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Poetry Play # 5 pond a ring poetry

Poems are like a breath of fresh air when I am feeling tired.

Poems take me to the moon and then let me stand on my head.

Poems are my secret kitchen.

I like poems that cover my eyes  for a moment and then say ‘surprise!’

Poets often like to write poems about writing poems or what they think makes a good poem or what poetry is like or what it feels like when they write a poem.

My new book (The Baker’s Thumbprint) has a poem on this very subject!

I have been rolling a poem about in my head as I walk on the beach that looks at what a poem is again. Differently! I am jotting lines in my little notebook and soon I will begin writing.

What happens if you play around with ideas about what a poem is? Put them into a list poem. One poet I know said writing a poem is like riding a bicycle down hill (wow!). Another poet said a poem is like a dehydrated vegetable opening.

Remember you can play around with how you set your list out on each line.

Send your poems to paulajoygreen@gmail.com and I will post some of my favourites.

Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email if you like.

A Hat Poem

I decided to write a poem with a list of things somebody keeps in a very tall hat. I wanted the things to rhyme in different parts of the poem. I kept playing around with where I would put the things in the poem. I had a whole list of things Mrs Magee might keep in her hat and then I chose the ones that worked the best.

Feel free to write your version of my poem and send it to me: paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Don’t forget to include your name, age, class and school. You can include your teacher’s name and email address if you want.

The Hat

Inside Mrs Magee’s hat

you will find a cat

a door stop, a rolling pin

a rubbish bin, a floor mop

a game of Pictionary

an English dictionary

some very baggy pants

and an overcrowded nest of ants,

some bickering bees

and a nephew that’s hard to please.

With such a menagerie

the hat is terrifyingly tall

and Mrs Magee keeps

her poor head bald!

© Paula Green  Macaroni Moon illustrations by Sarah Laing published by Random House 2009



Starting Points for List Poems

My partner Michael used to make heaps of lists when he was a little boy: rivers, animals. capitial cities and made-up things. Here are some starting points for list poems:

A list of your favourite food.

A list of your favourite books.

A list of your favourite places in books you have read or your favourite characters (you could use words to add more than a name or just the name!).

A list of marvellous adjectives or verbs or nouns.

A list of what you like to do in the holidays.

A list of what you would do in the holidays if you could do anything.

A list of strange machines (what can they do?) or machines not yet invented.

A list of sounds you like or sounds you don’t like (or smells!).

A list of wonders of the world (they don’t need to be the Seven Wonders — make up your own!).

A list of your favourite toys or toys no-one has yet invented.

A list of what you like about your mum or your dad (I challenge you to think of real things they have done that show the way they are kind or funny or love you).

A list of what you see if you stand on a tall chair in your back garden.

A list of what you see at the beach or in the mountains or bush.

A list of your favourite clothes.

THIS LIST has got really really LONG so it is time to STOP and for you to give it a GO!

…  and don’t forget to have FUN!