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Poetry Box audio spot: Glenn Colquhoun reads his nursery rhyme






Glenn reads and talks about: ‘A nursery rhyme for Barney Whiterats


Glenn Colquhoun is a poet and children’s writer. He works as a GP in Horowhenua.


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The Treasury Interviews: Tarn interviews Glenn Colquhoun


My name is Tarn and I am 5 and a half and I go to Ormond School near Gisborne. I like to read about Little Boy and Mousie, and I like to write stories to my secret friend, Bad Jelly (and I am DInoboy). When I am older I want to be a plane flyer pilot. My favourite pudding is ice-cream, that is stirred. My favourite colour is blue, like Glenn’s! My Dad builds walls and my Mum is a teacher. My sister is in Puriri at Ormond School too. Her secret friend name is Holly.I like to play ‘Gorillas’ on the playground at school.


Photo credits for Glenn’s photos: Kathrin Simon

Hey Tarn, I’m Glenn and I live in Waikawa Beach with my daughter. Her name is Olive. I call her Olive Oil. She bosses me around all day. When I’m not doing jobs for her I write poems. At the moment I’m writing poems you can sing because that’s how poems started off. Olive puts her hands over her ears. And I’m writing a poem about a lion. My dad used to build houses and sometimes I helped him. My mum is knitting me a jersey. Thanks for your questions. They made me think. They made me hungry. I would like to learn how to dance. Make sure you learn how to dance when you are little. When you are big your daughter laughs at you.


The Interview:

What do you do when it’s working time? Where do you sit, what do you eat, and what do you drink? I sit all over the place … that’s one of the good things about writing, you can always plonk down wherever you are and scribble … but lots of times I lie down on a big red couch in my lounge-room with a book to press on and write on a piece of paper.

BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT … writing isn’t always about writing … sometimes it’s about noticing what’s going on … so that’s really working time too … and I’m always doing that. I eat marmite sandwiches and I drink ginger beer.

Do you write with a computer, or a book and pen? I usually start off with a piece of paper … and when I can’t read what I’ve written anymore I type it into a computer.

Why are you a doctor? There’s lots of reasons … it’s never boring … it’s really interesting seeing how the body works .. it’s really interesting seeing how people work … human beings are awesome, I like them and being a doctor let’s me hang out with them … I love writing and medicine is full of stories and characters and the way people talk … it’s like living in a giant book full of chapters

What do you do to help people? I listen to them and nod and tell them they’re amazing … and I really really really like them … I practice liking them in my head and hope they can feel it … do you think they can?

Why sometimes do you not finish your books? Sometimes I’m lazy … and sometimes I’m waiting to find out what the ending should be … and sometimes endings should just figure themselves out.

Sometimes writing a poem is like taking someone up a very tall mountain, through the trees and bush, around winding trails, across rivers, away from monsters, until you get to the very top. Everyone is tired and dirty and sore and sits down and takes off their shoes. And then they look up. Everyone sees something different and beautiful. The poets job is to get them to the edge of the cliff and then to leave them alone.

What is your favourite dinner? Hamburgers and meat pies and fish pie and mashed potato.

What do you have for pudding? Chocolate pudding. Chocolate pudding. Chocolate pudding. And chocolate fish. And jet planes. And wine gums. And spearmint leaves. And cherry-ripes. And peanut slabs. I love lollies.


What a wonderful interview Tarn and Glenn. Great questions and great answers. Thank you!

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