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Poetry Box Challenge #1

Ata marie

Welcome to the second week of Poetry Box. Today I am going to post a challenge for you, on Tuesday I will post  a poetry tip, on Wednesday I will post a poem, on Thursday I will tell you all about James Norcliffe’s new book of poetry (it has a great title!) and on Friday I will post the winner of Monday’s challenge!

I had great fun at the weekend emailing all New Zealand primary schools about the blog and the Fabulous NZ Poetry Competition. I decided the names of our schools are like a gigantic poem.

POETRY BOX CHALLENGE #1 Think of 5 questions you would like to ask me about my books, my life as a writer, poetry or whatever interests you. Send to paulajoygreen@gmail by 5pm on Thursday 28th February.

Sometimes when I visit schools a student will ask me a question so surprising I will give them a copy of my book.

I will pick a winner, answer the 5 questions and post the interview on Friday. Please include your name, your age and year at school, the name of your school and the email address of your teacher or parent.

I will send the winner a copy of my chapter book The Terrible Night. I had such fun writing this book! It was published by Random House and illustrated by Chris Grosz.


WELCOME to the very first blog of the New Zealand Poetry Box for children.

The blog will be a meeting place for children, teachers, parents, writers and readers who love reading and writing poetry for children.

For the next two years I will dedicate myself to poetry for children. I will be busy editing an anthology of poems for children, writing poems, visiting schools, organising events, sharing information.

I will post poems by children each week.

I will stage a competition once a month.

I will post poetry tips and poetry challenges each week.

I am happy to post children’s letters about poetry.

I am happy to be interviewed by children.

I will talk about children’s poetry books I love (old and new).

I will post some of my own poems for children.

I will post details of New Zealand poetry events for children.

I will interview authors who write poetry for children.

ps A big THANK YOU to Sarah Laing for designing the gorgeous header and to Random House.