Poetry Box children illustrators: Eloise (6) illustrates ‘Why Don’t Cows Hoot’

by Eloise (6)

Why Don’t Cows Hoot?

Why don’t cows hoot
and owls moo?
Why don’t cats howl
and dogs miaow?
Why don’t lions caw
and magpies roar?
Why don’t mice cheep
And chicks squeak?

Paula Green

My name is Eloise. I am six years old. My school is St Cuthbert’s. I like reading Billy 
B Brown and Ginger Green. I like going out for coffee dates and to play sports.

Paula Green is a poet, writer, reviewer, blogger and anthologist. She has written and edited a great many collections of poetry, including several for children. Her most recent poetry anthology is Roar Squeak: A New Zealand Treasury of Animal Poems (Penguin 2022). She has also published Little Tales of Hedgehog and Goat (Penguin 2022).

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