Poetry Box July challenge: BREAKFAST poems

Every Friday I have been posting poem themes on my adult blog NZ Poetry Shelf. It has been such fun hunting for poems to match a theme. Next Friday the theme is breakfast so I thought it would be cool to see what breakfast poems you can come up with.

TOP TIP: Don’t send me the poem the day you write it. Look at it one more time another day.

SECOND TOP TIP: Listen to your poem.

I will read all the poems at the end of the month, write you a letter back, pick some to post, and pick a few children to send a poetry book.

Think about:


what you love to EAT and DRINK for breakfast

the best breakfast you have ever had

the worst, the most surprising, the most disastrous

where and when you have eaten breakfast  you have loved (beach, overseas, up a mountain, by a river, in the forest at Gran’s, in a spaceship, when the sun comes up, on a plane or train, in the show, in the heat, in a cafe, in your very own kitchen ……….. ). Find words to make the pace come alive!

what you do when you eat breakfast



be inventive

stick to the truth

hunt for words that make TASTE buds POP

hunt for eating VERBS


tell a breakfast story

make a word pattern using breakfast words

make a breakfast picture poem


small poems are glorious

longer poems are glorious

wide poems are glorious

thin poems are glorious


short lines are cool

long lines are cool

medium lines are cool


Have fun young poets!

Deadline: 29th July

Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Include: name, age, year, name of school or homeschooled

Don’t forget to put BREAKFAST POEM in subject line so I don’t miss it

I will post some favourites near end of month and have a few books to give away

I read all the poems at the end of the month and get back to you then

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