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Poetry Box September challenge: fable poems


Since I was little I have loved reading fables and even making up fables.

I also like the way poets have been rewriting fairy tales to show a modern twist – especially when they make girls stronger and smarter.

Your challenge this month is to write a fable poem or a fairy-tale poem.

You can update one from the past and make it fresh and surprising or you can make up one of your own. Or you tell an old favourite in a poem and stick to the original.

Fables often have a secret little messages – like little lessons on how to be good humans. Like how to be a good friend or what happens if you are greedy or aggressive or mean!


Top tips!

Listen to what you write to spot lines you stumble on.

Build the scene with some strong detail (nouns and verbs help).

Test out three different endings.

Play with how many words on the line.

Save for a few days before you send it to me.


Deadline: 26th September

Include: your name, age, year and name of school

Don’t forget to put fable poem in subject line so I don’t MISS your email.

Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Some favourite poems: I read all your emails at the end of the month and will post some favourites on 30th Sept. I will have at least one book to give away but it is a challenge not a competition.