Poetry Box June challenge: some favourite wonder poems


6. View from Rangataua.jpg



Kia ora young poets

It has taken me all weekend to read all your poems and emails. If I haven’t replied to you let me know as I will have missed it. And sorry if I made spelling mistakes in your letters – I was getting tired!

What a favourite topic – WONDER.

I love the way it takes us in so many directions. Some of you wondered about the state of our planet. Some of you had an imagination hard at work. Some poems are long and some very short. So many different moods and surprises. Some terrific endings!

It was so hard picking a small portion of the poems that arrived – as I loved them all. But feels like there are so many I did pick – I have made a little poem book of wonder.

Let me know which is you favourite one here!

I am sending a copy of Groovy Fish to Henry and Chloe (St Andrews), Zac (Richmond Rd) and Natsuki (Fendalton).  This is never a competition – I just like to give books away.

I am posting a new challenge tomorrow.

The hardest part of my blog is not being able to post all your glorious mahi. You are all amazing poets and should be proud.


Ngā mihi

Paula Green


I wonder how I can fly to the sea

I wish that I could have a motor and wings

Soft as a bear’s fur

Leaves falling from the trees


Caitlin C, age 7 Ilam School



Polar Bear’s world

I wonder where polar bears sleep.
Do they sleep under the snow?
I think
they sleep with blankets of stars
and pillows of moonlight.
They dream
of their long lost families.

Chloe S Age: 8  St Andrew’s College


Wonder starts with nothing and ends with something
My wonder starts the same, with nothing
My wonder ended with me being Queen
With me being a mountaineer
With me being a superhero
With me saving dolphins
With me ending war
With me winning everything
With me holding the world

Hannah H, Fendalton School



A million years ago
Sometimes I lie and wonder about stuff
I don’t know how the earth began 1 million years ago
Did dinosaurs even exist
Did volcanoes even blow
Did humans come after the apes.
Well we could all wonder
But that was a million years ago

Will the earth survive
A million years to come?

Jasper Aged 9 St Francis School



Wonder comes to us, creeping into our heads.
Adults throw wonder away, like a moth-eaten blanket.
But children treasure it.
Children see race car boxes, and lava floors.
Children see the magic in the air.
That’s why they make friends wherever they go.
Why they are so happy.
They see the awesomeness in everything.
So when you have a little time, let in the wonder.
If we could all stop a moment, and try to see the world through a child’s point of view, our worlds will be happier.
So put a smile on your face, and wonder.

Paige L, age 10, Fendalton Open-air School



When I see
a rainbow
I wonder
if I can
run to the other side.
If I could run to
the other side
I would find if there is a pot
of sunflowers.

Henry P, Age 7, St Andrews College



I wonder

I wonder what lies

Above the kahikatea

Against the tide

Around the corner


Beyond the horizon

Beneath the cat lair

Behind the fridge


Connected to the world

Corroded by the time

Chained to the memories


Destroyed by the –

Never mind

I have too many wonders for today


I wonder if I can fall asleep


Daniel L, Age 11, Year 7, Hadlow School



I Wonder…
I wonder how seeds are made.
I wonder how languages were made.
I wonder how planets were made.
I wonder, I wonder and I wonder.
I wonder if I could fly like a bird.
I wonder if I could stand on a planet.
I wonder if ghosts exist.
I wonder, I wonder and I wonder.

Caitlin-lily W,  age 9, Richmond Road School


I wonder how I even wonder
I wonder how viking boats were made.
I wonder what deep fried bananas taste like
Would microwaved bananas taste the same
Wondering feeds my mind

Oliver Aged 9 St Francis School



Earth, it spins round and round,
how do we know if we’re the right way standing or upside down?
we might be sideways, left or right.
It really feels like we’re on a big block of flat ice!

Austen F, Age 8 – Year 3,  St Andrews College – Christchurch



I wonder what school was years ago.
Once, they might’ve carved writings on rocks,
Or they might have jumped about on logs for exercise.
They probably wanted to fly like birds, soaring in the sky.
I think some children travelled, maybe by horse?

Carolyn X, Age 9, Fendalton Open-Air School



I wonder why I couldn’t wonder
for this June challenge.
Normally I wonder heaps
But today nothing popped
Until I thought of this.
I wonder why I couldn’t wonder

Connor Aged 10 St Francis School



See a moa on a mountain bike
Long feet braking
Zooming over a humongous jump.
Sending a tuck no beaker
Powering to do a nose manual
WONDERFUL imagination

Matais Aged 11 St Francis School




I wonder why people can’t fly like birds?
If planes are heavier than us, why can’t we fly?
Imagine a world where we flew instead of walking
I wonder where birds fly in winter?
Maybe to another country?
If penguins have wings why can’t they fly?
How do clouds float if they are made of water?
If wonder how do all these things fly
If some are light and some are heavy?

Ivy M age: 7 Year: 3  Ilam Primary School, Christchurch


Well Why Not?

Wondering is good.
Wondering is part of life.
Yep, you should wonder.

Sacha H, age 10, Richmond Rd School



I wonder if stars are fireflies flying high in the sky.
I wonder if aliens can even say goodbye.
I wonder what it would be like to be a bird, imagine if you could fly.
I wonder what it would be like to be dead, it might be scary.
I should not worry about that now though cause I’m still in primary.
I wonder this, I wonder that, I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.

Zac W, age 10 Richmond Road School


I wonder why…
Trash cans line the beach
that have never been used
while thousands of pieces
of rubbish are scattered across
the sand and oceanbirds with plastic
wrapped around them
trying to take flight but failing.
All signs of any plant life have disappeared
for miles round and trash there instead.
Rats scurry in and out of the sand
hoping to find food.
Feathers float across the ocean
soaking wet from their voyage across the sea.
Shipwrecks strewn below the sea
just a few meters
from where humans used to sunbathe.

Charlie J, age 10, Fendalton School
I wonder about bees.
What they see,
If they feel,
just like me.
Do they like trees?
And even leaves?
I wonder what I would
do if I was a bee?
I would play on trees,
And make honey.
This is all from me,
Miss Bee.

Nina P, age 9 Richmond Road School

Distant Dodo

In winter dreams,I hear the Dodo.

His voice is cold and desperate.

“Remember me! Remember me!”

In spring dreams, I hear the Dodo.

His voice is underground with the seeds.

“Remember me! Remember me!”

In summer dreams, I hear the Dodo.

His voice lonely and far away.

“Remember me! Remember me!”

In autumn dreams, I cannot hear the Dodo.

The leaves cool and crackle.

I wonder why he left.


Tom N, Age 11 Christchurch South Intermediate


I wonder who would dare to build something
that would take so long
and take centuries to finish.

I wonder who would be crazy enough
to build a wall longer
than most skyscrapers

I wonder if it was used in a war
to keep the innocent people
on the other side so they will be protected

Yenul, Age:10, Year: 6  Churton Park School


I wonder how it would be to live in space

W ouldn’t it be just magical
O r what about going on the moon
N oticing it would be like a big balloon
D on’t know about the sun
E xpecting it to be too hot then I will be done
R ight now I am on the ground and I am very happy the way I am!

Lou D, age 10 Richmond Road School



Seven wonders depending on if

The world is sometimes strange,
but not as strange as it could be.
If cats were chased by mice,
and hamsters were huge
what a strange world this would be.

If mushrooms were handed in bouquets
and flowers were chopped away
what a strange world this would be!

If books were boring and
TV ads are interesting
what a strange world this would be!

If tigers live in the sea and
fish lived on land
what a strange world this would be!

If we lived on the moon and
astronauts were sent to take land on earth
what a strange world this would be!

If Ice Cream was disgusting and
eggplants were delicious
what a strange world this would be!

if kiwi lived in day time and
dogs lived at night
what a strange world this would be!

Although the world is strange
it could be a stranger place!

Natsuki H, age 10, Fendalton Open-air School


Picture this
A moa and eagle playing tag
Moa running as fast as the wind
Eagle soaring as high as the Sky Tower
Crafty eagle always the victor
No place is safe to hide
The wonder of it

Harper Aged 9 St Francis School


My Wonderland

I wonder this and that,
I wonder if myths are real,
Or if one day,
A dragon could appear at my backyard,
He could be my house guard.
I wonder if a unicorn,
can really fly over a rainbow,
Or if there is perhaps another world down below.
But we are in reality,
how could this be real?
Because these are wonders,
Wonders that make me feel.
It is all my dreamworld.
I wonder why the sunset is,
Red, orange or yellow,
Or why dead trees go hollow,
I wonder why at the beach,
The water is shallow.
I wonder this and that,
I wonder if this is a dream,
Swimming in melted ice cream.
I wonder why your feet sink in sand,
And if Maui really fished up our land.
I wonder this and that,
I wonder how big the universe goes,
Or why glow worms glow.
I wonder why I wonder.
But it is good to wonder.
I wonder this and that,
I wonder why I have to go,
Cause i have more to experience in life,
Than wondering all the time.
Goodbye, Goodbye,
See you in wonderland.

Mila P, age 10 Richmond Road School

The Sphinx

Who built the sphinx?
With its head dress and pharaoh like appearance
is it true that it was meant to have stripes that were blue
Is it the humans that caused erosion now being a terrible interference
where’s its nose? and its beard?
Was the beard a phase?
Where’s the nose now?
and what is on his face?
It is said that he had a cobra emblem on his face
but who says it’s a HE could the sphinx possibly be called SHE?
Who is this sphinx and what do they do?
all of it is a big mystery …

Mya, Age: 11 Year: 6, Churton Park School


Whale drawing.JPG

Illustration by Van Clan family



When it is winter,
goes wandering up a mountain,
to watch a warbling whale,

But this time when he went up,
the whale said to him,
“Oh warble with me, my warty winter friend!”

“Ok Mr Whale, I’ll warble with you today,
but beware, where the warthog go,
and don’t you eat that yellow snow!”

Van Clan family, homeschooled





Imagine a cat

Climbing your curtains

Scratching and tearing


The cat falls to

The floor.


Matthew D 10 yr  year 6 Churton Park


If I could fly

I would go on adventures

I would go and find unknown places

And name them as I go

Children would hang onto my arms for lifts to school

On wet days I would fly on top of the clouds

And have picnics with my teddy bears

I would stay there till the rain stopped

Sometimes I would have a sleepover on the clouds

I would spot the planes above me

But for now, flying will stay in my dreams


Kate, age: 10, year: six, Churton Park School



I Wonder

I look into a purring cat’s face.
What is it wondering?
Does it like me?
The cat looks around staring blankly into the distance.
What does the cat see?
Can it see something I can’t?
I walk closer to the cat.
I find a faint outline of an animal.
I still don’t know. The cat stares intensely.
Is it a lion? I see a flock of birds flying to us.
Did the cat send a signal to them?
The cat walks to the bush nearby.
It jumps straight in and disappears.
I wonder if I will see it again?

Alice, Age: 10. Y6, Selwyn House School



What if

What if
in an attempt to feed
the world’s population
some scientists developed a
mutant grape vine which
strangled the world’s

Would it slither
through the streets
as it
strangled the innocent citizens
ignoring their pathetic
screams for help?

It would invade
all the farms in
the country to devour
the poor livestock
in one

The vicious plant
would stretch the
world over
to create an
environment of its own

Isn’t that an
ominous thought
But beware
lest the starved creeper
may enter your
office to dine
upon your flesh

Kyra Age: 11 Years Year: Year 6 Churton Park School


Standing on the ice carousel      

Will I float ?

Will I sink ?

Going around and around

I feel like I am drowning

But then again I am floating

Light as a feather

And as heavy as a whale


Sophia Age: 10,  Year 6, Churton Park School



If books were alive
It would be a wonder
It would be a tragedy

Evil queens
Giant monsters and
Superpowered self obsessed heroes

People of my dreams
Creatures of nightmares

Dealing with
Death in the Prague
Stresses of world wars

Jasmine Aged 9 St Francis School




Her wings gently stretch out,
daintily taking her first step about.
‘Green, blue, yellow, pink,’
colours are all she can even think.
Gracefully her wings steadily extended,
Her new gift of flying was just splendid.

As she flew over rivers and looked at small towns,
She saw children playing, on little playgrounds.
Her wonder never ceased,
Alas, it only increased,
Nature, creativity, love, sports,
Books, boats, gardens, ports.

Her life was at its peak,
The perfect hour, perfect day, perfect week.
Her hardships over, her future ahead,
Her sticky chrysalis had been shed.

Her wings gently stretch out,
daintily taking her first step about.
‘Green, blue, yellow, pink,’
colours are all she can even think.
Gracefully her wings steadily extended,
Her new gift of flying was just splendid.

As she flew over rivers and looked at small towns,
She saw children playing, on little playgrounds.
Her wonder never ceased,
Alas, it only increased,
Nature, creativity, love, sports,
Books, boats, gardens, ports.

Her life was at its peak,
The perfect hour, perfect day, perfect week.
Her hardships over, her future ahead,
Her sticky chrysalis had been shed.

Malia, age 12, Mapua School 



I wonder about Antarctica the polar bears start disappearing
Penguins are losing hope
Ice melts away and sea levels rise
Fish are slipping away into darkness.

Isabelle H, Age 8 St Andrews Prep


My wonder stick

I pick up a stick and name this stick my wonder stick
I wonder if i could fly to the moon with my wonder stick
I could become queen with my wonder stick
I could dance at a ball with my wonder stick
I imagine if i could be a evil witch my wonder stick
I know that i can be whatever i want
Just sitting under a tree with my wonder stick

Mia M  Age:9  Fendalton school


Why tigers?
A swirl of white, orange and black
Is painted all over
Large paws leave a trail
The beautiful green eyes of the tiger
Hypnotise their prey
Then they pounce out of the bushes
As quick as the blink of the eye
One peek into the rainforest
And you see a terrifying beast
Two green eyes stare into yours
But most people don’t know
That only 3,890 tigers
walk through the rainforest

Mia D Age: 11  Selwyn House School


Elephant and Mouse
Colossal, tough elephants and
miniscule, weak mice
Flapping their ears out,
lifting their trunk
to great heights
Squeaking quietly,
scurrying around
on the ground.
How is the elephant
scared of the mouse?

Leona  K Age: 10  Selwyn House School


The forest

sitting in the darkness
staring into the distance
wondering if the forest ever ends
is there something beyond
the forest floor and tall green trees
with the moon’s bright glow over it
breaking the black
listing to the deep river

Annaliese, age 10, Selwyn House


Banana Plant

I wonder
as I lay down on the sofa
If that calm,
majestic banana plant that
sits there all day
and all night,
is looking after the house,
while I am in bed, dreaming

Clara, 10 years old, Selwyn House School







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