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Mitchell’s winter poem is wild! Go Redcliffs School

I can’t wait until holiday time to post one of your poems so here is a poem by Mitchell. I don’t think I have ever written an acrostic poem in my life! I should give it a go because it looks like fun. Mitchell has been on the hunt for things that happen in winter. I love the way the trees are losing their leaves and we have to wrap up warm in bed to escape the cold (luckily the trees in my garden are natives so they don’t stand in our garden bare and shivering). Mitchell’s last line is full of lovely alliteration — it’s like a rugby ball is rrrrunning along the line! Magnificent job Mitchell!

Winter and acrostic poem

Wet and windy weather makes the wipers go
Icy roads are slippery, so we stay inside
Nippy noises start to run, nests were made in the sun
Terrible thunder and torrential rains, make the trees lose their leaves
Early evenings off to bed, escape the cold to wrap up warm
Rain drops rustle on rusty roof tops, running rugby’s what we want
By Mitchell aged 6 Year 2 Redcliffs School