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Poetry Box June challenge – I love poems with things in them



Now that winter is here, and the fire is roaring, the soup simmering and the wind whipping about our house like a mad dog, it is time to snuggle into good books and a spot of poetry writing!

This month I challenge you to write a poem about a thing.

It might be something you love or something someone in your family loves.

It might be comfortable, strange, old, new, surprising. Maybe you don’t like it that much at all!

It might move. It might stay still. But it is not alive. It is an object.


I love poems with things in them.


You might use the thing to tell a teeny tiny story.

You might hide how you feel about the thing in your poem.

You might use words to take a photo of your thing.

You might not ever say what the thing is.


You might use the thing to write a poem about a person (tricky!). Maybe it is something favourite of your mum or dad!


You need to think carefully about how you start and end your poem. Have a few tries and then pick your favourites.

HOT TIP: Try hunting for lots of good words before you start writing!


ANOTHER HOT TIP: Listen to the sound of every line so your ears can tell if your poem flows well.


SEND your poem to paulajoygreen@gmail.com

DEADLINE Tuesday June 28th

Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s email if you like.

P l e a s e    p u t   ‘Thing poem’ in the subject line of your email.

I will pick some favourites to post on the blog and have a book for at least one reader and maybe even a book for a class.

I will post on Thursday June 30th.