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August Poetry Box challenge: Some favourite nursery-rhyme poems

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 2.43.09 PM.png

drawing and poem by Holly from Fendalton School in Christchurch

Twinkle twinkle black and white moon
how so bright it’s shining through
Up at all those shining stars
Twinkle twinkle black and white moon
How so bright it’s shining through


This challenge was so popular – it takes us back to when we were very very young and nursery rhymes were fun to say.

It has taken me a MOUNTAIN of TIME to read them all and REPLY!!

I loved the way you played and invented! There were so many AMAZING poems I could have made a book of them so please don’t feel sad if I didn’t pick you.

This is not a competition but I am giving a copy of The Letterbox Cat (my poems) to Siena at Richmond Road School.

Here is a sample of poems I have loved. But for every one I loved here there is one I loved I didn’t post … and MORE!!




Three poems from Elvie:

Hey diddle diddle

Hey diddle diddle
the dog and the flute ,
the horse jumped over the moon.
The small parrot laughed to see such jump,
and the fish
swam away in the room

Cat and Bill

Cat and Bill jogged to a hill
to fetch the frisbee that they threw
when they came down they hurt their crowns
and ran away to the hospital.

Martin had a small parrot

Martin had a small parrot
small parrot
small parrot
Martin had a small parrot it talked the night away
every time a storm hit
storm hit
storm hit
every time a storm hit
it slept the night away.

Evie age 8 year 4, Fendalton Open Air School


A twisty nursery rhyme poem from Xanthe

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey, diddle diddle the fox with a fiddle.

The bird flew around the moon.

The little mouse laughed to see such fun.

And the cup ran away with all the tea bags
Hey diddle diddle Humpty Dumpty with a fiddle

Mary’s lamb jumped over the moon

Peter Piper laughed to see such fun

And a spider ran with curds and whey


Xanthe P,  Age: 11, Year 7,  Selwyn House School


A poem from Sylvie
Mousse XYZ
Says A, give me a good large bite,
Says B, a little bit, the fruit’s too bright
Says C, cut me a piece of pie, Take it, says D, it’s risen too high,
Says E, I’ll eat it fast, I hope, Says F, Okay but the texture’s like rope
Says G, give it me good and ripe, Says H, apple is the type,
Says I, it’s ice I must begin, Says J, the juice is in the tin,
Says K, let’s keep it down below, Says L, there is something wrong with the dough
Says M, it makes your knees feel weak, N said, red is now the colour of my cheek
O others’ plates with grief he looked, P for piece thoroughly cooked,
Q quarrelled for the final slice, R felt his stomach and said “it’s nice,”
S silently sat, and only viewed, T vanished when he saw the food
U understood the fruit was red, V was already in his bed
W wished there’d been a sugar layer, X here explained it was worthy for the mayor,
Y said, I’ll eat, and be stuffed like a goose, Z, was sad there was no mousse
While all the letters all surveyed dish, And for another pie they all did wish.

Sylvie K 11 Years Old Year 7 Selwyn House School


A poem from Chloe

Shiver shiver little river

Shiver shiver little river
glowing in the dark all night
you can show your little face
Shiver shiver every day
Shiver shiver little river
glowing in the dark all night.

Chloe  W, age 7, Ilam School


Two poems from Aurora

Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Lights
Twinkle twinkle traffic lights
you will see them in the night
red means stop
green means go
orange means really slow
twinkle twinkle traffic lights
you will see them in the night

My Friends Are Kind
My friends are kind dilly dilly my friends are kind
Will you be kind dilly dilly will you be kind?
When you are kind dilly dilly when you are kind
We shall be friends dilly dilly we shall be friends

Call up your friends dilly dilly call up your friends
We will have fun dilly dilly we will have fun
Let’s play outside dilly dilly lets play outside
And look at the clouds dilly dilly look at the clouds

My friends are kind dilly dilly my friends are kind
If you are kind dilly dilly I will be kind
Let’s watch the birds dilly dilly let’s watch the birds
When they all play dilly dilly when they all play

Let’s all sing dilly dilly let’s all dance
Will you be kind dilly dilly will you be kind?
When you are kind dilly dilly when you are kind
We can be friends dilly dilly we can be friends
Aurora C, 9 years, Selwyn House School


A poem from Mishika

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a Car
And ate his pie with a start
The car went Wee Wee and the Car went Was Was
It shakes all around
And threw Humpty Dumpty on the ground
All the Kings Men and all the Kings Horses
Came Marching up and Down
But couldn’t lift Humpty off the ground.

Mishika C age 7, Year 2


3 poems from Ruby
Rinsy, Mincy, Cider

Rinsy, mincy, cider,
Sloshed down the huge long straw,
Down came the boy that sucked the cider up,
Out came the bottle that refilled the glass,
And rinsy, mincy, cider,
Sloshed down the straw again.

Wrinkle, Shinkle, Big, Big,Car

Wrinkle, shinkle, big, big, car,
How I wonder how fast you are,
Flying above the racetrack high,
Like a meerkat in a pie,
Wrinkle, shinkle, big, big, car,
Now I know how fast you are.

Men in the shed

Men in the shed,
And the big one read,
Come over, come over,
They all came over and a hammer fell down,

The men in the shed,
Together they read,
Oh no, oh no,
They all panicked and a saw fell down,

The men in the shed,
And the large one said,
Meet Ted, meet Ted,
They all met Ted,
And Ted fell down ,
Knocking an axe with his crown,

All the men in the shed,
All together they read,
The tools, the tools,
The tools are dead,
So all the men in the shed,
Picked up the dead,
And all the men in the shed,
Including little Ted,
Left the shed forever.

Ruby T Age 10 Ilam School


2 poems from Sylvia


Black black sack sack

Do you have a ball?

No Sir no sir ask another fool

There is one in the basket

And one in the pool

And another in the mall

Rolling round the school



Humpty Dumpty was such a fool,

Minutes later he had a great fall;

All the Queen’s saucers

and all the King’s pens couldn’t make Humpty

feel better again.

Sylvia, age 7, Year 3, Ilam School


3 poems from Tom
Kakariki Egg
Kakariki sat on a King’s wall.
Kakariki had a great fall.
All of the trees
all of the leaves
couldn’t put Kakariki
together again.

The Rescue
three pigs in the sea
and who do you think they be?

A farmer, a policeman,
and a bird woman
all cried out to me.

“Help us, we’re trapped
without even a map,
and we’re drifting out to nowhere.”

So I picked up a rope
and took to the air,
and flew low over the sea.

The bird woman clawed up the rope to me.
The farmer swung like Spiderman.
The policeman climbed like Superman.

They all tumbled back to shore.
And that’s the last I saw.

Three Little Puppies
Three little puppies
have eaten their mittens
and they began to laugh.

“Oh mother dear
we happily sneer
our mittens we have eaten.”

“What eaten your mittens?
You wicked puppies,
then you shall feed the cats.”

“Woof, woof, woof,” the puppies begged.
“The cats can hush, hush, hush,
and sleep in the bush.”

Three little puppies
have bought new mittens
and they began to laugh.

“Oh mother dear
we happily sneer
our mittens we have bought.”

“What bought new mittens?”
You lovely puppies,
then you shall have some pie.”

“Woof, woof, woof” the puppies sang.
The cats can hush, hush, hush
And sleep in the bush.”

Tom, age 9, Year 5 Hoon Hay School Te Kura Koaka


2 poems from Churton Park School

One, two pick up my shoes
Three, four slam my door
Five, six, Grab my bag of tricks
Seven , Eight , you might be late
Nine, ten, we´ll do this again

Tayla M , Year : 6, Age : 10, Churton Park School


I’m a little mouse
Squeaky and small
This is my tail
And this is my ear

When the cheese comes out
Hear my Squeak
Pick me up
And put me to sleep

Georgie M Churton Park School



Jack and Jill poems


My name’s Jack,
This is Jill.
We’ve been sent to get water
From the well.

It’s on top of the hill
(How did that happen?)
Too late I realise
That the ground isn’t even.

I trip, I slip
Jill follows suite
I hurt my head
She hurts her foot.

Somewhere I was told
(But not by a doctor)
To cure with vinegar
And brown paper.

I know it’s not technically
Medical advice
But I tried it, and failed,
So I tried twice.

It didn’t work!
I moan and and I curse
I guess we’ll just have to
Call a nurse.

Evangeline, 11, Year 6, ACG Strathallan


Jack & Jill

Jack and Jill
Went to build a big blue pool
He dropped a crown in
Then Jill went to get it

Liam D 7 years old  St. Andrews College


Baa Baa Black Sheep poems

Meow meow black cat
Have you any mice ?
Of course of course
3 little mice
One for me and one for mum
One for my little tiny peckish tum
Meow meow black cat
Have you any mice
Of course of course
12 little mice.

Georgie M, 9, year 5, Selwyn House School


Baa Baa Black Cow

Baa baa black Cow
Have you any spots?
Yes sir, yes sir,
9 hands full.
Baa baa black cow
Have you any else?
No sir, no sir,
Nothing else

Chloe MAge 7 St Andrew’s College


Oink Oink Piglet

Oink oink piglet,

Have you any apples

Laid in your rusty pot?

Well.. yes Mam yes Mam 3 pots full.

1 for the lamb, 1 for the chicken,

1 for the little piglet,

Who lives down the lane!

Zian, age 10, Fendalton Open Air School


Hickory Dickory Dock poems
Nickity kickity lock.
The Kea went up the clock.
The clock struck 4.
The Kea fell down.
Nickity kickty lock.

 Natsuki H Age 8 Fendalton School


The lion and the clock

Hickory dickory dock
the lion went up the clock
the clock fell down
the lion ran out
hickory dickory dock.

Hickory dickory dock
the lion went up the clock
the clock struck two
it said “how do you do”
hickory dickory dock!

Leona K, age 8, Selwyn House School

The dog stood by the block

Woofity woofity woof
The dog stood by the block
The dog barked twice
Then saw two mice
Woofity woofity woof

Tilly, age 9, Selwyn House School


Hot cross buns poem

Hot pot buns

Hot pot buns
Hot pot buns!
Hot pot buns!
One cat, two kittens,
Hot pot buns!

If you have no pets,
Give them to your mum.
One cat, two kittens,
Hot pot buns!

Ida  Age: 9  Year: 5 Selwyn House

Hey diddle diddle poems

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
playing on the moon.
The cat played the fiddle
and the fiddle played the cat.
The moon jumped over the cow.
The little dog laughed to see such a thing,
And the dish snapped on the spoon

Leilah H Year 7 Selwyn House School


The Squirrel Stealing the Pizza

Hey diddle diddle
The dog and the coffee
The lamb jumped over the sun.
The teddy bear laughs at all of this
And the squirrel runs off with the pizza.

Estelle R Age 7  St Andrews Prep
Hey Dish Spoon

Hey dishy spoony
the spoon and the bloomy
the bloomy touched and the moose ran with the bloom
and the fish ran with the crab
bye dishy spoony.

Maia T  7 yrs old  Ilam School



Five poems from the Samoan Unit at Richmond Road School

Four Little Gorillas

Four little gorillas on their sled
one fell off and his name was Ned.
Papa called the nurses the nurses said
No more gorillas on their sled.
Three little gorillas on their sled
One fell off and lost his leg,
Papa called the nurses the nurses said
No more gorillas on their sled.
Two little gorillas on their sled
One fell off and lost his head
Papa called the nurses the nurses said
NO more gorillas on their sled.
One little gorilla on his sled
he fell off and he was dead
Papa called the Undertaker the Undertaker said

Kingston K Age 10 Richmond Road School MIM


Littery Dittery Potch

Littery dittery potch,
The bee flew on to the watch.
With a fiddle de dee,
It went to three…
Littery dittery potch!

Xavier L, 9 years old, MIM, Richmond Road


Meow Meow Gray Cat

Meow meow gray cat have you have you fell in love?
Yes, sir, yes, sir when I caught a Dove.
And once when I ate,
And once when I slept,
And once when I went to bed,
And snuggled with my ted.

Lelei 9 years MIM-  Richmond Road School

!!!!Pitty Patty!!!!

Pitty Patty sat on a pole
Pitty Patty had a great mole
All of her family and all of her friends
Couldn’t look at miss Pitty again.

Silly Sally heard about it
Silly Sally could barely sit
All of her family and all of her friends
Laughed at little miss Pitty again.

Sobby Seron cried about it
Sobby Seron felt bad for Pit
All of his family and all of his friends
Cried for little miss Pitty again.

Daneeka F MIM 9 years old Richmond Road School

Old King Tole And His Very Bad Mole

Old king Tole had a very bad mole,
And a very bad mole had he.
He called for his spade,
and he called for his blade,
And he called for scribblers three.
Each scribbler did a scribble,
And a very nice scribble had he.
Oh there’s none the same,
And that was a shame,
So he gave it a name,
And then he played a card game,
to finish his last game,
then he went to bed,
And said “Night Ted!”

Siena S – Mim 10 years -Richmond Road School


Four poems from LS7 Westmere School

Somtey Fumtey

Somtey Fumtey sat on a ledge.
Somtey Fumtey fell off the edge.
All the kind doctors,
And all the kind men,
COULD put Fumtey together again!

Cody P age 9 LS7 Westmere School

Miss Muffin and her Puffin!

Massive Miss Muffin,
Sat next to her puffin,
Who squawked and screeched all day.
The puffin was scary,
Miss Muffin felt wary,
And she ran, so far far away.

Sunny C,  Age 10 Ls7 Westmere School

Squarkle Squarkle Naughty Kia

Squarkle Squarkle naughty Kia,
You’re a bird we don’t go near.
Lurking in the south car park,
I hope you don’t wreck my car.
Squarkle Squarkle naughty Kia,
You’re a bird we don’t go near!

Anthony J, Age 9 Ls7 Westmere School

Mini Miss Muffin

Mini Miss Muffin,
Ran to her tuffin,
Scaring the birdies away.
She spied a huge worm
Who squiggled and squirmed
Which worried Miss Muffin all day

Rosa B,  Age 9 LS7 Westmere School


3 poems from LS8 Westmere School


Kiwi Kiwi

Kiwi kiwi was having fun near his forest ,
With his friend Ruru, who was a florist.
They sold lots of flowers,
Then after two hours,
Kiwi kiwi went back to his forest.

Mahe L age 10 LS8 Westmere School
Lilly and the Black Goat

Lilly had a black goat, a black goat, a black goat.
Lilly had a black goat,
Its coat was as black as night.
When Lilly went on a boat, on a boat, on a boat,
When Lilly went on a boat,
The goat was sure to float.

Claudia P age 9 Westmere School LS8

Possum Wossum found a kiwi
Playing with his friends and iwi.
When he saw the light of day
Possum Wossom sprang away.

Kane P age 11 LS8 Westmere School


2 poems from LS6 at Westmere School

Cat and Mouse
Cat and Mouse went up to the house,
to sneak a snack from the larder.
Cat got caught and so he fought
and Mouse went fighting after.

Sophie M 11 years old  Westmere School LS6
Ava Parker
Ava parker sat on the sill,
Ava Parker got quite ill.
All the good doctors
And all the good vets
Left all their patients
And left all their pets.
Ava Parker sat on the sill,
And Ava’s poor mother,
had to pay the bill.

Maddie H  Age: 9  Westmere School  LS6


6 poems from Richmond Rd School

The Escape
Little Jack Runga,
Sat by the punga,
Eating a mince and cheese pie.
Along came a Huhu,
Escaping a Ruru,
And hid in the nearby marae.

Maia 10, L’archipel, Richmond Road School.


A Sheep?

Meh, Meh, brown sheep
have you any brown wool?
Yes sir, Yes sir,
Three bags and a half
One for the doctor
and one for nurse
and one for grand-dad down the road.

Baa baa striped sheep
have you any wool?
No sir, no sir,
I’m a zebra.

Alphonse T Age:10 Richmond road School  Class:L’envol


Jess and Jake

Jess and Jake rowed on the lake,
To catch a bucket of fish.
A few minutes later,
They were ready to cater,
But had to clean up the dish.
Sophie G Age: 10 Class: L’Envol Richmond Road School


Wild Adventure!!!
Posh, Pish with a fish,
Roast chicken on a dish.
Picnic, with a fox,
who’s favourite book is Goldilocks,
Climb a tree with a panda,
While drinking orange Fanta.
Ride a wave with a shark,
In the deep and in the dark.
Ski Cadrona without a care,
Come face to face with a polar bear.

Our adventure is now done,
I hope you’ve had a lot of fun!!!!!
Florence S Age: 11 Class: The Hub Richmond Road School


Hey Fiddle Diddle

Who jumped over the moon with a moo?
With a “Hey-diddle-diddle”
And a feline-ish fiddle,
A chihuahua laughed,
for good sport and a half.
Hishery, pishery, sploshery, splish,
A spoon ran away with a dish!

Poppy T 10 KC Hub Richmond Road School


Half Way Up

UP said mother duck!
DOWN said father duck!
Half the ducklings went UP,
Half went DOWN.

UP said father duck!
DOWN said mother duck!
Half the ducklings went DOWN,
Half went UP.
By the end they were neither nor

Frankie S  Age: 10  Richmond Road School Class: Hub



To finish up you can hear Daisy read her poem

Poetry Box August challenge: playing with nursery rhymes


The wonderful poet Glenn Colquhoun had fun making up a nursery rhyme. You can listen to it here.

So I thought it would be fun to write poems that play with nursery rhymes.


They can be long or short.

They can rhyme or not rhyme.

They can use the nursery rhyme we know and love but with different words.

They can take a nursery-rhyme character and invent a new story.

They might change the beginning or the ending.

They can make the nursery rhyme take place in New Zealand.

They be funny or surprising or have a hidden message.

You might be in it! Or someone you know.

You might do a nursery-rhyme mash up. More than one in the mix!


h a v e    n u r s e r y  r h y m e   F  U  N


Deadline: August 28th

Include: your name, age, year and school

Open to: Year 1 to Year 8

Please put Nursery rhyme challenge in email subject line so I don’t MISS it

Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com


I will post some favourites on August 31st and have a book for at least one poet