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One very fabulous home poem

After posting so many poems to celebrate Gecko Press’s birthday, I set myself a challenge to pick just one HOME poem that hooked me.

Ben‘s stuck with me all week. I love the detail. I also love the way it becomes a quake story. I love the dog barking. This home is a family home. It is precious and it is fragile and it is loved.

I adored reading it. Thank you Ben. I will pop a book in the post for you and send to your school.




What I See

My dog barking, everyone loves

it. My house built in

1918. My windows, some old

and the other ones new.

My house, my family and

everyone in it. They love

the dog, Abby barking. They

built the house in 19-

something. They sometimes crack, but

the new ones do not.

I’d love to save my

dog. I’d love my house

to be new. But the

windows will crack, and the

house will crack in quakes.

I’d fix my dog, make

the house new. I’d fix

my windows. I’d make sure

it did not break.


by Ben, Fendalton School Open Air School, Christchurch