Poetry Box review: Kiwi Baby by Helen Taylor

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Kiwi Baby Helen Taylor, Penguin Random House 2020

Pīpī Kiwi Helen Taylor, Penguin Random House 2020



Kiwi Baby is a treasure of a book. Kiwi Iti wakes up to discover an egg next to him, so he goes hunting for his dad, Kiwi Nui. He has a load of questions building up. His dad is very very very patient and answers everything with a dash of wisdom and a sprinkle of love.

The beautiful illustrations are as simple as the writing is economical. With Helen’s deft hand, the kiwi and his dad become exquisitely alive on the page. Adorable!

The book is about kiwi but it is also about asking questions and about giving answers – about being a dad and about being an offspring.

The kiwi dad finishes his answer with: ‘these things take time’.

That feels like something I say every morning when I wake up at the moment. Patience is a good thing.


‘When Baby wakes up, will she play with me?’

‘Not yet,’ Kiwi iti.’

‘I know,’ screeched Kiwi Iti,’ these things take time!’


Some story books fill you with a warm glow and this book is one of them. I won’t spoil the ending and the magic of reading your way through (I hate reviews that do that!) because I want you to find your own copy of the book and fill with a warm glow too! Happy reading!

Oh, and wonderfully, you can also get a version in te reo: Pīpī Kiwi.


Helen Taylor is an award-winning children’s illustrator and artist living ‘in an old yellow house on a red-boned hill in the portside town of Lyttelton’. Her books include A Booming in the Night (with writer Ben Brown) and Kakapo Dance.


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