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My favourite funny poems

Lots of funny poems arrived over the past ten days.

I was really impressed with poems that were funny without using rhyme! Very hard to do!


Here are some for my favourites:


(Thanks to the Lovewell Family I have a Spike Milligan book to send one child. I am going to get them to pick who to send the book to. I will let you know when they tell me)


Can-Can dogs

I woke up
I could not sleep
I glanced outside
I saw my dogs and more watching a  TV show called do the can can
They copied it faster and faster
They started spinning
I fell asleep watching them
Good night can can dogs

By Anika B  Age 7 Year 3 St Andrews Preparatory School Christchurch



Someone has been

in my kitchen

Eating all the kiwifruit

Eating all the pavlova

I know a little secret

It is actually me!

Harry H 8 years old, Year 3, St Andrews College, Christchurch


Funny Me

I am very funny
I do cartwheels and
rolly pollies.
I do silly faces,
and eat lots of cake,
biscuits and lollies too.
I am very funny
Bibble bobble doo.

Madeline T Age 9  Ilam School


               Wiggle Waggle

Wiggle waggle through the town jumping up and down
Noses wiggle and tails waggle
Spring has sprung with a wiggle and a waggle
My face will wiggle in my frowning gown
Out pops Mr Down Waggle Wiggle Waggle Gown

Lucia N year 3 age 8 Ficino School


The Talking Banana

Once I got a banana that talked
Now I need it to stop!
He looked in the cold bedroom
And then he froze..
I put him next to the fire
But he shrivelled up
Now what can I do with
an old shrivelled up banana?
His friend is Strawberry
And she talks as well
She likes dipping herself
Into pools of chocolate
A strawberry chocolate!
What can I do with that?
Now I can eat her! YUMMM

Trinity P Aged 7 St Andrew’s College  Christchurch



Dylan is my cat
He’s a bit fat
Looks a bit like a big hairy mat
He drinks the toilet water
It is gross
His kisses are scary considering where he’s been
I sometimes wonder where he goes all night and what he’s seen.
Ghosts?  Monsters? Aliens?
Probably not, more likely just rats and mice and maybe the roll of a dice.
Dylan is my cat,
He’s special in many ways
Not all of them good
He always comes back home, I think he knows he should
We look after him, feed him really well
And one day I might boil him up in a pot if I need him for a spell.

Alex K  I am 12 years old in year 7 at St Peters Cambridge



A Funny Little Thing

A funny little rainbow
has a funny little leprechaun
who owns a funny little pot
of gold which got stolen
by a funny little goblin
who lives with a funny
little man who shops at
a funny little market which
is found at a funny little rainbow end.

Vivien Paparoa St School


What is the point of
Writing a poem that’s funny
When you’re not laughing?

Razan A, St Peter’s School Cambridge, Year 7,


The Cat Fight

Scritch! Scratch! MEEEEOOOOWW!

The Tom cat tries for the pounce,

But the Siamese is too speedy, and takes a bounce,

Tom claws in the air, searching for his prey,

Siamese is too clever, and dodges away,

In comes a tiny, lonely field mouse,

Only to find that he’s not in his house,

The two cats stare at the gerbil with glee,

But the mouse just shrugs, and nibbles his cheese,

Tom cat scratches the carpet, in suspense,

But the mouse keeps on eating, not at all tense,

Siamese is preparing stretching her legs,

But the mouse is relaxed, peace and quiet, he begs,

BAM! The cats pounce, the mouse is a goner,

But the mouse jumps up, smiles with honor,

Chop! Slam! Crash! The mouse is very naughty,

Little did the cats know, he’s black belt in karate,

Tom and Siamese, flop on the floor,

While the mouse laughs and heads out the door,

Only to find a Persian cat, unfed,

And snap! The lonely field mouse is DEAD!

Mimi 11 years old and from St Peters School, Cambridge.


The Rabbit and The Hen

My name is Jack.

I live in a garden that is surrounded by a lake,
but next door to me lives a feathered old hen named Gladys
oh for goodness sake !

Every morning I open my door and I proudly bounce out,
that silly old bird Gladys sets fire to her door by screeching about.

Eating my breakfast of oatmeal and rocket
Gladys the hen pecks her way through my pockets.

All day I hunt for food, digging down into the deep earth
Gladys sits in a pile of dirt, bathing in dust with all her mirth.

Now when all is quiet and I go to sleep,
I dream of Gladys caged and shut up in her coop.

Oak age 12 Homeschooled

Poetry Bonanza Monday: a funny challenge and my Spike Milligan story

You can see from my last post I had a fabulous time at Storylines Family Day.

This week I am challenging you to write a poem that is funny. I love writing poems that make me laugh and make children laugh as you will know from my books Macaroni Moon and The Letterbox Cat.


1.Listen to your poem and make sure it sounds good.

2. It might be funny in the last line – a wee surprise.

3. You can write poems that are funny without using bottom humour (poo and so on!)

4. Some funny poems tell a story.

5. Some funny poems play with words like Dr Seuss did.

6. Some funny poems are about something that happened to you.

7. Some funny poems are made up.




DEADLINE for your Funny-Poem Challenge: Wednesday September 9th

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email.

PLEASE say it’s for the Funny-Poem challenge. Put in the subject line of the email please.

I will post my favourites and have a book for a poet (Year 0 to Year 8).


Thanks to the fabulously generous, poetry-loving Lovewell Family, I have a really really really awesome funny poem book to give away: Silly Verse for Kids by Spike Milligan.  Thank you so much!


My Spike Milligan story: I used to live in London a long time ago. One day I was walking down the road and who should come cycling towards me – Spike Milligan. I started laughing, so he started laughing, so we were both laughing really hard. So hard he nearly fell off his bike. He gave me a wave and a big HAHAHAW! and cycled off wobbling and teetering but never quite hitting the ground. Phew!



Term 2 on Poetry Box: a movie, a show and three challenges


Welcome back to Poetry Box. I hope your break was as lovely as mine. I went to Australia to go to a family wedding which was a special treat indeed.  Back home, I saw the movie Cinderella which I loved. My favourite line was when the mum told Cinderella that two very important things in life are kindness and courage. I so agree! And I saw Singing in the Rain with my daughter which was spectacular.

Here are a few challenges to kick start the term. Two big ones and one little one.



1. A poem challenge for this week:

Poems can have all kinds of moods just like we can have all kinds of moods.

Try writing a poem where something funny happens in it. It might be a little bit true as lots of mine are. Or totally made up. Use you ears to check the sound on each line. Where will you put the funny bit. At the start,  the middle or at the end as a surprise? All work!

Try three different endings then pick your favourite. Try three titles and pick your favourite.

DEADLINE for your Funny-Poem Challenge: Wednesday April 29th

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Funny-Poem challenge.

I will post my favourites and have a book for a poet.


2. Interview challenge:

I am on the hunt for children and classes to interview NZ writers again this term. If you want  to do this you need to tell me the name of the author and why you want to interview them. You need to tell me your name, school, age, year and name of teacher, and if you are a whole class. I will  see if I can get the author to do the interview  with you.  I will have a prize pack of books for my favourite interview by a class and a book for my favourite interview by a student (up to Year 8).



3. Review challenge:

I am on the hunt for children and classes to review NZ books this year. If you want  to do this you need to tell me your details then I will tell you what to put in the review. You need to tell me your name, school, age, year and name of teacher and if you are a whole class. I will have a prize pack of books for my favourite interview by a class and a book for my favourite interview by a student (up to Year 8).



The Fourth fabulous Poetry Competition:

I am posting the details of this in the next few days!

some very funny story poems ….


I challenged you to write a story poem that was funny and here are my three favourites! They made me laugh and smile. Thank you!

Daniel came up with TWO! They are very funny indeed! Great job Daniel. I am sending you a copy of The Book of Complete Nonsense. It has lots of funny poems in it!

I don’t know, but Daniel’s poems might both be mostly true! You decide. The words he picked sound scrumptious together! Daniel is 5, is in Year 1 and goes to Adventure School in Wellington.


Fat Flubber

Flubber jumped off her cat tower

And landed on thumpy paws

She smelt breakfast food

She licked her grumpy jaws


Flubber followed the food scent

And jumped on the breakfast bar

She spied a bowl of yoghurt

Her favourite food by far


She didn’t ask politely

Or pour it in a bowl

She headed for mum’s breakfast

She was out of control!


It was yoghurt and banana

Banana’s yuck! She thought

She dodged that, and ate the yoghurt

Then sneaked off before she was caught.



Prince William’s Pants

On Wednesday we went on a train adventure

The heavy rain came down like rocket-powered rain

We walked through the crowded city

We wanted to watch The Royals

We waited

And waited

And waited

Squished by a lot of people

We were very excited

Then the sun came out

Finally they arrived

Prince William and Princess Kate

I waved my flag

All my family could see over the gates

But I couldn’t

Instead I got a great view of




I also loved this funny story poem by Isaac. It made me laugh! What an imagination. You have chosen your words well! Your rhyme works beautifully too. Wonderful!


The cymbals

Bang goes the first drum,

Smash goes

the cymbals.


An ant

plays the drum

and he’s

smaller than a thimble.


The cat

tried the trumpet,

He couldn’t

make a sound.

So he turned around

And left with a bound.

Although he accidentally, purposely

Crashed into a hound.


Now no one is here

The orchestra is bare

Apart from the very

old and ugly hare.


Isaac 10 yrs, Year 6, St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Taupo

I challenge you to write a story poem that is funny! and my Spike Milligan true story


I love writing funny poems and I love writing poems that make you laugh. It is true–laughter is the best medicine. Some of the poems in my book  Macaroni Moon are based on true stories because funny things do seem to happen to me.

Our cat Charlie (that’s big fluffy grey one) really did covered in blue paint!

I have got lots of poetry books that make me laugh! Sometime the language is ordinary and sometimes the language is really inventive and fun to say out loud.

These are some of my favourite poets who are really good at writing funny poems (often they tell a story!): Michael Rosen, Edward Lear, Spike Milligan, Jack Prelutsky, Ogden Nash, Roger McGough.

I even have a funny story about one of them that I have turned into a poem.


Spike Milligan

One day when I lived in London

I saw Spike Milligan cycling towards me

and I was so surprised I started laughing

and because I started laughing

he started laughing and because

he started laughing he nearly

fell of his bike.


So! Why don’t you have a go at writing a story poem that is funny. I have copy of The Book of Complete Nonsense to give to my favorite one.


DEADLINE for your Story-Poem Challenge: Wednesday June 4th

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Story-Poem challenge.

I will post my favourites from all the Story-Poem Challenges and have a book prize for some poets (Year 0 to Year 8).