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dog poems galore! Here are my favourites


What a bonanza lot of dog ditties and dog poems came in. So many to read. So many chuckles. It was very hard to pick which ones to post but here are a few (quite a few!). Richmond Road School sent in two bunches and Lyttelton School sent in a bunch. Both schools deserved a book with their zesty poems, but I will send Dog Ditties to the children in Ruma 2 at Richmond Road thanks to Scholastic. Also special thumbs up to Alex’s poem! Bravo Alex!


Darned Dogs!

Dashing Dalmatians Dance Delightfully

Dreaming of doughnuts

Daniel drops doughnuts

Days later

Dalmatians discover

Disgusting doughnuts…


Gemma, Age 8, Year 4, Adventure School

Alex The Alsatian

Alex the Alsatian

Absolutely adored adventures

Ate apples all the time

Approached armadillos

Attacked an army of aphids

And Approved of alpacas.

Annie always admired Alsatians

And absolutely adored Alex.

Daniel, Age 5, Year 1, Adventure School


A Dog and its Tail

There’s something strange,

slinking behind me,

swiftly swaying,

side to side.


I never seem,

to spot this thing,

but I know its there,

strange and sly,

stalking in silent serenity.

Ewen aged 11, Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch


Alex’s doggie ditty

Dirty doggies driving Jeeps

straight for the ducks


Diving down deep

in a daze of daring bucks


Over and under daggers

then up to the banks


Shaking out the water

and shaking out the damp.

By Alex 7 years old, Year 3, Lyttelton Primary School



Sleepy dogs sleep with sweet dreams

Smiley dogs run in slippery socks

Safe dogs are smart dogs

Selling dogs for a girl called Sama.

By Eva 7 years old Year 3, Lyttelton Primary School

Boxers boxing fox in a box,

Boxers being brave and bold.



Foxes bones!

Boxer’s won and here he goes!

By Jack 8 years old Year 4, Lyttelton Primary School


jumping jogging little doggy

eating jiggly juicy jelly

with jelly beans on top

jingling around the room.

by Jasper 7 years old, Year 3, Lyttelton Primary School


Different doggies get delicious donuts,

Doggies drift upon the darting dinosaurs,

Dining at the Dingo Diamond doing dancing.

Jordan, 7, Year 3, Lyttelton Primary School


Nosey nutty dogs.

Like to nibble on New Zealand nuts.


My dog is a nestling dog.

My dog’s name is

By Nikau, 8 years old,Year 3, Lyttelton Primary School


Scary sheepdogs sending sheep sprinting

Smells stinky and salty

Scratchy and smooth shaved fur

The scary Star stands strong

Sending sheep sprinting.

By Maia, Year 4, age 8, Westmere School



A Foxy


A Foxy is a dancey dog

A Foxy is a funny dog

A Foxy is a nice dog

A Foxy is a cool dog

Some are brown

Some are black

She likes bones and dog food

She could grow bigger

Benji, Yr 3, 7yrs old, Richmond Road School


Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers

Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers

Are very jumpy and licky.

She licks me every morning

And night.

Our whole family goes

To the dog park

And we see

Lots of dogs.

We see

Little Hairy MacLairies

And Dalmatians.

We have a Soft-coated Terrier.

We go down to the sea

And she jumps in the water.

It is so muddy that she gets

Stainedy legs.

That is what soft-coated terriers are like.

They are licky and scratchy.

Florence, Yr 2, 6yrs old Richmond Road School



Scotties are silly

And sporty

In Summertime,

And drift off

To sleep

In Winter.

But the thing

They like

The most

Is to lick

A bone.

Hannah, Yr 3, 7yrs old, Richmond Road School


Great Dane

The Great Dane is

A big and powerful dog

And has big and powerful paws.


Beware of the Dane!

It will drown you in his slobbers.

As the Great Dane creeps

Around the corner in the shadows…

He will rip the robber’s pants in half.

You know what happens, of course –

His pants fall down!

Ike, Yr 3, 7yrs old, Richmond Road School


Dotty Dalmatian

Big spots,

Little spots,

Black spots,

Lots of spots,

They all go

On a Dalmatian!

James Yr 2, 7yrs old Richmond Road School



My dog is called Magnus.

He is a poodle.

Me and my mum

Take Magnus for a walk

On Sunday.

He likes


My mum,

My other mum,

My brother,

And my sister.

He likes


Dog food,

And cat food.

I do not know why

He likes cat food…

But he does.

Kip Yr 2, 6yrs old Richmond Road School



Standing in the rain

Its daring dazzling dots

Eating its dinner

With all its spots.

By Kayla, Year 6, Age 10, Richmond Road School



Wallis the whippet is so speedy

watch him run across the field

Wallis is the thinnest whippet I can see.

Watch the wiry whippet win the race

That weedy whippet has done lots of running

By Lona, Age 8, Richmond Road School



Chihuahuas are cute

but I wish mine was mute

Because his bark is so loud

louder than a thunder cloud

Chihuahuas are so small

which always makes them fall

By Rowena, Age 8,Richmond Road School


Princess Pitbull

Princess my Pitbull

is rather playful

she likes to play tickles

and loves to eat pickles

By Lofi, Year 6, Richmond Road School


A challenge to go with Doggy Ditties from A to Z


Scholastic have published a collection of Doggy Ditties From A to Z by Jo van Dam and illustrations by Myles Lawford.

Every letter of the alphabet has a bouncy little poem with lots of rhyme and a rollicking rhythm, so it is fun to read aloud. And every poem is about a dog! That is a lot of doggy ditties!

To celebrate this book I challenge you to:

1. choose a letter of the alphabet

2. write a dog poem that begins with the letter of that alphabet

3. use at least 5 words starting with your chosen letter (or more!)

4. check out your rhythm … does every line sound good?

5. try writing it with NO rhyme and see what happens

6. try using surprising rhyme and see what happens

7. try using Dr Seuss rhyme and see what happens


DEADLINE for your Dog-Alphabet-Poem Challenge: Wednesday July 2nd

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Dog-Alphabet-Poem challenge.

I will post my favourites and thanks to Scholastic can give the book to one poet (Year 0 to Year 8).




a little dog story

Usually our dogs run with Michael on the beach north in the morning for five kilometres, and sometimes Molly comes with me as I walk to the south end of the beach.

Today, however, it was just me on the beach with the dogs. Nonu is nearly blind and is used to running and sticking close to Michael. So today was confusing for him. First he kept stopping to wait for Michael and then I would have to call out to him so he could find me again. Once he gave up on waiting, he started barking at me to start running and the only way I could stop him breaking the peace and quiet of the beach was to run! Finally, after I bathed his eyes with sea water, he walked along with me sticking close. Molly, on the other hand dashes and darts all over the beach.

This is exactly the kind of story I like to turn into a poem. I will pop it in my notebook!

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