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If all the world were made of toffee or toasted moon sandwiches

I was going to post some food poems by other poets but have been too busy on the children’s anthology to get permission so will post one of mine instead. The bad news is I won’t be able to tell you which children are going in the book by the end of June, but the good news is I know there will be more than five!

I know it is hard waiting to hear things (I am doing it for something I have written at the moment and I know whatever happens I will just get on and write another poem because that is what I love to do!).

I really like the idea of writing a food poem that takes me to a special occasion or another country or another place. Food is a great sparker of memories. I will do this soon!

But I have to get to work on the anthology so I will post these funny poems from Macaroni Moon (published by Random House in 2009 now out-of-print).

Macaroni Moon  Macaroni Moon  Macaroni Moon

I tried to think of crazy food combinations in the first one, the second one is a short poem where I wonder something, the third one is a longer poem where I wonder something,  I mix the beginnings of words up in the fourth poem and in the last one I mash up words. I had fun!

Nutty Food

Peanut butter on peach,

what a treat!

Chocolate on egg,

you’re pulling my leg!

Jelly on fish,

what a dish!

Meatballs in custard,

delicious with MUSTARD!



If all the world were made of toffee

we’d be stuck together in a sticky heap

and all we’d do is eat!


Macaroni Moon

If cheese was made of MOON

and the MOON were made of cheese,

I’d eat toasted MOON sandwiches

grated MOON on tacos, MOONy pizza

MOON on crackers, cauliflower MOON sauce.



But at the start of the night

there’d be CHEESElight

on the bed as I read.




Dinner Time

“Excuse me,”

asked Sam.

“Would you like

chish and fips for dinner?

Or nicken choodle casserole

pish fasta

mangers and bash

cish furry?”

“You must be joking,”

replied Jill,

“I rather fancy

sumpkin poup!”



I Love Spaghetti

I love spaghetti

it tastes DELIGETTI.

I love lasagna

it tastes DELISAGNA.

I love macaroni

it tastes DELICONI.

I love fish

it tastes DELICIOUS!

© Paula Green  Macaroni Moon Random House 2009

This week on Poetry Box it’s time for lunch and tasty treats

People are already talking about the food in my new book of poems (The Baker’s Thumbprint). I got asked about it when I did my radio interview with Lynn Freeman and the one for the Nelson Mail. And I always say I love food (I love to eat it and I love to cook it!) as much as I love writing (I love to read as much as I love to write!).


So I have decided this week it will be food week (and maybe the next few!), but I am going to add something extra and that is the wonderful world of similes. We are also going to play with these. On Monday I will set you a food-poem challenge with a simile twist, on Tuesday I will give you some starting points, on Wednesday I will give you some poetry tips on similes, on Thursday it is time for poetry play, and on Friday I will share a food poem.

The tasty food-poem challenge: I challenge you to write a poem with food in it AND at least one simile. Tomorrow I will give you lots of starting points for food poems but my tip is to go on the hunt for words that will make my mouth water. Your poem might be from your imagination or it might be from a real experience. I am hoping some younger children will give this a go! You can be from Year 0 to Year 8!  Your poem can be really short or long (but no more than 20 lines).

Send to paulajoygreen@gmailcom. Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s email and name if you like. You have until Thursday July 4th 6pm.

The first winning poem (older) will get one of my precious copies of Macaroni Moon (I have only got a few left and it is out-of-print!) plus a a tasty cake of chocolate (ooh I hope it doesn’t melt in the post!).

Macaroni Moon  Macaroni Moon   Macaroni Moon  Macaroni Moon  Macaroni Moon

206269_157618850966435_3358613_n   206269_157618850966435_3358613_n   206269_157618850966435_3358613_n

The second winning poem (younger) will get a copy of the glorious Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam by Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis thanks to the lovely Scholastic (and a cake of tasty chocolate). This picture book is all about food. Everybody wants to taste Marmaduke Duck’s marmalade jam and things go a bit wrong before they go a lot right!

Juliette has used lots of lively words to give her story zing and zip:

‘He peeled it, zested it, sugared it, boiled,

stirred it, tested it, tasted it, toiled.

And if I have some extra favourite poems I might have to get some extra cakes of chocolate to post you! 

My cat plus the Principal plus Cinderella plus the All Blacks on Poetry Box

Here are some poems of mine where there is a story creeping through them.

You can borrow whatever you like from my poems and mix it up with your life and make it into something new. If you come up with your version send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age, name of school. I will post some.

1. My short poem that is true. Our big fluffy cat Charlie went into Michael’s studio fell into the blue paint and we had to take him to the vet to get shaved and he looked like a skinny rat. I could have put more of that in the poem! Too late now, as this poem is in Macaroni Moon (Random House, 2009).

Our Cat

Not a lot

of blue left

after our cat





into the paint pot!

© Paula Green


2. My short poem that is not true! I had fun writing this. This poem is also in Macaroni Moon.

Another Funny Thing happened on the Way to School

I was walking down the road dragging my school bag and a toad

when I saw the Principal the size of a plum stuck to the gate with chewing gum.

© Paula Green

3. Here is my longer poem that is not true. It is the Cinderella story gone wrong (also in Macaroni Moon).


When Cinderella lost her shoe down the stairs

the prince’s search fell on deaf ears

because the spell went haywire

when the ballroom caught fire

and the dear shoeless lass

turned in to a big fat


© Paula Green

4. Finally here is my longer poem that starts out true and then is definitely made up. I was watching the All Blacks play the Wallabies on TV and I suddenly wondered how fun it would be if you could crawl into the TV and see the game live. We had all been to watch a World Cup game at Eden Park (not the All Blacks as it was too expensive) but it was so atmospheric. That’s where I got the detail for this poem from. One day I might go and see the All Blacks play there.


Imagine if you

and your Dad or Mum

could climb into the t.v.

and see the All Blacks

play the Wallabies at Eden Park

and spy rucks and mauls and scrums

spectacularly close tries

forward passes and winning runs.

You could eat hot chips

and puff out hot air

and leap up for the Mexican wave

to the sound of Pacific drums.

At the end of the match

you would climb back

with a signed rugby ball

and a souvenir scarf

to show your rugby chums.

© Paula Green

A Hat Poem

I decided to write a poem with a list of things somebody keeps in a very tall hat. I wanted the things to rhyme in different parts of the poem. I kept playing around with where I would put the things in the poem. I had a whole list of things Mrs Magee might keep in her hat and then I chose the ones that worked the best.

Feel free to write your version of my poem and send it to me: paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Don’t forget to include your name, age, class and school. You can include your teacher’s name and email address if you want.

The Hat

Inside Mrs Magee’s hat

you will find a cat

a door stop, a rolling pin

a rubbish bin, a floor mop

a game of Pictionary

an English dictionary

some very baggy pants

and an overcrowded nest of ants,

some bickering bees

and a nephew that’s hard to please.

With such a menagerie

the hat is terrifyingly tall

and Mrs Magee keeps

her poor head bald!

© Paula Green  Macaroni Moon illustrations by Sarah Laing published by Random House 2009