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What The New Zealand Book Council does for schools

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I am so delighted that The New Zealand Book Council is supporting Poetry Box in various ways this year, I wanted to let you know what they do for schools. I have worked with them for years through their Writers-in-Schools programme, author tours and special events such as Speed Date and Author.

Why should I subscribe our school to the NZ Book Council?

The NZ Book Council’s ‘Writers in Schools‘ programme is focussed on creating future generations of kiwis, who read for pleasure as much as they read out of necessity. Your subscription helps us to use talented writers, poets, illustrators, playwrights and photographers, to reach children and schools throughout NZ, and gives your school a stake in the future direction of this important charity.

Access to funding for a half day school, museum or art gallery visit from an NZ writer or illustrator.
Subsidised tours of writers and illustrators travelling to schools beyond their local region.
First chance to subscribe your students to special school events around NZ, including ‘Speed Date an Author’ events.
A say in the future direction of the NZ Book Council and its work with schools – including the development of interactive Skype visits, videos and other resources.

Quarterly newsletter and School Library e-magazine.
Quarterly review competition for students.
Quarterly opportunities for your school library and your students to win a prize pack of Scholastic books and be published at www.bookcouncil.org.nz.
Quarterly chance to win a free 12 month subscription to the NZ Book Council.

Breakfast and books in one delicious gulp ….. mmmm!

Yesterday I visited Blockhouse Bay Primary School (thanks to the NZ Book Council) as they are having their Book Week and it was such a fabulous visit I want to share it with you.

We started off with a newish initiative called Books n Brekkie. By the time I arrived the room was packed with parents, children and teachers eating toast and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.

IMG_3610 IMG_3602 IMG_3601 IMG_3603

I stood on a chair in the middle of it all and talked about some of my favourite new NZ children’s books, gave a quick behind-the-scenes tour  of my books and then read some of my poems, old and new.

It felt very buzzy, very warm, and the room filled with good feelings about books. Bravo!!

After that it was a full school assembly where three librarians interviewed me on stage (and did  a great performance of my poem ‘Where The Mild Things Are’). The librarians (Rhea, Celesti and Nethra) asked really thoughtful questions.  I read some poems and a group acted out a story. Very entertaining!

IMG_3627 IMG_3626

For the rest of the day I did interactive sessions with syndicates and finished up with a workshop with the writing group.

Mandy Barrett must be a School Librarian extraordinaire as she worked hard to make this an exciting and innovative week. So huge congratulations Mandy and a big hug from me. I walked out of the school aglow with poetry.

Here are two poems we made up in the Year 3 and 4 sessions (several hundred students I think):


Humungous giant

stomps like an enormous beast


like an old grandpa

like a big slow slug


massive, majestic, mammal

The Golden Lion Tamarin

The golden lion tamarin is

a shiny golden ticket

a bunch of passionfruit

hard delicious carrots

golden kiwifruit

beams like the sun

a squished orange

priceless as a golden cup

golden syrup.

Phew! Getting close

Good afternoon poetry fans

I am hard at working shaping the anthology which is such a delight and seem to have a week of exciting things ahead of me. I kept the first half of the year pretty quiet so I could go on the big hunt for poems but now July is nearly here I have lots of things marked on my calendar.

This week I am going to be talking with Kathryn Ryan on National Radio (Thursday 11.20 am) about children’s poetry which is really exciting. It will be the first time I have ever talked about this topic in a live interview.

In about two weeks I am doing a New Zealand Book Council event at Blockhouse Bay Primary School. It starts with Books ‘n Brekkie which means children and parents can come and share books and breakfast with me before school starts. Then I am staying on for lots of activities throughout the day. Two young librarians will interview me on stage at a special school assembly which I think is a terrific idea. They have come up with some very good questions. I will let you know how the day goes.

I also have a full day visit at Titirangi Primary School next week and am judging the poetry competition at St Kentigerns.

I will do my utmost to have the First Fabulous Poetry Competition results posted by the end of this term (so keep your eyes out!).

Meanwhile I am off on a mini holiday with my girls and Michael to Queenstown, Arrowtown and Fox Glacier. So next week I may be off-line for three days. I am really looking forward to family time in a spectacular place and if I can manage it will keep a little poetry diary for you if I find internet connections.

Meanwhile I challenge you to go on the hunt for fabulous similes that will give poems a little pop!

Send me your favourite similes: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Include your name, age, year and name of school.

OOH! I am so excited because I am off to visit schools in Christchurch in August thanks to the New Zealand Book Council. I visited Christchurch last year with my  Dear Heart book tour but I didn’t have time to do any school visits. This adventure is perfect for me as Christchurch has been one of the biggest supporters of Poetry Box.

Apparently there is only one spot left so if you are keen for me to visit (primary, intermediate or secondary) and are a Book Council member you will need to get on to it pronto!).

This has made my day!