Poetry Box review: Penny Chrimes’s Tiger Heart

Poetry Box April poetry challenge

Tiger Heart, Penny Chrimes, Orion (Hatchette UK) 2020

This year I hope to post little reviews of some of the children’s books I have loved reading. One because I love reading children’s books so much and two because children’s reviews are hard to spot in New Zealand. I am hoping some of you will be inspired to hunt down a book I have loved and see what you think. In bookshops and in libraries!

I will include a link to the monthly poetry challenge at the top of the review!

All Easter I have stayed at home and read books! I especially loved Tiger Heart by Penny Chrimes. Penny worked in Fleet Street (London’s newspaper zone!), and then in television as a news journalist. This is her first novel.

Tiger Heart is a cracking good adventure with all kinds of important ideas bubbling beneath the surface. You will read it in a TIGER FLASH it is so gripping. Fly was abandoned in a basket outside a workhouse in London and ended up working for a mean man cleaning chimneys. One day she climbs down the chimney into a room with a tiger and the GRIPPING adventure begins. The tiger doesn’t eat her. In fact he believes she is a princess and wants to help her.

Dark forces make it hard for Tiger and Fly to do everything they need to do. Rescue the people and animals the wicked men have enslaved. Find their way home. She does discover she has special powers!

Penny is a whizz at making up words and using words that might send you to a dictionary: nick-ninny, flummery, termagant, trot-box, drowndead, humdudgeon.

I so loved the action, but I also loved the Tiger’s wisdom and the importance of friendship. I loved the way Fly got to be stronger and wiser. I like the fact GREED and CRUEL behaviour are not options. Kindness matters. Leading a country with kindness matters.

So when you are in the mood for a cracking good adventure, with whizzbang dialogue, fascinating characters and excellent ideas hiding in the nooks and crannies, then this is the book for you.

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2 thoughts on “Poetry Box review: Penny Chrimes’s Tiger Heart

  1. Penny Chrimes

    Thank you for this lovely review. I loved that you had picked up on the themes that are so important to me – courage and kindness and what it means to lead.


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