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Poetry Box has woken up: a March challenge


Charlie, our dear Molly and Agile (they are all in The Letterbox Cat!)


I read a lot of books over summer of all shapes and sizes. I did a lot of dreaming and thinking about what I will write next (big secret of course). I also imagined what we might do on Poetry Box this year! I wrote this summer poem just for you:



Summer postcard

The birds ate my plump red tomatoes

maybe because of the Auckland drought.

It is thirsty weather.


We have big cracks in the lawn

filled with armies of ants

kererū crashing through the tī kōuka

tūī singing like opera divas

stick insects clinging to the door frame

spiders filling our house with webs

the cats going walkabout in the shady bush.


I spent my whole summer at home.

We said goodbye to our old dog Molly.

We covered the tomatoes in bird netting.



The March challenge


I would love to post some summer-postcard poems from you.

  • collect summery words
  • collect summery things
  • think of one experience that really stood out for you
  • listen to every line as you write it
  • find fresh similes
  • your poem can be long or short
  • try not to send the day you write it
  • leave it to simmer for a few days and then read again
  • read it to a friend or family member
  • do an illustration to go with it
  • use any title you like



Send to:

Deadline: 27th March

Include: your name, age, year, name of school

Don’t forget to write SUMMER POSTCARD POEM in the subject line

I will read your emails and reply to you all at the end of March.

I will post some favourites on March 31st (or thereabouts) and have a least one book to send out.