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Poetry Box audio spot: Kyle Mewburn reads ‘The lump on the end of my nose’



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Kyle Mewburn is one of New Zealand’s most eclectic writers. Her picture books are noted for being multi-layered, funny and linguistically creative. Her titles have been published in a dozen countries and won numerous awards including Children’s Book of the Year.

As well as picture books, Kyle has published several best-selling junior fiction series, notably Dinosaur Rescue and Dragon Knight.

Originally from Brisbane, Kyle lives with her wife, Marion, a well-known potter, two cats and 24 chickens, in a house with a grass roof in Millers Flat. When she’s not writing, Kyle spends her free time maintaining a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle, or exploring the strange world she’s discovered at the back of her wardrobe.

Kyle’s website










A festival of letters to NZ children’s authors: Author and librarian, Jo van Dam, writes to Kyle Mewburn




Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your creativity, diversity and quirkiness!

Thank you for providing my students (and me) with such a wide range of fabulous picture books. From thought-provoking stories to challenging tongue twisters, to laugh out loud funny….I love reading them to classes when they visit the library.

Thank you for writing a variety of series which offer a welcome change from mutants and zombies, and for writing great stand-alone chapter books, full of humour and drama.

Thank you for making my life as a librarian easier. I know I can recommend your titles to parents and children, with confidence. 

Best Regards,

Jo van Dam 


Westmere School




A festival of letters to NZ children’s authors: Kyle Mewburn writes back to Ava (7)



Hi Ava

Thanks for your lovely letter. I’m sooooo glad you (and Room 2) like my books. Maybe by the time you are allowed to vote I WILL be Prime Minister. But I think I’d rather write than run a country. Maybe YOU can be Prime Minister and I can vote for you instead?

I’d really like to know what pops into your head when you read my stories. Hope it’s something nice and not scary.

The spooky letters on the front were made by Vasanti, but she’s not spooky AT ALL… at least I don’t think so.

Hope you’re having a lovely autumn.

Best wishes,








A festival of letters to NZ children’s authors: Ava (7) writes to Kyle Mewburn




Dear Kyle 

Here in our library I love your books and we have so many of them so I think you should be the Prime Minister. All of Room 2 love your books too. 

When I listen to or read one of your stories something hops in my head. 

I think the best one is Hill and Hole.  [I love this too! PG] 

On the cover you have done these spooky letters for the title 


From Ava 

Aged 7 Year 3 

St Francis Primary School 

A festival of letters to NZ children’s authors: George (8) and Holly (8) write to Kyle Mewburn




Dear Kyle 

I love your book The Hoppleplop and it is absolutely my favourite. My teacher read it to us last year and we have it in the library. 

It’s cool and creative. I love how you can make up so many beasts and then give them all different funny names like Purrcy the Pussselton. Your illustrator Deboarh Hinde is just as good so please tell her. It’s clever how on each page she draws different handles on the doors like a mushroom, a caterpillar and a cupcake 

I hope lots of people write to you. 



Aged 8 Year 4 

St Francis Primary School 






Dear Kyle Mewburn 

I love two of your books Duck’s Stuck and Chick’s Sick. It is funny when the duck gets stuck in the fence but in the end the animals help him out.

All the chicks are very cute and they sit in the nest because they are sick. 


Aged 8 Year 4 

St Francis Primary School 

Hot-Spot Poetry in Queenstown and Arrowtown is as magnificent as the scenery

I’m back home today catching up on everything before I start back on the Hot Spot Poetry Tour events in Auckland and Tauranga tomorrow (they run until Nov 8th).

The first stage of my tour ended in Arrowtown and Queenstown for a few days, and it was simply wonderful. Yes, spectacular scenery that itches to take shape in the form of a poem. Yes, the lakes that gleam and make you stand still to look. But yes too, to  the  warm and friendly people, the scrumptious food, the keen children.

I had half a day at Arrowtown School (now this is one picturesque school!) where a small group of eager writers worked with me and then few hundred Juniors. I am not surprised such good writing comes out of this school with a teacher so dedicated to poetry as Wendy Clarke (she has a poem in the Treasury).

A quick visit to meet Maria Small and her writing group, and make up a cluster of poems. Loved this!

And then a half day session at Remarkables School (also unbelievably picturesque) with Juniors and then Seniors. This is another hot-spot school when it comes to writing and I got to see that live when we made up poems and shared ideas in the hall. I loved this so much too.

The Remarkables School evening event was a treat with Kyle Mewburn, Pauline Cartwright and Wendy Clarke reading poems (Brian Turner was sick) and the local children in the book (Lachy, Max and Becky). It was so good to meet them, to see how they are such passionate writers — like everywhere else I wish I had had enough time to stay and chat with them longer. We heard some great new poems and heard some terrific readings from the two poetry books from local children .

A big thanks to everyone who made my time at your place special — especially those hard working teachers. What a perfect way to finish the first part of my tour. Just perfect.

Here are some photos of the night event including one with Becky (the only child to have two poems in the book!). Man and Lachy have had quite a bit of media attention

photo IMG_0163 photo

The Treasury Interviews: Kauri Class at Ormond School interview Kyle Mewburn — If I don’t write stories I think my brain will explode


Kauri Class are a Year 2 class at Ormond School, near sunny Gisborne, on the East Coast of New Zealand. We are six and seven year olds and we LOVE to do art, especially painting. Our favourite art we have done so far is ‘Pirate ship charcoal art’, making a big cardboard pirate ship, painting Gerald the giraffe from Giraffe’s Can’t Dance, and drawing Cass the Colour Robber Man. We love to do art from our book characters.

We enjoy sharing our news with each other and we really like playing ‘Seaweed’ with Mrs. Gordon, our principal. Most of us like practicing handwriting! Our favourite writing is about animals, writing about trucks and diggers, and making up our own stories about things like ‘A Fun Bus’.

These are some of our ideas for when we get older…Ben L and Myles want to be a zookeeper or a vet, Joshua would like to be in the army, Noah and Ben A would like to be train drivers, Brian would like to be a Ninja, Tom would like to be a tractor driver, Myles, Georgia and Noah would like to be pilots, Ruby-Rhain would like to be a surfer, Tommy would like to be an archaeologist, Mia would like to be a ballerina, and some of us are still thinking about it! Koka Sarah would like to be a better surfer!

We hope you’ve learnt a little bit about us!


Kyle Mewburn


Kyle Mewburn is an author of some of Kauri class’s favourite books, like Melu, Old Huhu, The Grumble Bee Kiss, Hill and Hole and Kiss, Yuck, Yuck. He has a fabulous long poem in A Treasury of New Zealand Poetry for Children called ‘Rainy Day Washaway.’

He lives in a house that he built, with a grass roof, in the middle of nowhere, in the South of New Zealand, near the South Pole!

He sings to his veggies and we think he is awesome at writing books!


The Interview:

  1. How old are you? (Georgia)

I’m older than the hills and younger than the sun.


  1. Why do you live in the middle of nowhere? (Tommy)

Because I snore so loudly I’m too embarrassed to live close to people. Besides, the middle of nowhere is also halfway to somewhere, so it takes me the exact same time to drive to the sea as it takes to get to the mountain snow.


  1. Does your hand get tired from writing? (Mine does! Ben L.)

My hand used to get so tired my words would all fall asleep on the page and nobody could read them. Luckily someone discovered the typewriter, so my hands don’t get tired any more. Though my fingers do get a bit stiff after a whole day writing.


  1. Why do you swim in the river and what do you find in it? (Joshua & Ruby-Rhain)

I LOVE swimming in rivers, especially icy cold ones. There are lots of eels and trout in my river, and some gold as well (if you know where to look). But the best thing I always find when I’m swimming in the river, or even just sitting under a little waterfall on a hot day, is INSPIRATION. There are millions of ideas flowing past me every day.


  1. Have you found any gold in any rivers? (Tom)

I haven’t found any gold myself, but a friend who knows how to do gold-panning says he always finds tiny specks of gold. The gold miners took away most of the gold 150 years ago. But there’s a new dredge on the river that’s scooping up gravel from the river bottom and finding lots of gold.


  1. Why do you like writing books so much? (Tommy)

I’ve got lots of ideas, and if I don’t write stories I think my brain will explode.


  1. How did you get to be so good at writing? (Rheannon)

Practice, practice, practice. I just kept writing until my stories got better. I also listened to advice from clever people. Some days I still don’t think I’m very good at writing AT ALL. IN fact I think my stories SUCK! But if I keep writing it again and again, it slowly gets better. .. most of the time.


What a great interview Kyle and Kauri Class. Thank you! Kyle has written some of all-time favourite NZ picture books. Check out some of his covers.

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