Poetry Box April challenge: The sun and the moon

The sun and the moon at Te Henga Bethells Beach

I recently reviewed Melinda Szymanik’s gorgeous picture book Moon & Sun. I decided I would love to see poems with both the sun and the moon in them. So your April challenge is to write a poem with both sun and moon making an appearance!

Remember this is a challenge to get you playing with what words can do, not a competition. When I read the March poems I could tell you had fun writing them and that you love writing. That matters so much to me. I have loved writing since I was first holding a pencil. The writing has been the most important thing.

Some starting points

Write a sun and moon story in the form of a poem

(your story might be imaginative or realistic)

Use your imagination

Use facts

Use moods

Take a photo of the sun and the moon with words

Write about a time you have experienced the sun and moon

Make up a sun and moon fable

Make a word soundscape that celebrates the sun and the moon

Write from the point of view of the sun or moon or both

Hide some fascinating sun and moon facts

Top tips

Hunt for sun and moon words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)

Make a list of scintillating sun and moon similes

Try three different endings

Try three different beginnings

Read your poem out loud to check the sound of the lines

Which is your favourite line?

Which is your least favourite line?

Give your poem a title!!

You can illustrate it if you want

Don’t send it to me the minute you finish it – LET

it sit for at least a day and then do another sound

and word check

Deadline: 28th April

Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Include: name, age, year, name of school or homeschooled

Don’t forget to put SUN AND MOON POEM in subject line so I don’t miss it

AND I will post some favourites near end of month and have a few books to give away

2 thoughts on “Poetry Box April challenge: The sun and the moon

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