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I just discovered this moon poem from Fendalton School that is just perfect

I am busy picking all the children to read with me on my Hot Spot Poetry Tour and I have just discovered this gorgeous moon poem by Emily in the Christchurch Our Place folder. I love this poem very much indeed. I like the spark between the mage of the orange and the image of the moon. Every line sounds good and is not overcrowded with words. I am very much hoping Emily will read with me in Christchurch!

I am going to send Emily a really really cool book for her really really cool poem thanks to the Lovewell family. It is called Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire by Jane O’Connor (I am going to get my own copy!). Nancy thinks poetry is sensational. The book is all about what she loves about poetry! Poems that tell a story or make you laugh. Poems that a very very short. Poems that are lyrical (sound good!). Nancy has a poetry club she calls a Palace of Poetry. I am getting a few more copies of this book for prizes. maybe Poetry Box is like a big Palace of Poetry and you are all members! Thanks the Lovewell Family and congratulations Emily!

Like the Moon

When I walk

into the kitchen

I see a lightish orange

shining into my blue eyes.


I go up

to the fruit bowl

take the orange

and start peeling it.

When I am finished

I quickly cut it up

and push it into my mouth.


There is a half-moon tonight

like my half-eaten orange.

Emily Year 4 Fendalton School Christchurch


hot off the poem moon press!

What a delicious little moon poem sent in by Ella. I love the shape, I love the size, I love the very taste and bite of it! Great job Ella.

luna moon 

moon shines red light

wolf  howls

cool night


sun reflects shadows dance

morepork hoots

morning glance


by Ella 9 yrs Parau, Auckland