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Poetry Box July challenge: Some favourite breakfast poems

What a feast of breakfast poems arrived in my email box in the month of July. I loved the way I could almost smell them, taste them on my tongue. Such scrumptious popping detail Such imaginations leaping. Such humour. These poems made me hungry!

Thanks for trying my challenge everyone. This is not a competition but I do like to give a few books away. So I am sending a copy of my book Groovy Fish to Harry S (Fendalton School), Ameila B (Haswell School), Mia B (Owhiro Bay School) and Sophia L (Westmere School).

On Monday August 2nd I am posting my August challenge. Do try it.

AND – exciting news! I have designed a cool poetry idea guide for Primary Schools for National Poetry Day and I am posting a link to that on Monday too!

The poems

Galaxy Breakfast

I grab a plate for me and the moon

And flip the pancakes for me & the sun

But nothing compares

To breakfast with mum

Harry S, age 9, Fendalton School


Boiled milk waiting waiting in the pan

Racing my sister to breakfast 

Eating my toast with glee

Acting calm, but in a rush

Kicking my way through the foliage littering my room

Frantically packing my bag

Asking for the boiled milk (that is now cold) before…

Skidding out the door

To school 

Amelia B, 11 years old, Halswell School

Like a Flavour Explosion!

Sizzle and crack from dainty bacon on the frying pan,

Velvet maroon colour darkening,

Mouth watering smell intensifying.

Flavour-full golden yolk oozing,

Cream coloured water splattering into a glass.

Toast well cooked,

Peach colour dark.

Crunch! Slurp! Nibble! Chew!

Mia B, Year 5 and 6, Owhiro Bay School 

Breakfast by the Sunrise

Breakfast by the sunrise

The trees whispering to each other

The fantails peck the crumbs of my plate of toast with crunchy bacon

The taste of banana pancakes, yum yum

The wind as fast as a cheetah but still lovely

I never want to leave the forest

Jessie W, Age 7, Year 3, St Andrew’s College

Wrong time alarm clock

Crunch up two weetbix,

Scattered in the bowl.

Plop! Plop! The last milk,

dropping through the hole.

Can’t bother, drop of sugar, then a halt,

realizing that I just put in salt!

Leilani, Year 5 and 6, Owhiro Bay School 


Pancakes are so yummy

Sliding down into my tummy

Drizzle drizzle drip

Goes the Maple Syrup

Fresh berries go squish in my mouth

Then I wash it  all down with sweet Apple Juice

MMM… tasty!

Denzel G, 9 Years Old, Year 5, Sandspit Road School

Worth It

My eyes shock to the size of breakfast bowls as they take in the buffet

Looking at all the offerings, I have to yell “Hooray!”

For there are towering stacks of toast

With the pastries and hotcakes I like the most

Fruit everywhere, from melons to grapes

Beckons beside the most delicate crêpes

Tiny boxes of cereal, tumbled in a pot

Eggs upon eggs: scrambled, omlettes… the lot!

Marmalade, jam, butter and honey

Simmering syrups to make things more yummy

Dumplings and and salmon and cold meats and cheese

Even curries and rices to choose if you please

All the coffee (and the tea)

I can’t really believe what I see!

When I let my greedy gaze stretch far

It fixes on the fabulous fruit juice bar!

Now I regret guzzling pink guava juice

I’m starting to feel a little loose

Of the great buffet breakfast I have to say…

I think I ate too much food today

Daniel L, Age 12, Year 8, Hadlow School


Grampie’s fluffy bread, crispy crust and stretchy goodness, plus that butter melting,

10th birthday pancakes with cake to follow, (the way back was me groaning and sticking my head out of the car window)  

Buffet at Mt Cook village (some people had breakfast dessert! Mum didn’t approve),

Grandpa’s yummy porridge, filled to the brim with Scottish heritage, 

Dad’s award-winning cloud-like pancakes,

Bread, Birthday, Buffet, Porridge and Pancakes. 

Juliet Y, Year 6, Halswell School

Worst breakfast 

Milk spilling

Cereals falling

These things happen at 


Brother screaming

Mum shouting

Toast burning 

The worst breakfast

Smoke rising 

Fire alarm screeching

Brother wailing

Dad rushing

This bad bad bad

Brother throwing

Brother grounded

Brother mad

Brother sad

Brother in his room for that

Brother will remember that

Mouldy toast is the worst 

Deplorable smell kills my nose 

I wish this never happened!

Thibault, Year 5 and 6, Owhiro Bay School 

Breakfast In The Ocean

I ate breakfast in the warm ocean 
fish surrounded me with joy
eating pancakes beyond the shining sun sitting on the soft sand
as soft as a pancake
the coral spikes me
and steals my pancakes away. 

Jacob W, age 9, Y4, St Andrew’s College

Breakfast on the Clouds

Hey Seagull, come and have breakfast with me,
I’ve got tea and slimy fish for you. 
I have cereal with blueberries and juicy pineapples. 
“Yummy! I’ll have fish,” squawked the seagull. 
Crunch Crunch went the cereal and splash went the milk.
Bye Bye Seagull, I’ll see you around.

Olivia E, Year 4, age 9, St Andrew College


The splat of oil hitting the pan

drizzling hot syrup like honey fresh and golden

soft pancakes as golden as the sun

melted hot butter yellow like a dandelion

rich chocolate buttons taste like heaven

pancakes are so delicious  

I could eat them every day

People tell me ill turn into one

I reckon it’s okay

Chloe E, 11 years old, Year 7, St Andrew’s College

Breakfast Poem

Breakfast is my favourite meal

With all kinds of different foods,

Waffles, pancakes, and yoghurt too

Cereal is what I eat most,

I really enjoy buttered toast

Cornflakes are as crunchy as the morning frost.

Breakfast, breakfast what a wonderful meal.

Crystal C, Age 10, Year 6, Fendalton Open-Air School

Yummy Foods 

Light fluffy pancakes with 

Runny maple syrup 

Crunchy granola with creamy yogurt 

Sweet raspberry jam spread across thick beige toast

Crispy salty bacon and soft squishy eggs 

All these things are delicious breakfast 

Maia W, Age-10 Year 6, Fendalton Open-Air School

My Life Is Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day

I agree- it would be the only meal if I had it my way

Breakfast is ethereal, pancakes and waffles galore!

Oh my distress if I digress, for who could want anything more?

You’re meant to have one stomach, I disagree, I have three

They give me enough room to store all the breakfast just for me!

All the caverns, crannies, and hallways, I will love breakfast always!

All the caverns, crannies, and hallways store all the breakfast that can be.

Oh, and that magical delight

To wake up to that special sight

I am euphoric to that special smell

Good lord, mother makes breakfast well!

To galivant down to the table laid out

I am frivolous, so happy I could scream and shout!

The gargantuan amounts are ephemeral, they’ll be gone fast

Oh, after all night to get breakfast at last!

Of course there are those sad breakfasts

Eating just a slice of bread or two

I will not acquiesce, for a couple bowls of cereal

Is barely enough to feed a few

On these days, my misery is ineffable and cannot be contained

I make a cacophony of wails and weeps and get on my knees and say

“Oh, the betrayal, I will never recover!”

I will wallow and ask why I’m being draconically punished by my mother!

She’ll say “Oh, just haven’t got the groceries yet”

“Go ask your dad, he’ll go get them, I bet”

If he declines, I’ll say, what a miserable day!

That’s it I’m packed, I’m running away!

Why do they not see that I’m upset?

They better watch out, they’re in serious breakfast debt!

I am no longer benevolent, for I can’t live without food

No, for I am always in the breakfast mood

Arshiya T, age: 11, Year: 7, Queen Margaret College

Not Oatmeal!

Oh no! Not oatmeal

Even slugs would be better

Please don’t make oatmeal! 

Violet C, Age 8 ,Westmere School

Pancakes for Breakfast!

Perfect amount of maple syrup
tasty birthday surprise
Nicely topped off with a teaspoon of raspberries
Cautiously I taste my amazing masterpiece
An astonishingly sweet flavour
Knife sounds fill the lounge
Every plate is licked clean
Super morning snack!

Clara G Age 8 Westmere School

Breakfast Eggs!

I see the crinkled shapes outlining the soft yolk.
I hear the sizzling of the egg on the greasy pan
I smell the scrumptious scent of the buttery egg
I feel the jiggly texture of the warm egg
I taste the saltiness of the soy sauce
I love eggs for breakfast!

Sophia L, age 8, Westmere School


Placed  on my plate
Sizzling like a pancake.
Actually…It was a pancake!
Not as hot as I expected
But it was still a pancake!

Ethan M, Age 8, Westmere School

My Breakfast!

Bacon and fish, is such a splendid dish (although no-one would really eat bacon and fish…)
Raspberry pancakes, stacked on plates
Eggs on toast, is what we love the most
A vast bowl of yoghurt, topped with honey and berries
Kebabs from last night, don’t worry they’re still nice
Fantastic fruit laid out on a plate, they’re so very juicy, I really can’t wait
Amazing crumpets pop out of the toaster, spread some butter and it’s a food roller coaster.
Silly-billy sausages will be very very yum
That’s all for breakfast. Do you want some?

Tui C-R, Age 9 Westmere School


Breakfast was here!
Raw meat, or as I like to call it, prosciutto!
And I devoured it like Godzilla,
then Dad said,
“Wow! I need to buy more!”

Jack S Age 7 Westmere School

My beautiful breakfast

Light buttery pancakes with a sticky drizzle of maple syrup and carefully decorated with an arrangement of berries. My knife slowly slides through the fluffy pancake, my fork dives into the soft cake. I dip it into a pool of syrup and finally, I spoon it into my dry mouth. As soon as it touches my mouth it melts into a puddle of gooey heaven. It trickles down my throat as I swallow this amazing delicacy. I take a gulp of my freshly squeezed orange juice. My life is finally complete. 

Holly Sibson age 11, Year 7 Selwyn House School

My breakfast

Yum yum I say as I bite into my croissant

Crumbs go everywhere

I sip on my orange juice

The thick orange juice trickles down my throat

Next, I bite into my perfectly cooked waffles

Crunch crunch go the waffles inside my mouth

This is like a big feast but much much better

Jody, Age: 9, Selwyn House

French Toast

I really do hate to BOAST

But I just made DELICIOUS French toast.

Mixed two eggs so NICE and round

Fried the BREAD till it was brown.

Put on a plate so NICE and NEAT

Poured on the SYRUP, oh so SWEET. 

Made a TREAT that can’t be beat.

A pat on the back for such a feat

I now sit down and EAT and EAT.

Orsa X, age:11 Westmere School 

Bug Bix

Bug bix for breakfast 

What a disgust.

Eating them whole 

Just ruins my bowl.

Bug bix oh bug bix 

What a disgust!

They really taste like 

Everything I dislike. 

Bug bix oh bug bix 

What a disgust!

It makes my face turn green.

A great meal for halloween.

Bug bix oh bug bix 

What a disgust!

Lily E Age : 10 Westmere school


A fruity, juicy scrumptious drink

That can be easily made in just a blink. 

A punch of fruit, spills down my throat

Like the big, cold waves underneath a boat.

Milk, mixed berries, bananas and more 

Oops! I spilled some on the floor!

Eve M Age: 10  Westmere School

Mushrooms on Toast

A  yucky smell throughout the air… 

What could it be? Oh dear Oh dear!

Mushrooms on toast 

I hate it the most

Oh so disgusting

It’s like everything green 

This definitely isn’t our normal routine! 

Emily C, Age: 10 , Westmere School



Sizzle, sizzle,

Goes the mixture in the pan,

I can smell the wonderful delight,

I would always put up a fight…

For my pancakes.

Crispy brown, golden nice,

But not one slice,

Of a banana, or anything other,

No syrup, no cream,

Nothing on my pancake, is my dream,

Only on weekends, I’m aloud to eat,

Pancakes are really supreme.

Paddy D age: 11 Westmere School


One morning I woke up, to the sun on my face 

And from that one fact, I’ll have a great day,

But then the sky grew dark and I started to cry 

But what was the reason for this, and why?

The sky changed color and my tears smeared away,

I got out of bed to go out and play.

Dad walked along with a glass of hot tea,

Maybe he had something special for me?

“Go get some breakfast, I’ve got a surprise,

Bacon and eggs with a side of fries”

A truce had been made right here in this space,

I finished my food. with a smile on my face.

Fletcher R, age 10, Westmere School 

Poetry Box review: Fossils from Lost Worlds

Fossils from Lost Worlds, Hélène Rajcask and Damien Laverdunt, Gecko Press, 2021

Fossils from Lost Worlds is a large-size hardback book of fascinations. Pick up this glorious book and head back into the distant past and go digging. Fossilised animals are like pocket storybooks, full of mystery, questions, clues. Scientists and fossil collectors have dug and questioned and opened windows onto history that might be on the wrong track altogether – but then again may be ILLUMINATING. A torch light on past times.

Go digging in The Beginnings of Animal Life, Reign of Reptiles, and The Age of Mammals and Birds. You will find loads of intriguing questions that will get your curiosity taste buds popping.

What did the oldest animal on Earth look like?

What ancient secret is hidden in the mountains at Burgess.

How did fish learn to walk?

How did T. rex become a movie star?

Did dinosaurs have scales, fur or feathers?

The writing is sweetly crafted, the intricate illustrations perfect. Each page is like a station stop on the railway line of history, a place where you pause and absorb things.

Five fascinating facts

Fairy loaves: In England, fossilized sea urchins were called “fairy loaves’. Some thought keeping them in your house meant they would never be short of bread.’

Today paleontologists agree that dinosaurs have not completely disappeared: birds are their descendants. But it took a long time to see this connection.’

‘The many long, thin vertebrae making up the tail of the Diplodocus suggest that it was very flexible and used as a whip to defend itself.’

The appearance of dinosaurs’ skin is still under debate. It seems likely their skin was bright and vivid.’

Is it possible to reconstruct a dinosaur’s roar? While some paleontologists think not yet, others tried to simulate the sound of a T. rex. A far cry from the roars in Jurassic Park, the sounds they got were closer to gurgles or crocodile grunts.

What a fabulous book this is! I do hope it finds a place on every school-library shelf, and in the homes of all young readers who love digging and delving for fascinating things as they read. Magnifique!

Hélène Rajcak was born in 1981 in Paris. She lives and works in Paris as an illustrator. She studied illustration at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and has also trained as a textile designer.

Damien Laverdunt was born in 1978. He lives and works in Paris as a writer and illustrator and teaches applied arts at the Lycée de Sèvres.

Gecko Press page

Poetry Box July challenge: BREAKFAST poems

Every Friday I have been posting poem themes on my adult blog NZ Poetry Shelf. It has been such fun hunting for poems to match a theme. Next Friday the theme is breakfast so I thought it would be cool to see what breakfast poems you can come up with.

TOP TIP: Don’t send me the poem the day you write it. Look at it one more time another day.

SECOND TOP TIP: Listen to your poem.

I will read all the poems at the end of the month, write you a letter back, pick some to post, and pick a few children to send a poetry book.

Think about:


what you love to EAT and DRINK for breakfast

the best breakfast you have ever had

the worst, the most surprising, the most disastrous

where and when you have eaten breakfast  you have loved (beach, overseas, up a mountain, by a river, in the forest at Gran’s, in a spaceship, when the sun comes up, on a plane or train, in the show, in the heat, in a cafe, in your very own kitchen ……….. ). Find words to make the pace come alive!

what you do when you eat breakfast



be inventive

stick to the truth

hunt for words that make TASTE buds POP

hunt for eating VERBS


tell a breakfast story

make a word pattern using breakfast words

make a breakfast picture poem


small poems are glorious

longer poems are glorious

wide poems are glorious

thin poems are glorious


short lines are cool

long lines are cool

medium lines are cool


Have fun young poets!

Deadline: 29th July

Send to:

Include: name, age, year, name of school or homeschooled

Don’t forget to put BREAKFAST POEM in subject line so I don’t miss it

I will post some favourites near end of month and have a few books to give away

I read all the poems at the end of the month and get back to you then

Poetry Box June challenge: some favourite FAVOURITE-WORD poems

Daniel L, Age 12, Year 8, Hadlow School

Daniel told me: ‘I went on a word hunt to find crazy words I liked, then made word art with all the words I found.  There were too many! I learnt lots and now have some cool words to add into my writing.  My personal favourite is Erinaceous, which means resembling a hedgehog!  🦔 I am totally putting that into my next story!’

In June I challenged you to go hunting for some favourite words and then put them in a poem.

Our internet and phone went down this week so I am bit late posting these. I have loved hunting for words since I was young. I used to read a dictionary in bed at night with a torch – hunting for words like I was hunting for rare butterflies or stars in the sky.

Thank you so much for taking up my challenge. I am sending a poetry book to Emily, Leo and Mia.

I am sorry not to be able to post all the magnificent poems you sent me but iI can tell you loved playing with words.

Do try my July challenge! Posting it today just in time for the holidays.

I have had crazy problems doing this post with my internet cutting out today – if I said your poem would be here and it is not email me!

the poems

Sunday morning

I wake up by the fireplace
With a frozen flower by my side

Caitlin Age 8 Ilam School


Ruru in a rimu tree

Tūī in a tōtara tree

Kererū in a kauri tree

Wētā in a pōhutukawa tree

Tuatara in a silver fern.

Seb 6, Zoe 7 Westmere School


When you lie on the sand

and look at Oceania,

you feel as calm as the

baby blue sky with marshmallow clouds,

and as green as Mother Nature.

You look at the sky and see your favorite


Look, they say,

remember your life.

Andrew, Y4, age 8, St Andrews School

School Chaos!

School gets longer every day.

No time to think, no time to play.

homework, chaos, lots of stress

Tension leads to sleeplessness.

When will all this madness cease?

Where is play time? Where is peace?

I’m working, thinking, till I drop.

Give me posters: pause, mute, stop!

Orsa age 11 Westmere School

Trees, Bees

Trees, bees, sitting on my knees. 

Honey, bunny, lying on my tummy. 

Chats, rats, tall feathery hats.

Judge, fudge, a grubby little smudge.

Stripes, swipes, different types.

Brave, cave, a large crashing wave.

Yellow, mellow, hear the whale bellow.

Rhyme, time, hear the clocks chime.

Table, fable, horses in the stables.

Trees, bees, sitting on my knees.

Emily C   Age: 10  Westmere School

Loopy drums

Loopy drums six triple flip
Loopy drums six triple flip
Loopy drums six triple flip
Loopy drums six triple flip

Leo, age 7, Ilam School

The words that make a poem

Wild roars, growls and stomps. Amazing feathers soar in the blue sky. Raindrops drip down buildings. Honey sweet like candy melts in my mouth. Trees sway in the cold breeze. Leaves flow with the wind and land to take a breath. My heartbeat pounds as I run faster thud thud thud. Bees buzz around marigold, lavenders and sunflowers. The sun reflects on my clear window it shines the gold in my eyes. Words whizz round in my head they come out one by one creating a poem. The tūī calls from the pōhutukawa tree. The light sky falls and turns dark the sun is gone the moon has come it’s dawn.

Mia, Selwyn House School

Sunset in Rotorua

The Skua sleeping on the setting SUN.

I am sleeping on the warm SAND.

DREAMING about an unpolluted BLUE SEA.

SMILE in the darkness of the NIGHT.

Isabelle Age 9. Y4, St Andrews Prep


I like ALL types of words,

fun words, cool words, new words

These are some rhyming words…

I turn right 

and get a big fright

Then I see a kite 

I think it’s going to

get some height!

I go to the mall 

and see some balls 

But then there was

a great big fall!

Snickersnee found a pea 

His friend wanted to see

but snickersnee disagreed.


played some Boggle

And then he blew

a great big bubble


meet a baboon

Mr baboon ate some bamboo

Then Hullabaloo 

found a balloon

But the balloon found the bamboo

and went right through!

Lily Age: 10  Westmere School

Victoria, Year 5, age 9, Selwyn House School

Forest Scene

Tūī dancing

Forest damp

Magnificent bellbird

Sunny years

Rain is falling

Fantail calling

Jessie Age 7 Year 3. St Andrew’s College


Ruru in a rimu tree

Tūī in a tōtara tree

Kererū in a kauri tree

Wētā in a pōhutukawa tree

Tuatara in a silver fern.

Seb 6, Zoe 7, Westmere School

Turtles Tacos Bananas

Turtles turn into tacos, tacos turn into turtles,

bananas turn into tacos and tacos turn into pizza

Oofanada pizza, oofanada tacos, oofanada bananas!

The enormous turtle squashed a car

Banana, Banana, Banana split

Benjamin Age 8, Year 3, St Andrew’s College


The helicopter made 

a loud sound as it 

flew past the big

glowing moon.

It flew above

the sea and past 

the ginormous


The sea called slowdown


William, age 9, St Andrews School

Amazing Words

Ripple,trickle,white pebbles, rushing water,waves crashing

Crispy, crunch,munch,smooth, adventurous

Hunting hiding mining grinding 

elegant,dramatic, beat,rhythm,jubilant 

Bang,tang,sweet treat

Maia, Age-10, Fendalton Open-Air School

My Heart of Words

I stare at the words.

Fat, cat, mat, splat.

The words swirling around me.

Scratch, match, patch.

Forming my heart.

Man, can, fan, van.

My heart of words.

Cure, tour, your.

Mia C, Age 11, Year 7, Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School

Forest Scene

Tūī dancing

Forest damp

Magnificent bellbird

Sunny years

Rain is falling

Fantail calling

Jessie Age 7 Year 3 St Andrew’s College


Across the moonlit horizon, 

horses gallop endlessly 

following a train 

of silver clouds

On my canvas of the sky

A breeze fuels my imagination

carrying it miles 

over the Earth. 

The people of Earth, 

so deceivable 

to the wind and the clouds

The horses gallop on.

Grace, 12 years old, Y7, Selwyn House School

Sunset in Rotorua

The Skua sleeping on the setting SUN.

I am sleeping on the warm SAND.

DREAMING about an unpolluted BLUE SEA.

SMILE in the darkness of the NIGHT.

Isabelle Age 9, Year 4, St Andrews Prep