Poetry Box secret poem challenges: random word poems that make me smile

My second secret challenge from the Storylines Festival Tour was inspired by the words in a poem St Albans School made up with me but I could NOT read my writing – just these words:


the wild wild wind, chocolate milk, a fox, a chicken, a super sheep and something lovely


The challenge was to use at least three of them in a poem.

I got a cool poem from Daniel plus Westmere School in Auckland sent in a fabulous bunch. I love these poems so much because they made me SMILE! I am sending Groovy Fish to: Olivia and Emma.


A True Story


The wild wild wind blows fiercely around Porirua.


A chicken coop gets blown open, and the chickens escape.

As soon as they get out, the door slams shut.

The chickens are trapped outside, with no shelter and no food.

Then someone comes running.

The someone grabs the chickens and puts them back in the coop.

Something lovely is what the chickens found when they were safe and dry.

A beautiful mess of corn kernels and cake met their beady eyes.

Then, of course, to relieve stress, they had a chicken nap.


Daniel L, Y6, Adventure school, Wellington


The Chicken’s Cluck

The wild, wild wind,
Blew between the trees,
The skies were dark,
In the park,
There was a chicken,
Clucking away,
Between the swings,
On that cloudy day,
With a fox in the bushes,
And a super sheep in the sky,
What could ever go wrong,
The fox crept up,
As quietly as he could,
And the chicken continued to cluck,
Like a chick-related duck,
The super sheep flew down,
Like a falling clown,
And stopped the fox,
that was ready to pounce,
So a flower grew,
Where the fox lay,
As beautiful,
as the brightest day.


Olivia P Age: 11  Westmere Primary School



The Fox that Stole my Food

I was at the beach
listening to the wild wild wind
blowing in the air.
The air smelled of chocolate milk
and roast chicken.
But then I saw
A little fox that
Did such a big thing!
I was sooooooooo mad!
I chased it down the beach.

Mia G  Age:9 Westmere School


What I Saw
I looked out the window
And I saw
A spooky scary super sheep
Staring back at me.
I walked out the door
And I felt
the wild weird wild wind
blowing me away.
I walked to my bedroom
and I spilled
My super yummy chocolate milk.
I got a fright! Ohh such a sight…
The spooky scary skeleton
Staring back at me.

Tilly O’Brien age nine Westmere School

A Perfect Day

Out on a freezing day blows the Wild Wild Wind
The air lingers of roast chicken and gravy
Take a sip of my ice cold chocolate milk
See a red fox curled up on the snowy hill
Walk down the street and get a whiff of something Lovely
Roses? Christmas trees?,Freshly Baked Bread?
But as soon as I have time to think it is gone
Rush back inside to get a blast of warm air
Sit down by the table and devour the chicken
After a quick shower I lie down on my bed and fall asleep instantly
What a Perfect Day.

Conor L Age 9 Westmere School


The Runaway Cheetah Poem

The fox ran as fast as a crocodile.
The chicken ran as fast as a skateboard.
The sheep ran as fast as a penguin.
The snail ran as fast as an ant.

Cooper D Age 6 Westmere School



The Eat Poem.

The fox ate the ox
and the chicken ate the fox
and the sheep ate the box
and the box ate the rocks.

Ana B Age 6 Westmere School



Super Sheep… dun dun dun ..

The fox and the chicken
listened to the wild, wild wind.
Super Sheep
was flying to Mrs Meep,
to deliver chocolate milk…

Rose L Age 9 Westmere School


The Super Sheep Sugar Gang

The wild, wild wind
whisked up
some chocolate milk
to give to
the Super Sheep Sugar Gang!
It was something lovely!

Emma T Age 9 Westmere School


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