Poetry Box bubble time: Cat poems and things that wake you in the NIGHT



Agile hiding in the bush



Charlie on the deck watching me garden




Last night at about 2 am our cat Agile started howling in the hallway so our other cat Charlie joined in. I don’t know know what they wanted but they wouldn’t stop. They hailed and wailed until about 4.30 am and I just couldn’t get to sleep. Now those two ragamuffin cats are fast asleep. Charlie is on his bubble wrap under the kitchen table (listen to the poem!) and Agile is asleep on a chair.

Not me! I can’t go to sleep now. I decided the ragamuffin cats were cold and hated the stormy night because when I turned the heater on they were happy.

The other night an army of mozzies kept me awake from about 2 until 5! Buzzing around my face and dive bombing me.

One night it was the RAIN thumping on the roof that woke me up.

This has been my week of not very much sleep at all. I am imagining there is a big bucket on the deck full of sleep. You can reach in and pull out a sleep cloak and hey presto you have a good night’s sleep before you can say SLEEPADOODLEDO!


Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.22.16 AM



So I am going to read you a few of my CAT poems because I LOVE writing cat poems. They are out of my book The Letterbox Cat (I have a copy to give at least one child who tries a challenge below).


Paula reads ‘Cat Naps’, ‘The Letterbox Cat’ and ‘Night Cat’




Paula reads ‘The Greedy Cat’





Two activities for you


Cat things

write a poem about your pet cat

write a poem about your pet cat doing something they have never done before

write a poem about an imaginary pet cat

write a poem about cat for someone who has never seen a cat

write a poem about a pet cat and their best friend

write a poem about a pet cat who gets lots (our one did!)

or any cat poem you like!

draw or paint your cat or do a comic strip



Things that wake you in the night

write a poem about something that wakes in the night

write a poem about something invented that wakes you in the night

write a poem about the stormiest night ever

write a poem about a cat that wakes you in the night


h a v e    f u n  !!!!



send to  paulajoygreen@gmail.com

please include your name age and name of school

don’t forget to put NAME OF challenge in subject line so I don’t miss it

don’t put your surname on drawings or paintings or collages (Poetry Box policy)


There is no deadline while we are living in our bubbles! Every Friday I will post some work by children.

I will always answer your emails but not straightaway. If I haven’t replied after 3 or 4 days nudge me as I may have missed it.

I will have at least one book to give away each Friday.



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Loads of MAKING ideas inside and outside

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Send me pictures, photos or poems of curious things you see on your walks

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kia kaha

keep well

keep imagining


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