Poetry Box March challenge: Some favourite summer postcard poems by children will take you to the beach!


DSCN9804 (1).jpg

a summer dotterel at Te Henga Bethells Beach


Ata marie young poets. I have spent days and days reading all your summer postcard poems (our March Challenge), so for every poem here, there are many poems I didn’t choose. Which made me sad!

I have emailed you all to tell you what I loved about your poems. Because yes I LOVED them all!

This was the perfect time to be reading your summer poems because I am staying inside my bubble to keep safe – someone else in my family does the food shop!

Your poems took me to the beach and to other summer places that most of us can’t go to at the moment. I so loved that! A poem is like a car trip to anywhere we want to go.

And now it is no longer summer. When I get up in the morning the kitchen is cold.


I am sending a copy of Groovy Fish to Olivia C and Charlie W once we come out of our bubbles. This is not a competition but I always give away a few books for my monthly challenge.



Blue Bottles

Summer I
Went to the
Beach, but there
Were too many blue bottles,
So me and my friend
It was a dead end,
So we
Rode our bikes
Back to
The bach.

Remi B 10  Richmond Road School  French unit


Akaroa Harbour

From the sea biscuit
I watched a Hector’s dolphin
jump over the sun.
“Ta ta ta” went
his summer song,
then “click click click”
he chanted, as he dived
into the parting curtains
of welcome waves.

Tom N Age 11  Year 7 Chch South Intermediate


My summer

Slippery wet sand in my wet hand.
I pile it and shape it.
I will not quit.
My castle is ready, I add a small touch
a popsicle stick from earlier lunch.

Up in the pōhutukawa tree,
nobody can see me.
I hold the branch with one hand
And look down at the golden sand.

Lying on the damp towel
Staring at the sky,
I hear the call of birds as they gracefully fly by.
The smell of fish n chips slowly pulls me in.
Before bed, I play a round of cards,
and I win.

Hollie T Age: 10  Westmere School


Westend Kaikoura

I went to Westend
by the blue splashing sea.
Outside I ate my
caramel slice.
And watched a man
go inside to pay
for his spinach quiche.
Then a seagull
As quick as a rushing river
Stole a mouth full of quiche
right off his plate
And he finished it off and
the man Didn’t notice.

Charlie W,  age: 9 Fendalton Open Air School


The summer beach

I swam in the gushing water
The wind blew the sand
Glasses of lemonade were handed out
The sun shone in the sky
Bees buzzed in the trees
We set up our tent
We ate pork from the grill
Popsicles were put in the fridge
Under the umbrella mum lay
My family had a strawberry each
It was summer at split apple rock

Name: Maja C, age 9, Fendalton 9



Sumner Beach

I saw the waves that crashed

On the soft sand

Underneath my feet

A blue sheet of sea lay below me

The voice of the ice cream van’s bell

Seagulls circled above me

Begging for my waffle cone

Hannah H Age 9 Fendalton Open Air School



The Hottest Day Of The Year

Cockabillys swam through my toes
And I stumbled across the over-sized rock
As Dad cheered.
I shuffled across the ledge
And jumped.
Ice cold water rushed above my head.
As I rose to the gold speckled surface,
we laughed.

Radha G Age: 9 St Andrews College



In my tent with my family,
the wind is blowing everywhere,
I hear it making the tent rustle,
I can only see darkness,
as scary as a haunted house,
but my mum is at my side,
the air is suddenly getting calmer,
finally getting to sleep.

Poppy P age: 10, Y6 Ilam School


Holly’s Summer Poem
I jump into the freezing water of my crystal clear pool sending myself shivering.
I zoom past the shimmerIng, glistenIng bubbles
and up to the surface.
I take a deep breath and dip my head into the cool water once more.
My hair is like seaweed.
I step out of the pool and wrap into my snug towel.
The cool breeze sweeps past my face.
My hair waves in the wind.
The sun smiles at me and the light beams through the clouds, the white fluffy clouds drifting slowly through the sky.
I gaze at them and imagine one is made just for me. It floats down as if asking for me to get on. I lie on my back and drift into the sky.
The sun glows on my skin and warms me up.
Slowly I come back to here and now.
I sit on the couch.
I snuggle with my cat, close my eyes and listen.
I hear cicadas, birds and my cat purrIng.
I feel the soft fabric on the couch and my cat vibratIng on my lap.
My cat starts to feel sleepy and I do too.
So we drift off to sleep, my cat and I.

Holly B, 8 years old Westmere School



In Israel
The harsh sun
Whipped my back
The second
I stepped out of the plane
My spirits as high as a rocket
Wondering how sick my grandpa really was
We opened the door
To be greeted by
The sound
Of warm, fluffy hugs

Ameer L, age 9, year 5 at Ilam Primary school, Christchurch


Summer Days

Summer days are hot, hot, hot.
I swim at the beach a lot, lot, lot.

I never forget my hat, hat, hat.
My dogs dribble on the mat, mat, mat.

Sometimes I just sit, sit, sit.
But only for a little bit, bit, bit.

I drink my L’n’P in sip, sip, sips.
As a seagull lands on our chip, chip, chips.

Crashing waves give me a fright, fright, fright.
It’s time to say good night, night, night.

Grace W Age: 10 Westmere School


Sandfly Bay

I stepped into the refreshing sea.

I heard seagulls, sea waves and paua shells too.

The water rushed over my body.

Katie M (aged 9) St Andrew’s College



Red sunset like war
Blue crabs like diamonds
Rock pools gleamed in the sun
Salty air
Bright starfish stuck to the rocks
Krill near the surface
Sloppy sand
Clear water

Leo J, age 8, Year 4, Ilam School in Christchurch


Hagley Park

With very dry grass
A red blazing sun
Trees swayed with light breeze
Warm as a hairdryer blowing
Seagulls flew over us

Lev R Age 7 Y3  Ilam School


It was hot.
I heard a dolphin
and crabs
in the water
as gentle as
a sea star.
I jumped in.

Abby J Age 7 Y3 Ilam School, Christchurch



I went to Dunedin
for my summer holiday,
We passed Oamaru.
The seals skin
As shiny as night.
We went to Larnach castle.
It was old as Dunedin,
The city itself.

Mia W Y5 Fendalton Open Air School



In a new place

The sunrise is different

Orange hues flare across the expanse of sky

Lighting up the morning

Lighting up my bedroom

No curtains to disguise the dawn here

I spend the days hiding from the searing sun

Watching through windows

Seeing the streams dry out

Smelling the fresh cut hay

Scuttling to the trees when the house is an oven

Listening to the chirping crickets

Plunging into the refreshing pool

Waiting for the purple sunset

That is the new normal

Daniel  Year 7, age 11, Hadlow School



A Summer Seaside

I saw the reckless waves crashing against the seashore.

I felt the blazing rays of the sun on my back.

I heard the loud seagulls squawking.

I tasted the saltiest water I have ever tasted.

I smelt the fresh bird poop.

And that’s A Summer Seaside.

Archie W Age: 9 Westmere School


Lola’s Summer Poem

I feel the sand whipping my legs
while the freezing cold water
gets higher up my body.
Waves dunk me down until they meet the sand.
Salty water goes down my throat like a fizzy soda.
Wet grains of sand dripping down through my hands.
Seaweed tickles my feet like a feather.

Lola H 8  Westmere School



The sun burnt my neck,

The sky was clear and blue.

We played monopoly

In the tent.

I played to win.

My mum  said

Family time is key.

I held my breath

Over the bridge.

I love camping.


Maggie age 10 , year 6 , Fendalton Open Air School.


On the beach
The sun gleams,
Over the golden sand
A starfish lies there.
It’s as orange as a cooked prawn.
I picked it up and let
it go slowly in the salt water.

Olivia C Year 5 Age 9 Fendalton School


The ten dollar note

Waves crashed against the sand

I was splashing in the sumner beach

And then just floating there

Like a dead fish was a ten dollar note

That no one had noticed except for me.

Caitlin  Fendalton School



Diamond Harbour

The blazing hot sun shone
Across the rocks of Diamond Harbour.
It was steaming hot.
I wanted ice cream a lot.
I heard the waves turn and splash.

Carolyn, Fendalton Open-Air School.



I dug a hole a metre deep
and found a 7cm bluebottle jellyfish
that we threw into the sea
crashing waves sloshed against the rocky cliffs
beach umbrellas blew away in the wind
seagulls calls echoed throughout the beach
fishing boats out at sea were catching fish after fish
I caught an octopus, crayfish and blue cod
sand crinkled between my pruned toes as I walked along
waves competed to be the loudest

Charlie age:10 Fendalton School


Sumner Beach  yes

Crashing waves
Crunchy sand
Children playing
Dogs splashing
Barbecues burning
People swimming
People eating steak
Happy memories.

Ben E age 8. Y4, St Andrews College


The Beach

The waves ate up
the sandy white beach. A
Sneaky crab clips
my toe and
scuttles off ouch
ouch ouch. The sound of
Seagulls circling the sky
ringed in my ear.
What was the commotion
Looking for shells
and sinking toes into
the warm soft sand.

Timothy H Age: 10  Fendalton Open Air School


The Meadow yes

The grass was warm
I could feel how soft it was
I saw two rabbits
And a trout
With scales glistening in the summer sun
I saw a soothing lake
I bet you wished you were here
For summer!

Libby F, age 6, Y3, Ilam School, Christchurch, NZ.


Rivers edge

Splashing water
My dogs
Paddling pool
Is as cold
As Antarctica.



Summer beach

As the brown
Pelican spreads its
Wings across the
Crispy sand it
Fells the sand
Fade away

Luca B  9 years old year 5 St Andrews College ( two poems)


Brenchley Ave  yes

A cool summer breeze blew gently through my hair.
The hot sun gazed down at me from the deep blue sky.
Mum and Dad relaxed on the couches.
My sister ran through the nice cool sprinklers.
I ran into the spraying water to join her.
The soft green grass brushed my feet as I sprinted across the lawn.
My family cat lazed in the shade of the trees.
I took a big bite of a juicy kiwi fruit.
This would be the best summer ever!
Amy G Age: 9 Year: 5 Selwyn House School



I sat on the glistening sand
I ate a juicy cherry
and an apricot
as orange as the sunset
that filled the sky
I watched the beach
as it glimmered
the fish
ready to sleep.

Sophie S Age: 9 Y5  St Andrews College


Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.57.07 AM.png

Sacha H (10) Richmond Road School French unit



New Year’s barby

The firecracker blasted off cutting like a knife through the humid air
up towards the diamond stars, that
stand out in the midnight sky
I screamed as loud as the whistling rocket, I made my way into the
Tropical warm house to get another sausage,
Then it happened, the branch jumped onto the ground,
missing my brother by an inch, this was definitely a
Super Scary night!

Lucy  age 10  Selwyn House School


At the Beach

The sun shone

The waves bashed the sand and washed away my sand castle

Jet skis cut through the water and fish swam to a boat that flung water into the air

Mathilda H  6 Years Year 3 Ilam School



Piha Beach
I ran to Piha beach with my sister behind.
The lion rock towered above.
I dropped my towel and raced into the water.
I heard my sister shouting.
I thought it was because I dropped my stuff.
I didn’t care though, I wanted to get wet.
I dived under the wave I felt like a flying bullet.
I flew up just to get attacked by another wave.
Before I could blink,
I was out of the water
and on the plane.

Lucy Margison, age 10, Y6, Selwyn House



Canoeing on the Avon

IM Smokey our lovely cat.

This poem is dedicated to My sweet old cat Smokey that sadly passed away last holidays.Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 8.17.41 AM.png

This poem is dedicated to My sweet old cat Smokey that sadly passed away last holidays.

Emma G, age 110, Y6 Selwyn House



Camping in Motueka

The moon flew up
pitch black clouds painted the sky.
Dancing wind gave me shivers.
Trees whistled with the wind
All the children went back to their parents.
The campsite as quiet as a whisper.

Alice G age 10, Y6, Selwyn House School


Tapu Bay
I ran along the burning sand
My hair flew in the breeze.
My brother ran ahead.
Crabs pinched his feet like
like they were mad,
making me laugh.

Lara C Age: 10 Y6  Selwyn House School




Freshwater fish glided

like olympic swimmers.

The kind scent of flax flew through the breeze.

Adrenaline kicked up through my muscles.

Would you dare jump 20 metres ?

It was a long long way down

Sweat dripped along the side of my face

I jumped Violetta I Jumped.

Violetta D Age: 11 Y7 Selwyn House School



The Pontoon
On a warm sunny day
The pontoon was full of people
like books in a library.
Splash! someone
Fell into the water.
The delicate fish
swam away like
synchronized dancers
Flipping and flipping

Leona K age 10 Y7 Selwyn House School


Cleopatra’s Pools

Climbing over the rocks
Over the moss
Through the water.

Everyone played under the bright sunlight
Swimming through the water like seals
On a hot summer day

Climbing up the boulders
To a joyful place.
Flying down the slide.

Feeling the rocky,
Scaly dinosaur’s back
as I slid down its spine.

Mia B 11 years old, Selwyn House School


The Bridle Path
New Zealand sun cooked my skin
The tangled evergreen vines grasped my ankles
Brittle rocks crushed to powder
My tummy talked to me as it emptied
like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day
Hiking hiking
buildings scattered in the horizon
turn to ants

Mia D Age: 11 Y7 Selwyn House School


Australian Drought

A map of cracks in the earth
Sweat glued to my skin
Thirst crept closer
knocked on my door
Shadows slept
I waited to leave
But stayed when
the hope of rain came

Honor age 12 Y8 Selwyn House School


Hey, Bestie

It’s summer! I can’t believe it!
Mum can’t believe it either she doesn’t want to be outside! (LOL!)
Chubbs kept running around like a headless chicken, I didn’t tell him though, Because Y’know, he is a chicken. Dad keeps wandering outside in his shorts scaring the neighbours, It’s so embarrassing! I’m in the backyard, my brother says that writing letters is dumb and I should just write on my laptop, but I don’t listen to him. He kept whacking me in the head with his tennis balls like, WHACK! WHOOSH! Mum gave him a right telling off, it was so funny! I miss you. what’re you doing right now? I’m writing my letter, watching a daft chicken running around, an embarrassing dad, a beautiful mum, a idiotic brother, and a big fluffy dog. Ugh, Lacy keeps on rubbing up against me while I’m trying to write! Her golden fur is the same colour as the sun, I wonder if humans can walk on the sun? For now I can only dream. It’s just a week till I go to Tahiti. I hope it’s really fun! Hopefully everybody is nice.. But not as nice as you. I’ll see you next time!


PS: I miss you to the sun and back!

Bridie, age 12, Y8, Selwyn House School




Summers ended.
I miss laying on the beach, feeling the soft sand rub against my arms as the cold water swallowed my feet. Ninja (our cat) ran around the garden like a lightning bolt. His soft fur rubbed against the rough bark. Dad obviously knew it was summer from the first day. He started wearing his shorts. He wore them most days. My summer was quite boring. Mel just sat and played on her computer. She was silent most of the time but when she was speaking she was telling me how annoying I really am. I know she’s just exaggerating, but I was starting to believe her. Schools started. You already know. You go to school with me, but I haven’t seen you since we were put in different classes so I wrote this to tell you about my summer. Right now I’m sitting outside, staring at the blue sky. It’s colder than it has been all summer. The wind is blowing this piece of paper. It’s making a really annoying sound. Like a flag blowing in the wind ”WHOOSH”. The sky looks sad. The clouds are grey like they are about to cry. Hope your summer was great. How was Tahiti? I wish I could go away. Have you got a postcard for me? Remember what we used to do when we were little. We would write postcards to each other when we spent our whole summer together. Hope I see you at school.


Charlotte L, age 11, Y8, Selwyn House School



The waves fluttered in the lake.
The Ice cream shop begged me to come in.
The flavours chattered to each other.
When I finally went to take a bite,
a seagull flew past and shocked me.
Cold drippy salted caramel
ice cream trickled down my leg.

Eddie K Age:10 Year: 6 Fendalton School


Keep safe this Easter and listen to me read some unpublished stories of mine this weekend!


Keep well

Kia kaha

Keep imagining




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