Poetry Shelf celebrates Dick Frizzell’s A Sun Is a Star with Ava’s poem

The Sun Is a Star 

Everyone says everybody is a star
But you make us live, so you truly are. 
So bright you’re seen from a thousand miles
So bright you are the reason I smile

I thank that you help us to exist
You are a reason that we live like this
With light that shines through the glass windows
And helping us to truly know

The sun is a star
Yes, you truly are
You help us to live
And grow, and give. 

This life isn’t fair
But it is still clear
That without shining sun
Life would never be fun. 

Your intrepid shine
And glow so fine
Shows us you’re impeccable
Your glow a wondrous spectacle

We love your gift
You give us to live
Your dazzling glow
Helps us to know

That the sun is a star
Yes, you truly are
Your beautiful light
Gets us through day and night. 

Ava H, age: 8, Pakuranga Heights School

The Sun Is a Star, Dick Frizzell, Massey University Press, 2021

Daniel’s sun poem

My review

Massey University Press page (where you can look inside the book)

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