Poetry Box review: Elspeth Alix Batt’s I Love Bugs

I Love Bugs Elspeth Alix Batt, One-Tree House, 2020

Elspeth Alix Batt has been an illustrator and artist for over forty years. Her illustrations have appeared in School Journals, Ready to Read books, on cards, flags, book covers, school banners, books of many genres. I love Bugs is the first book Elspeth has written and illustrated.

Elspeth’s exquisite illustrations take you into the ‘wriggly jiggly’ ‘spiny shiny’ world of bugs. Each page glows with such colour and detail you feel like you are in the scene. The insects are magnificent.

The writing is equally captivating. It is like a poem pattern. A scrumptious list poem. And it is an excellent poem to read aloud because it sounds magnificent. I find some rhyming children’s books clunky and unappetising, but Elspeth knows how to make words sing and connect like music. Sometimes surprising. Sometimes making me wriggle and jiggle.

Yes there is a surprising and PERFECT ending!

Yes there is an excellent bug-information page at the back.

Yes this book is a rip-wriggling, tingly-tickly, bug-catching SUCCESS!

I love it.

One-Tree House page


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