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WOW! Ormond School’s Y2 and 3 have finished some fabulous picture poems – slow sneak pounce!

When I visited Gisborne’s Ormond School last week (the North Island winner of The Fourth Fabulous Picture Poem) I kick-started classes on picture poems.

I adore these cat ones from Y2 and 3. I have picked just a few to post, but they are all WONDERFUL. I kept going WOW! as I looked at them.

These poems are good to look at but are also fun to read aloud. Congratulations to the WHOLE class on your poems. I just loved them. I love the one with the rat hiding in its belly!















My favourite cat poems

Lots of lovely cat poems thank you. Sorry  couldn’t post them all!  I loved the detail in your poems and the way the cats have come alive with your choice of words. These poems are all different but great to read. Congratulations if I picked your poem to post.

I like to share books around rather than say I am picking winners of my challenges! I love all the poems I post but this time I am sending the cat book to Imogen.





My cat is scared of everything

My cat is scared of everything

When Dad puts the chainsaw on outside

She runs back indoors like a maniac

Her tail in knots, her paddy paws thumping like a thunderbird

My sister calls her “scatty catty”


My cat is scared of everything

When someone creaks opens the pantry

She scampers up into her cat tower

Her eyes like an owl, her whiskers in a twist

My mum calls her “chicken kitten”


When she sees a scary part in my How to Train Your Dragon dvd

She leaps high in the air

Her fur sticking out like a puffer fish, her tummy vibrating like a wobbly jelly

My dad calls her “wussy pussy”


My cat is scared of everything

When it is really stormy outside

She snuggles right up to my pillow

And she purrs me to sleep like someone telling a bedtime rhyme

I call her “my hot water bottle”

Daniel Age 6, Year 2, Adventure School



Blood red whiskers,

eyes like bubbles,

his ginger fur

skims past lamp posts

Silence falls until…


you’re in trouble!

Poppie-Belle Year 6  10 years old   Fendalton Open Air School


Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 4.04.01 PM

Gemma Age 9 Year 5, Adventure School


My Cat Crystal
Mattered fur, swishing tail
Goggly eyes, staring at the door
Dancing at the door, meowing endlessly for food,
Every morning & night
Sound asleep in the front yard snoozing
Running because she doesn’t want to be held!

Imogen R, Age 9, Year 5, Kenakena School




fluoro green eyes,

in the dark of night,

ink black,

tail swishing,



claws swiping,


Natalie Age: 10 Year: 6  Fendalton Open-Air School



A flash of white in the middle of the night

A flash of white in the middle of the night,

The clouds, the sun, the moon, the sea, is my little Artie.

He is the sun, he is the moon and he is the one, the single sun,

But most of all, he is my Artie.
My cat is like

My cat is like a phoenix, he rises majestically, to the skies he will rise.

My cat is as ginger as cinnamon, ground in the pot.

My cat is like Queen Nefertiti with his beautiful green-eyed stare.

My cat is like a ballerina as he leaps through the air.

both poems by Imogen 7 years old Year 3 Homeschooled


The Story of Cali

On a wild wet track

Walked past the flax


A strange



Followed the sound

And finally found





Wrapped in a towel

With a tiny meow





Fed the cat

Brushed out the matts





Found a new home

Never alone





Now the Queen of laps

Can just relax




Daniel Age 6, Year 2, Adventure School  (This cat turned up lost at Daniel’s place and now his Nan has it! Wonderful. We ended up with a lost cat too that nobody wanted.)



Poetry Bonanza Tuesday: What I did at the weekend, a challenge and my cat news


Weetbix and Molly (the dog who swims like a concrete mixer!)

This weekend I went to the Auckland Writers Festival which filled me with the joy of words. I heard wonderful stories and breathtaking poems.

What did I love about them? How did some stories and poems catch hold of me while others didn’t? It is a BIG question and there is no one straight answer to it. There are lots of answers!

Some authors said REAL DETAIL helps their writing. I agree. I f you write a poem about a big thing like love (how you love your mum for example) and you go hunting for real detail (about your mum for example) the poem matters so much more.

When I visit school I discover how many of you love cats. So I thought this week the challenge will be to write a cat poem with lots of REAL DETAIL. If you have read my books you will know I have written lots of cat poems because we have three cats.  But sadly one of our cats (Weetbix) has died recently so now we just have two cats. He was the cat that ate everyone’s food! So we have been sad.


Here are some tips on writing a cat poem with good detail:

1. Hunt for words before you start writing.

2. What does the cat look like?

3. What does the cat like to do?

4. What does the cat like to eat?

5. Is there anything unusual about the cat?

6. What moods does the cat have?

7. Where does the cat like to sleep.

8. Try writing the poem with no more than 5 words on a line.

9. Try writing a cat poem with good detail that uses no more than 20 words.

10. Try putting a popping simile in your poem.

11. Make sure you have the best word for the job when you are describing something.

12. Try out three different endings. Which do you like best?

13. Try three different titles.

14. Have fun!


DEADLINE for your Cat-Poem Challenge: Thursday May 28th

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email.

PLEASE say it’s for the Cat-Poem challenge. Put in the subject line of the email please.

I will post my favourites and have a book for a poet (Year 0 to Year 8).

PS I have a very cool cat book for one poet!



Purrs, Paws & Claws and some of your nursery rhymes filled to the brim with C A T S !

What a lot of fun you had filling nursery rhymes with C A T S ! I loved reading all the poems you sent and in a hard job choosing a few to post. Daniel did THREE fabulous poems that were GREAT to read aloud. And Gemma‘s had pzzazz running through her verses. I thought Ewen‘s was especially witty (love the name of her cat). And great job Cassandra, Charlotte and Benjamin — your poems put a smile on my face. I am sending the the book to Weaam at Russley School in Christchurch as I loved the way the cats and mice swapped places! Brilliant!

Thanks to Scholastic I am sending Weaam a copy of Purrs, Paws and Claws.


Here are the cat filled nursery rhymes:


Sleepy Leapy


Sleepy Leapy leapt over the wall,

Sleepy Leapy fell on his paws,

all the land’s cats

purred til the end,

but they couldn’t purr back

their sleepy friend.

Ewen aged 11, Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch


Amber is a Little Cat (to Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Amber is a little cat

Who really is quite clever

When it comes to homework time

We like to learn together


Amber likes to play board games

Especially with a spinner

Beetle, or the Game of Life

She always is the winner


She doesn’t like to hunt for food

Or prowl around at night

She would rather do some maths

Or read with you all night


So if you want a furry friend

That’s more than just a pet

Forget about a rat or dog

A Maine Coon cat is what to get!

Gemma Year 4, Age 8, Adventure School, Wellington



Three Blind Cats

 Three blind cats, three blind cats,

see how they bounce, see how they bounce

They pounced after the farmer’s mouse

and chased the mice right out of the house

Have you ever seen a mouse in the house

with three blind cats?

By Weaam, Year 6, Russley School



Cat care (to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat)

Stroke, stroke, stroke your cat

Sixty times a day

Make sure that you feed it first

Before you go to play.


Stroke, stroke, stroke your cat

Tickle behind its ears

And it will be your bestest friend

For years and years and years.



Good Job! (To the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock)

Hickory dickory dock

Cat thinks its dinner o’clock

It brings a mouse

Into the house

And gives everybody a shock!



Flubber Flubber (To the tune of Mary Mary Quite Contrary)

Flubber, Flubber

I really do love her

But she is getting so fat!

She loves to eat

Spends all day asleep

What will we do with that cat?

All three by Daniel, Age 5, Year 1, Adventure School, Wellington



One, Two, Lick My Shoe

 One, two, lick my shoe;

Three, Four, meow at the door;

Five, Six, scratch the sticks;

Seven, eight, catch the bait;

Nine, ten, meow again;

Eleven, twelve, lick myself;

Thirteen, Fourteen, I am clean;

Fifteen, sixteen, I’ve been seen;

Seventeen, eighteen, I am waiting;

Nineteen, twenty, my bowl’s empty.

By Benjamin Home-schooled, Year 4, Age 8



Meow, Meow Ginger Cat

(Sung to Baa, Baa Black Sheep)

Written for my pussy cat Ginger who likes to catch birds.


Meow, meow Ginger cat

Have you caught a mouse?

No meow, No meow

I have caught a bird.

One by the garage,

One by the pool and

One by the back garden gate

I’ve eaten off the head and left it on the front step.

By Charlotte Home-schooled, Year 1, aged 5 1/2


Three Cat Poems
Walk, walk, walk your cat
Gently down the street
if you see a car
Don’t forget to wait!

Meow-meow black cat
have you any fur
yes yes yes
lots of piles full
Long for him
Short for her
Medium for my cat who I like

Meow-meow sat on a wall
Meow-meow had a great fall
Meow-meow landed on her feet
Because she’s a cat
What a great feat!

Cassandra, Home-schooled, aged 7



International Children’s Book Day is today- so I have a book for one young poet

Since 1967 people around the world have celebrated International Children’s Book Day on the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson.

Poetry Box is celebrating this day by offering a copy of a beautiful new book by Errol McLeary called Purrs, Paws and Claws.  Scholastic has just published it! It is fun!


All the poems are about C A T S, and in some, Errol filled traditional nursery rhymes with unexpected cats. It made me want to go and write some poems myself!

Here is the start of one:

Two little pussy cats,

sitting on a wall,

one called Peter

and one  called Paul


Pick a nursery rhyme and fill it with cats.


DEADLINE for your Nursery Rhyme Cat poem: Friday April 4th

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Nursery Rhyme Cat poem challenge.

I will post my favourites and have a book prize for one poet.

Yummy cat poems: Black stripes, ginger fur, rock on the couch

After some very busy months I finally have some clean spaces on my calendar which means lots of time to get on with my writing. BUT! Today (on my first empty day) I said yes to a day’s relieving at Waitakere School,  the school near where I live.

This afternoon we wrote cat poems, so I thought I would post some of my favourites. I loved reading them all. It was an awesome class and I liked the way the children showed respect and got stuck into all their tasks. I really enjoyed my day. Thank you!

Some cat poems by Y3 and 4 students in Room 8:


Black and shiny

purrs and lies.

It’s a house cat

that always guards.

He pounces

jumps and

shouts meow!

He eats cat biscuits

and also meat

and snuggles on

our beds.

By Thomas



My Cat

Grey black

the colour of stormy skies

smooth fur

soft as a cotton ball

crazily funny

acting like a silly clown

‘Oh cat, oh cat, how silly

can you be!’

Hungry, young

sleepy cat

time for your bedtime nap.

By Natasha



Our Cat

Black stripes, ginger fur

rock on the couch,

letters all over the floor

when the cat’s about.

Cat staring at me just

wants some milk.

Time to sleep, let’s

see, ahhh, some comfy silk,

cuddly cat.

By Anataia




White cat

black cat

yellow cat

fluffy cat

lazy cat

tabby cat

silky cat

shy cat

stuck up in a tree cat.


By Charlie and Teak




Fat, big

black and grey

fluffy, silky, fuzzy

pounces on the curtains.

A very silly cat.

My best cuddly friend

sleeps on my bed all day long,

my soft ball of fur.

By Bryn

Fur Ball

Slumpy mumpy cat

purry furry surry cat

lumps of fur

wumpy lumpy scary cat

fat ball of fur

grey and white lump of fuzzy fur

like an old man’s beard,

fur ball.

By Toby

Glen Eden Primary School: cats cats cats, miaow!

The Year 3 and 4 poets at Glen Eden Primary School wrote cat poems with me ( I was in the mood for cat poems maybe because I have been writing poems about my cats). These poems have great detail, some very shiny words and good rhythms. All of these poems are wonderful to read aloud (just as poems should be!). There are also little delicious surprises in these poems, but I will let you discover them. Happy reading, and congratulations young poets!


Rosie and Maui

Maui black, Rosie tan, black, white

they eat tuna, tails flicker.

My cat’s happy, night prowler.

Maui infected, lost, hides in shed

friends with Dad, Mum.

Black like night, Rosie sleeps

on bed, purring on blanket,

cute and fluffy as a cloud.

We bought her with a dish on her head

to stop her scratching.

We love them both,

Rosie and Maui.


by Eli



My Big Fat Cat

Fluffy cat’s soft and warm

the colour of Africa

chases the mouse under the bed

eating birds on the lawn

fast at getting on the roof

lying under the table,

sleepy cat.


by Tearoa



Sleeping cat

Sleeping cat, scratches

black fluffy tail

wiggling ears, lazy.

Fat cat loves

playing with rats,

jumps on the

bed loves drinking

milk, climbs on

couches, she loves

cuddling me.


by Domi



My Cool Cat

Black cat

she feels smooth

purrs happily

makes me remember night

loves squishy toys

loves sleeping in cosy beds

scratches you when unhappy

eats cat food.


by Vickie



My Imaginary Cat

Blue and black

really fluffy

creeping up my sleeve


sleeps on my lap

stretches in the sun

flappy ears

when he’s happy he stands

scratches when he’s angry

loves fish

really fast

plays with yarn

chases mice

leaping around

looks like America,

I love my cat.


by Jingo



My Dream Cat

My cat is black

and white.

My large cat

likes to eat

and run

and it likes to play around

with cat toys

soft squishy toys.

It likes to relax

on the soft couch

and it likes to

watch cartoons.

My cat likes to

jump on my bed.


by Michael

silly cats, baked-bean cats, cats cats cats!

This week I did some writing workshops at Titirangi Primary School. The children wrote some terrific poems, but what I really loved was the conversation we had about the poems when they read them out. We had an hour and half per session so we could really take our time. The students were great at listening to each other and picking out the little bits of XFactor in each poem. So congratulations budding poets — I really loved working with you. I loved the way you took up the challenges.

I have picked some poems from each session to post. These are from the Year 4 and 5 group. I was in the mood for cat poems, so we wrote about cats (plus a dog or two, a mouse and a bunny!). We went on a big cat word hunt and then used our ears to listen as we wrote.

Luke is aged 8 and is in Year 4. I love the first line of this poem as I am not sure what will come next. I also like the length of the lines he chose. They work well here. And I love the eating! Great job Luke!

Where’s My Snowball?

White blur, white blur

here and there

it looks like a

snowball fight

no, no, no

it is just my cat

chasing a big, juicy rat.

Ruby is aged 10. I love the first line of the poem and I love the last line and I love all the lines in between. This poem tells a little story and it sounds good. Great job Ruby!

My Silly Silly Cat

Tip toeing closer to the pantry

meowing a high pitch


looking around with

big eyes

then gobble gobble gobble,

down goes the whipped cream

and biscuits.

Meg is 9 and in Year 5. Meg is got great detail in her poem. I can picture the cat so well in my  mind because of the real things Meg thought of. Her poem flows well and tells a story. Great job Meg.

A Fat Cat’s Life

My cat always

sleeps on my bed

and begs to be patted.

She is curious because

she was found in the wild.

She loves baked beans

but since she’s fat

she has to eat diet food.

Her eyes are bright and shining.

She hides under my parent’s bed

when other cats are around

because she is scared.

Her fur is short

but it’s soft and smooth,

and she often whines by her food bowl.

Her eyes are half closed when she’s happy.

She plays with a toy mouse

and her name

is Toki.

Kiera is aged 9 and is in Year 5. I love the sounds in this poem — the way you go from dab to dob to red and bed. Kiera has picked lots of words that shine in the line. Plus I liked the ending. It surprised me.Great job Kiera!

Lexus Texas Burger Bear

She’s brown

with a hint of ginger.

She has a dab of white

and a dob of red.

She hides under the bed

and bathes in the sun.

She’s my cat

that one,

as cheeky as she is

wonderful and kind

and all she wants to do

is cuddle up to you.

At night she creeps over the fence

and strides up a tree

and stalks her prey,

and when she comes home

she turns Mum’s hair grey.

Louis is aged 8 and is in Year 4. I love this poem because it surprised me. I like the way the first two lines swap about. I like the word ‘hiss’ on the end of the line. I like the way chase rhymes with pace. There is a lot of splendid action in this poem and some very shiny words. Great job Louis!


Gala swiftly chasing minor birds

minor birds chasing Gala.

Now they come to peck her.

She sees a dog and starts to hiss

but when the dog

starts to chase,

brown fur on its end,

off she goes

pace by pace.

Oscar is aged 10 and is in Year 5. I love the way you can tell Oscar loves his bunny in this poem. He has chosen great words and his poem has a great rhythm. Great job Oscar!

My Bunny So Cuddly & Cute

A flash of brown, white and black


all over the place

so so soft and


My bunny is funny,

he nibbles holes

in my pants.

A warm, cosy

bunny, so lovely

to have.

I hear

soft foot

steps on the wood

coming closer

& closer,

So fast and

cute, my favourite


Arlo is aged 8 and is in Year 4. I love this poem. Mumford sounds a bit mischievous. Arlo has really made the dog come alive in his poem as he has hunted for great detail.  This poem sounded good read aloud. It told a story. (Yes the dog is named after Mumford and Sons) Great job Arlo!

My Dog Mumford

My dog Mumford

is brown, grey and black

with smooth straight hair

on his back

he always

sleeps on my bed

my feet always feel

his furry little head

he chases our cats

which he gets in trouble for

and then my mum

locks him out the back door

he barks and yaps and then

my mum

lets him n again

but then

he gets my rugby ball

and runs with it right up

the hall.