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A Christchurch Hot Spot Poetry Tour event photo album thanks to Paul Koster

Take the lovely Russely School Hall, loads of young participants, a handful of local authors, two new books, an audience of 200 plus, poems new and old —  and you get one very good event.

I didn’t know at the time, but Jenny Cooper, the very cool illustrator of A Treasury of NZ Poems for Children, was in the audience. If I had known, we would have made a song and dance about her fabulous illustrations. Yes I would have sung a song for her! Her heavenly illustrations transform the book into the treasure box that it is. I keep replaying the whole event in my mind and these photos bring it all back. Thanks to a Russley parent for them (only Russley School children in these as we only had permission to post participants from that school). But great offerings from Fendalton School, Lyttelton School, Ilam School and Selwyn House amongst others. In one photo, you can see Caleb reading his poem from The Treasury and in other Ewen and Monica reading their pieces from the back of The Letterbox Cat. Special guests! A highlight at the end … a magnificent performance of Apirana Taylor’s poem, ‘haka.’ Definitely deserved that high five!

IMG_0463Russley IMG_0483Russley IMG_0480Russley IMG_0475Russley IMG_0476RussleyS1000003IMG_0414Russley  IMG_0460Russley IMG_0458Russley IMG_0453Russley IMG_0431Russley IMG_0429Russley IMG_0410Russley  IMG_0427Russley IMG_0425Russley IMG_0422Russley IMG_0418Russley ??????? ????????????? IMG_0398RussleyIMG_0494Russley IMG_0492Russley IMG_0491Russley IMG_0490Russley IMG_0488Russley


Dear poetry fans

Only two more sleeps until the launch of The Letterbox Cat at Storylines Family Day.

Noon at Aotea Centre on Sunday

Only four more sleeps until I fly to Christchurch to visit schools thanks to The New Zealand Book Council. I am looking forward to meeting Russley School, the South Island winner of The Third Fabulous Poetry Competition.

And you still have time to send in your ‘Our Place’ poems to get a spot to read with me on my Hot Spot Poetry Tour of NZ.


My National Poetry Day visit to Books for Kids in Hamilton

This is a wonderful bookshop for children with a very good poetry section.

I ended up buying lots of poetry books– and got an idea for a challenge. See the first photo to see the books!

I read poems from my new book, The Letterbox Cat and some children brought along their cat poems to read.


We made up a poem for the bookshop:


Kids for Books

Kids for Books is our fabulous ticket to

enchanted forests and imaginary creatures

experiments and explosions

rivers and caves

snow and avalanches

cliffs and islands

mountains and underwater treasures

tunnels and volcanoes

waterfalls and the stars in the sky

valves and rhymes

pizzas and ice creams

the tropical jungles and the sea

to any adventures and The Faraway Tree.




photo 3     

photo 2 photo 1 photo 1 photo 4 photo 3