me happy

When I wake up to a beautiful sunshine
When my mum wakes up to “Hi darling”
When my baby brother goes “lego, lego ” and smiles
When lovely cooked pancakes are made
Oooooooo so yummy!!!!!!!
Boom! My brother bursts with happiness
When I’m playing Roblox with my friends
When Max – my dog plays Fetch
Flowers are so pretty – pink, purple, yellow
so joyful instead

Olivia KB Age 8 Maoribank School




I feel like a shooting star that just kept on going through the universe,
I feel as though the sun looks.
I am as relaxed as a cat on cloud nine,
I am as hyperactive as a kid who has had bubblegum.
I feel like I’m sitting on a park bench alone and someone comes up to me and said “hello can I please sit here”
I feel like I’m home

Charlie  age: 9  Y5  Fendalton School

Dancing Shoes!

Tiptoe, tiptoe,
across the floor
Swing my arms,
like never before
When I’m excited,
I’m dancing like mad
But when I’m not dancing,
I’m very very sad !!!

Bravo! said the examiner !!!

Eliana  Age 8 LS 5 Westmere School



Playing with my friends
makes me say that word,
going on play dates
makes me say it, but I don’t want to,
especially writing poems
makes me say it,
but I just can’t say that word.

I feel it but I can’t say it,
that word,
I want you to see the word
without me saying it,
it’s a five-lettered word
but I just can’t spoil the clever word!

I will give you a clue,
…it starts with the letter H and ends with Y.

Alex Q Age 11 Three Kings School


The Picnic

We have a family picnic.
we laugh and we have fun.
we put on our sunglasses.
Now out comes the Sun.
We set the picnic blanket
so much food, there is a lot.
Dad says put on sunscreen,
it’s getting very hot.
The clouds come along.
Dad starts to moan.
The rain F D
L N.
We all go home.

William Age 9  LS5 Westmere School

I love dogs

Spotty dogs
Dotty dogs
Lounging on the floor dogs.

Sporty dogs
Naughty dogs
Running round the park dogs.

Big dogs
Small dogs
Very, very slow dogs.

But my dog’s
the best there is.

James W Age 7 LS5 Westmere School


Marvellous Matilda’s birthday
Makes me excited.
We play…
Pass the parcel,
Chocolate in a pocket,
Hide and seek,
They all make me glad
But most of all
My friends make me
Thrilled and joyful.
That’s what makes me excited…
Birthday parties.

Matilda Age 8 LS5 Westmere School


The things that make me happy

This fills me with joy
Something special has arrived
not a toy nor a book
not big but not small
but a perfect baby there
so I feel blissed

Ilah L Age 8 Maoribank School





Treasure is not gold, jewels and coins.
Treasure is about being happy,
With people you love,
A wonderful home,
Amazing friends,
Marvellous meals,
Spectacular sights,
Soft cuddly toys,
Thrilling laughter and


Eddie K Age:10  Y5 Fendalton School




These are the things that make me happy
All of these things make me feel sappy

One : My cat is black
And sleeps on a chair
And for most of the day she cleans herself there.

Two: I like to read books, all kinds of books
In fact my favourite place is the library
Each time I enter I feel so merry!

Three: Friends are friends
and even if friends end
friends find a way to put friends on the mend.

Four: Snow and ice
I think it’s so nice
You can make Snowmen
Till the snow does end,
Or maybe a snowball
which I think is so cool.

So now you know what makes me happy
Now you know what makes me sappy!

Mahinaarangi W Age 10 Richmond Road School TWW


Joyful Jolie

The things of
Joyful Jolie.
Sleeping gives me
A warm feeling
You can sleep
Anywhere, even
On the ceiling.
I do snore, like
A dinosaur
Stomping on
The floor.

Jolie P Year 6 age 10 Te Whanau Whariki Richmond Rd School
Rollercoaster Toaster!

Windy dindy
Happy dappy
Nappy… urghhhh!
Slappy happy
Wippy! Dippy
Paora S Age 11 Richmond road school Te Whanau Whariki.



Cousin Time
Tick tick ding
Its time to bounce
A cousin here and a cousin there
We finish-up
Off to my house
Nachos for tea
We made a tent
Why melt down?
Looks like your tired
Settle down
Close your eyes
Dream out loud

Maria B 7 yearsYear 2 Ilam School

The Sun’s Job

The sun wakes up
and floats up into the sky
The sun pushes all the darkness away
and lights up the world with happiness
The wind blows the happiness across the world
Looking down on the world below
The sun puts smiles on everyone underneath her
It spreads quickly like a light turning on and off again
She watches the children run to school
just in time for the bell
She watches the mums and dads going to work in the morning
and coming back at night
Soon it is time for the sun to rest
So it was time for the sun to go to sleep
Ready to light the world up with happiness tomorrow


Tilly 10 years old  Selwyn House School

Heart poem

The smell of yorkshire pudding,
Filling my house on a frosty evening,
Staring through the frosty window,
Snowman staring back,
The feeling of the fire burning,
Warming me up on a frosty evening,
Makes me feel delighted,
The sound of birds calling to each other,
Warms my heart.

Chloe D Age-9 Year-5  Selwyn House School




Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 3.03.10 PM.png

Daniel L Year 6, Age 11 Adventure School

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