Poetry Box update

Over summer I have been mulling over what I want Poetry Box to do in 2022. I want it to be a hub for children (and teachers and parents) who love reading and writing poetry.

Poetry Box is a place to share poetry we create and poetry we love. A place of reviews, interviews, audio, videos, ideas, features. Whatever takes my fancy.

I will review children’s books of all genres published in Aotearoa that I love.

However, this year is slightly different for me as I have a serious health issue. Doing my blogs and writing books gives me energy and heart. I love doing Poetry Box. I love the way it brings us together. I love the way it runs on a kindness and good will. Delights in words and what they can do. The way it is the place of PLAY!

This year I may not answer your emails, I may or may not review all the books I want to, I may not answer the phone. At times there may be radio silence. I definitely won’t be venturing out-into the world because it is just too risky.

But Poetry Box is a way of creating a poetry community for children beyond my kitchen and garden.

Tomorrow I will post the first challenge

May your days gleam with poetry.


I will post the first challenge.

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