Reviews by Children

I am happy to post children’s reviews of poetry books (not just New Zealand ones and they don’t need to be new).

What to Do

1. You write the review. It can be as short or as long as you like. But not too long for the blog!

2. Make sure you include the author’s name, the illustrator,  the title of the book and the publisher (for example Scholastic or Random House).

3. You can also write a short bio of yourself.

4. Include your name, age, year and name of school.

5. I can post your photo if I get parental permission.

6. Send to

7. I get the book cover image and the author photo and hey presto it’s ready to post.



Tips on Reviewing a Book:

1. Write the title and names of author, illustrator and publisher.

2. Read the book and as you read jot down all the things you like and the things you don’t like.


Use these questions to think about the book (don’t use all just the ones that help you):

3. What kinds of subjects does the poet like?

4. How do the poems make you react? It might be a range of things.

5. How do the poems sound when read aloud?

6. Is there any rhyme you especially like? Put them in your review.

7. Or similes?

8. Are there any lines or words you love? Put them in your review.

9. Do the poems surprise you in any way? How?

10. Which is your favourite poem? What do you like about it?

11. What do you think of the illustrations?

12. Does it have a good title?

13. Do any poems have endings you think work especially well? What do you like about them?

14. Or first lines?  Put some examples  in your review!

15. Is there a poem that has inspired you to write one of your own? Include it in the review.

4 thoughts on “Reviews by Children

  1. Avish Kumar

    This is a poem my sister and I have done for the SHORT POEM Contest. Hope you like it Miss Green.

    Green place,
    Serene place,
    Multi-cultural place,
    Fun place,
    Joyful place,
    The people’s place.

    By: Avish Kumar and Trisha Kumar
    Vine St, Mangere East, Auckland

  2. Alka

    Hi paula
    This is a poem I made hope u like it
    Im sure a spy is near
    she wears shades
    Her clothes?
    its just not right
    She/he is just not bright
    She don’t get outside much,
    Not even when its lunch!!!
    By alka
    From Royal Oak Primary School

  3. Anita

    Hi Paula! I’m Anita, you might know me I’m from Ellerslie school and I made a title – the tap dancing fish. The book I’m reviewing is called Opal Plumstead by Jacqueline Wilson. I like it it’s full of mixed feelings but it’s to sad. And this is a poem I made.
    Franky Dingbat
    Franky Dingbat is a cat
    Franky Dingbat was fat
    Franky Dingbat ate a rat
    And, by the way Franky Dingbat is sleeping it your hat! I have many more.

  4. paea nevaeh helotu tema-moala

    hey its Paea again from Fairburn school and I made a title – the clumsy dancing, zebra,The unreadable lumpy alien,The flowing ocean,The brave fly,The singable frog,The evil moon.
    the book I’m reviewing is called A Treasury of NZ Poems for Children. I like this book because it has entertain me to make lots and lots of peom.
    by: Paea tema-moala
    Otahuhu tamaki Ave
    Auckland 1062


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