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Happy days writing poems,

from Paula

There was a challenge to write a cat poem:

My Cat Flame

Delicate ginger coat

With sleek white stripes

Craves exploring and adventure

Like a feline Indiana Jones

Doesn’t stop for anything

Best friend to the end.

Max Year 5 Aged 9 Eastern Hutt School

WE had fun doing word recipes. Here are a few:

The flowers of Bloom

once watched a cartoon

of what their recipe was

but they couldn’t see it ’cause …


‘But wait,’ they did shout

as they opened their mouths.

‘We are the recipe!

Me, me, and me.’

They sang this song

all day all day long.

Our recipe is some soil and a plant.

‘Go! Flowers,’ they would happily chant.

Frances 6 years Year 3 Ilam School, Christchurch

2 tbsp of optimism

1 kg of Godric Gryffindor

1 heart of a lion

3 cups of sugar

1 vial of felix felices (Luck potion)

1 car with a ridge

Mix everything except for the car with the ridge

Drive the car to your destination

Now you have courage.

By Ewen Wong aged 10, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air School

1 cup of non-focusing

20 grams of calmness

5 ounces of dreaminess

2 tablespoons of imagination

Half a cup of peacefulness

1 tablespoon of being easily distracted

Mix with carelessness and a twist of quirkiness.

You can now dream to your heart’s content.


Madeleine Year 6 Aged 10 Eastern Hutt School

I loved these poems full of great sound from Roydvale School:

On the way

laughing happy

All of the children

rustling leaves

in the wind


At the pool

running quickly

to get changed

refreshing water

plip, plop the rings go in

I splash KA-BOOM

into the water


Time to get out

I wrap my towel

I am freezing like I am

in the Artic!

Jayden aged about 7


On the way

I am happy

I am bubbly and hurry


At the pool

we are running

I get changed and jump


Time to get out

sad, frozen, wet patches

hair a mess

By Yvonne aged about 7




Excited. I’m walking, going to the pool

Clonk, click goes the children’s shoes

When the teacher opens the gate

I jump for joy!


At the pool

Splashing! I am having a great time

Splishing and splashing all around the pool

Swimming very fast!


Time to get out

Dripping on the hard ground

The sun shining down on me

Changed, running back to class!

By Ben aged about 7


I liked these four poems about a favourite place:

Rain drops splatter on the dark roof,

thunder booms

with its almighty voice.

It looks gloomy but it is magical.

Ewen W aged 10, Year 6 Fendalton Open Air School

My favourite place

My favourite place

is home with my niece, my niece, my niece.

She peeks under the sheet,

takes a nap,

after that,

jumping on the tramp.

Sarah Jane 12yrs Year 8 Ohaupo School


My Favourite Place

The smell of hay, hay, hay,

I play there all day, day, day.

My dad tends to say, say, say,

stay away from those bales!

Erin W 10yrs Year 7 Ohaupo School


Here are three of the poems that sound good (after Margaret Mahy).

The Ferocious Giant

I look out the window

There are trees swaying side to side

Leaves flying towards the sky

Clouds pushing and shoving

Sudenly red eyes pop out and sharp black teeth from inisde a mouth

It opens and gets deadlier

There’s a bright blur behind the ferocious giant

It gets smaller and smaller


Rain drops like a busted water balloon!

Luke W aged 10, Year 6 Manurewa East Primary

The Haunted House

As I walked into the Haunted House,

I heard a creeping on the floor,

I turned around …

and a scary Ghost flew straight through the door.


I was shaking,

not knowing what to do,

then on silent wings

a Morepork swooped down and whispered “BOO!”


I slowly backed away.

‘This was not my favourite day,’

I say!

Madeleine P aged 12, Year 8 Campion College Gisborne

Spook in the Night


Eeeeek eeeeek

is the sound

of our door

in the night



I am in bed

and the creak

gives me

a fright



Mum gets some oil

to fix

the loud




And now

I find

that I can


Sam S aged 8, Year 4 Ohaupo School


We tried Word Puddles. I loved these two from Royal Oak Primary in Auckland.


Slurshy slucky slumy slurpy

Ucky mucky squirshy jelly

Purple cold silky soft

Droopy squashy slinky swirly.

By Olivia Year 5 Royal Oak Primary


Crunchy creamy center

Smickity smackity lips

Licking lapping tongue

Streaming steaming goodness.

By Hamesh Year 5 Royal Oak Primary

Outstanding Outside

What I like about the outside are the birds chirping in harmony
What I hate about the outside is when I fall on my knee
What I love about the outside is the whisper of the leaves
What I hate about outside is the CRASH of falling trees.

What I like about the outside is the shine of the summer sun
What I hate about the outside is when there is no more fun
What I love about the outside is the crash of the waves
What I hate about outside is the big concrete pavers.

By Skye
Room 7, Redcliffs School, Christchurch
Year 4, aged 8

15th March 2013 Here are the eleven finalists of the Small Poem Challenge. Emily was the winner and Buster was the runner-up. Congratulations.

Stripes black and white

Zebra slips through the night

Big brown eyes

Giving animals a SURPRISE

Emily (11 — Year 7) Ohaupo School

NZ Falcon

Gliding at speed around

the dry rugged bush;

with eyes like binoculars

beaming down at its prey.

Adam (12, Year 8) St Joseph’s School Kaikoura

The clumsy chicken stalks its prey

like a cop down the street.

He snaps the grass and pulls out

a criminal worm.

Grace (11, Year 7) St Joseph’s School, Kaikoura


A penguin slides

along the ice

like a plane landing,

as he wears his tuxedo.

Annalise (10, Year 6) St Joseph’s School Kaikoura


Running through the forest

The wild behind it

As dark as night

Buster Rm 14 Birkdale Intermediate


A swoop in the sky

spiraling down to earth

claws open to catch

Buster Rm 14 Birkdale Intermediate

Small Birds

Sweet song slips from its beak

Hiding high in the trees

The little sparrow

Stevie-Ray Rm 14 Birkdale Intermediate

The Lion

Razor sharp claws,

dark green eyes,

long shaggy mane,

and a fearful deep growl,

I am a Lion.

Jessica (12, year 8) Maidstone Intermediate

Cheetah and Turtle

Cheetahs are fast

Turtles are slow!

Cheetahs have spots

Turtles do not!

Cheetahs live in the jungle

Turtles live in the ocean.

Isaac aged 6 Roydvale Primary Christchurch

One Little Mouse

Once a little mouse lived in a house

He ran really fast and knocked over a glass!

Kaitlyn aged 7 Roydvale School Christchurch

Silver Ants

The ants crawl

Silver spacesuits

The race for food

In ten minutes

Don’t get burnt

Sylvia (12 Y8) Parnell District School

24 thoughts on “Children’s Poems

  1. laura li

    dear paula , what is your best poem or book you have written.
    from laura li
    blockhouse bay primary
    7 years year 3
    room 9

  2. Nadia Davis Age 10

    Dear Paula,
    I loved you coming to our school Blockhouse Bay Primary. You may remember me when I did the thank you from Kauri syndicate. So you inspired me to write this poem. Here is the poem.

    Charlie Marlie
    Charlie Marlie was an ordinary boy. Every morning Charlie Marlie ate something quite werid for breakfast it was bok choy. Charlie Marlie wore a quilt and a ford t-shirt to school. Even when he went in the pool.
    thank you so much Paula Green.

  3. Amber Dann

    Hi Paula I’m amber and my fav animal is a wolf and I made a poem about one please read and enjoy I’m from weedons school here is my poem:
    Sleek stalking amber eyes salt and pepper rustled fur big bad wolf baring teeth howling glaring down beneath.
    From amber bye

    1. Paula Green Post author

      You should send poems to my email address. I pick favourites and post them. In comments they don’t end up looking how ou want them to.

      I loved visiting your school .you ave me such a warm welcome and did terrific rising.

      Regards Paula

  4. Naeva Cannell

    Hi Paula, I’m Naeva from Konini School. I am 7 years old and the author of The Sleepy Kitten and Other Cat Poems. Glen Eden library are displaying my book. I have got The Letterbox Cat book.

    1. Paula Green Post author

      Thanks Lucy I do hope you try writing poems over summer. When I was littleI loved playing outside but I also loved reading and that’s how I got to be a writer really. I just read and wrote heaps!


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