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Northland Tour – on the road to Kerikeri

Today is a shiny blue day. I an m visiting Oromahoe school then having a workshop with teachers and librarians.  I had the best breakfast ever in Whangarei to give me loads of energy at De Luca. 

Then I headed off into the green gleaming hills. 

I stopped to see the most arty toilet in the world. 

 I visited a cheese factory and bought some cheese. 


Today I went to Manaia View School which was pretty special as it is in Murdoch Crescent and that is where I lived as a child. Wow! Then everything was paddock. Our house was one of the first houses. 

What a fabulous morning at school. The Te Reo class even had a wonderful poem to share with me. Very special. And they sang a waiata, very moving. 

This afternoon a workshop with Year 4 to 8.  Here are two poemsI loved. But I loved them all. 
Frosty Snow

White snow

and winter blows

white frost crusts

on windows and

shining through the

night sky. 

Jonson Y5


Heavy rain cold and

clear filled the grass

frost and frozen hot

chocolate long sleeves

long pants warm jerseys. 

Miracle Y4

Northland Tour  three fabulous winter poems from Matarau School

It is cold up here. I am glad I packed my scarf! But my motel is cosy.

Yesterday in a workshop with 16 students from Y5 to 8  at Matarau School we did Northland winter poems.

The clouds float like

cotton balls

water drips

on the perfect leaves

the frost is beautiful

clear water turns

clouds drift through the


Billy and Topaz argue

in the paddock

water creeps up my gumboots

mud swirls in the stream

the bush us comfortable and cosy.
Amia Year 5



Lightning strikes the town

wind howling

like a siren

rain like bullets

flooding the drains.

Ollie Year 8

Northland tour Matauri poems

What a wonderful morning I have had. Such terrific ideas bubbling in our poetry sessions. Northland schools are filled with the joy  of poetry.  Classes heading back and writing. Wow!

Here are three poems we made up together:

Long stalky legs

chocolate feathers

pot belly

running and flapping

storms and sneaks,

caught by the tribe. 

Fluffy brown

feathery brown 

hiding in the cave

running wobbling chasing



prowling bird, crouching down

pecking eating worms

little feathery face

puffy native kiwi. 













Northland Tour at Matarau School

Room One  have only been at school two days. They came to my poetry session, went back to class and wrote this – their very first piece of writing. wow!


Year One went back and wrote this:

rain puddles

rain falls
rain washes

rain pours

rain splashes


Northland Tour Day 2 

I am at Matarau School today which is a gorgeous little country school. Driving through the country lanes everything was gleaming and green. I even saw something surprising I want to turn into a poem. 

Two lovely hosts, Megan and Jacob, waited to meet me but I got confused and went in the back gate and walked up the steep hill.  Which was perfect exercise. They were excellent hosts. 

And how lovely to see the PG display!

Thank you for the welcome Matarau School!


Onerahi School was awesome

First stop on my Northland Tour was Onerahi School. What a warm welcome. Poetry sizzled and popped and sung. What a terrific way to start my week. I am full of heavenly poetry. Thank you. 

Here is one poem that came out of the workshops we did today. It’s by Liam.  Some shiny moments in this poem that was written at the end of the day. Great job Liam. 

The grey and black

rocks looked anchored on

the sand. 

The waves were crashing

like a hurricane. 

The black sand was hot and

crumbled under my feet. 

The salt water sparkled in

the sunlight.