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Winning school visit (Ormond School) An adorable Year0/1 poem and an illustration challenge for you

I am back home after my visit to the most darling country school near Gisborne. I loved the way the teachers joined in all the workshops and helped the children find their poetry paths. Thank you so very much. You were all amazing. Inspiring people to be around.

I visited the  Y0/1 class (kowhai) for just thirty minutes (they were in the long session with the whole school in the hall though and lasted so beautifully).

We made up two poems together. I especially love the cat poem. All the words came from the children. I love this poem so much I thought up a really cool challenge for it. See below for details.



Orange like mandarin skin,

my cat purrs

and plays with silvery

wool like pillows.

She sleeps

in a beanbag

and in a wood box

and on the rainbow couch.

But her favourite place

is a knitted basket.


I thought it would be very cool to post it again with some illustrations by children. You will need to scan and send your drawing to me (not as a PDF please but a jpeg).

I will post my favourites with the poem and have a copy of The Letterbox Cat for one child. See below for deadline and details.

Deadline: Wednesday 4th November ( I will post on 5th November)

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com  Put cat drawing in subject line. Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s email.




Sophie’s cat poem made the hairs on my arm prickle!

Sophie has sent in this cat poem which I love. It has a great rhythm and mood and words on the end of the line that shine out. Plus ‘glowed’ and ‘glared’ work so well together. I really like the way this poem catches a moment. Oh great job Sophie!

Cat Poem

He came into our garden last night
Hidden in the blackest shadows
Briskly padded along the fence
And then stopped
Yellow eyes glowed and glared
Then disappeared in the dark
As if he had never come


Sophie W,  Year 6,  Eastern Hutt School

Eastern Hutt gets writing for Poetry Box

To celebrate over 7,000 views on NZ Poetry Box, here are some poems from Eastern Hutt School — some word recipes and a cat poem. I really like the way you are playing with the method (baking, stirring, mixing) at the end.

I can’t post all the poems that I get sent so if you miss out with one poem keep sending more. And please don’t feel sad– not everything I write gets published either. I just keep writing because I know that’s what makes me happy. I do read all your poems and I try and answer every letter you send.

I am going to post a poem a day during the school holidays so keep a look out for more details on that next week!

Speaking of cats, I just took this photo of our cat Agile having a big sleep:


I am going to post the letter from Eastern Hutt School too because I love the idea of writing clubs for young fans of writing:

Hi there

We have been following your blog and using some of the ideas in our newly formed writing group. We have attached some of our poems. Our teacher is Mrs Hudson and we are from Eastern Hutt School.

Hope you enjoy them.

Kind regards

Senior Writing Group
Eastern Hutt School
Lower Hutt

Here are the poems from Eastern Hutt Senior Writers:

A Recipe for Happiness


4 cups of fun and sun, on the beach with the waves

10 cups of books

2 tsps of gritty determination

3 L of laughing friends

8 gms of movies and popcorn

1 ton of sweet things and chocolate

1 recently sharpened pencil

1 L of fresh pieces of clean paper

Stir gently and add any other things that may interest you.

Bake for 12 hours a day.

    By Jasmine  Year 6 Aged 10

A Recipe for a Good Piece of Writing


1 cup of a perfect plan

2 cups of bubbly enthusiasm

3 tsps of encouragement

40 grams of enterprise and innovation

5 tbs of relaxation

Mix together slowly.

Cook for 1 – 1 1/2 hours or until perfection


Sam Year 6 Aged 10

Recipe for Happiness


1 cup of tough dancing practice

2 cups of vocals

5 tbsp of a riveting book

50 gms of fun with friends

1 cup of family time

2 ltrs of bright sun and blue sky

1 tsps of lolly eating

2 gms of relaxing

6 cups of laughter

Stir gently then wait 20-30 minutes till set!



Zoe Year 5 Aged 9


Mother Earth’s Recipe


essence from the sun rise

freshly collected dew

a cup of bird song from the dawn

a  jar of whispered breeze

a drizzle of sunshine rain

a pot of seaside waves

a glaze of sapphire sky

a  cup of fresh forest

mix with love and life


Sophie Year 6 Aged 10



A Recipe for a Daydream


1 cup of non-focusing

20 grams of calmness

5 ounces of dreaminess

2 tablespoons of imagination

Half a cup of peacefulness

1 tablespoon of being easily distracted

Mix with carelessness and a twist of quirkiness.

You can now dream to your heart’s content.


Madeleine Year 6 Aged 10



My Cat Flame


Delicate ginger coat

With sleek white stripes

Craves exploring and adventure

Like a feline Indiana Jones

Doesn’t stop for anything

Best friend to the end.


Max Year 5 Aged 9