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WOW! Ormond School’s Y2 and 3 have finished some fabulous picture poems – slow sneak pounce!

When I visited Gisborne’s Ormond School last week (the North Island winner of The Fourth Fabulous Picture Poem) I kick-started classes on picture poems.

I adore these cat ones from Y2 and 3. I have picked just a few to post, but they are all WONDERFUL. I kept going WOW! as I looked at them.

These poems are good to look at but are also fun to read aloud. Congratulations to the WHOLE class on your poems. I just loved them. I love the one with the rat hiding in its belly!















Ormond School Y2 and 3 made up two GORGEOUS class poems with me

Before we started writing sky poems Y2 and 3 played with how many words you can use on a line in a poem. I love the made-up words and the surprise at the end of the second poem. I also loved the simplicity of these poems and the way they flowed. I really loved making these up with you. Remember all the words came from you! I just ask the questions.


I was inspired to do an owl poem by the gorgeous owl pictures the class had made.



Shiny eyes

brown fluffy owl


in the dark


in the day

wiatwhoo witawhooo




Like a skateboard ramp,

the bright shiny blue.

Out in the deep

sea creatures live.

Dah di dah di dah di dah di Shark!



They also made a moon poem up after I came home. I like the shiny  images that grow. It is like a poem in two halves.


Bright, silvery banana
on our green and blue

Bumpy craters
made by
or cats and wolves
happily playing



Ormond School Y3 and 4 imagine trees


Across the road from the school I saw the most wonderful trees. I love imagining things at the moment in my poems but using real detail too.

Year 3 to 5 used their imaginations to create trees in their poems. Some of them are short and some much longer.

It was so exciting watching the trees take shape on the page after the children collected words

Imaginations were zinging. Thank you so much for sharing your poems with me. I left your class dancing with poetry joy.



The Tree

Orange scratchy fruit, orange

yellow red leaves, brown

wavy branches scrape, pink blossoms

bump, brown holes where owls

live, the moon shimmers on

the green leaves, mad with

the wind. Bumpy pieces of bark

hang out, star leaves,

circle leaves, triangle leaves,

the branch reaches out and


Danielle Y5



Green yellow

rough chocolate bark

growing on a tree.

The tree towers over


words dripping off

dangling on the ground

swaying and dancing.


I stand head in the

air, admiring every



Some windy nights it

creaks and cracks

sending me to sleep,

sending me a lullaby,

verses made up

out of thin air.


Sometimes when it is

windy enough it will

howl and wail.

Red with anger at

the racket I

go outside and

sit at the roots

of the tree

standing tall in front

of me.


Patting its trunk, I say,

‘Don’t worry.’

With the wind

pushing me

I make my

way back

to my room

with no more

noise or

things to bother


Mei  Y4



My Tree

My tree

is tall and fat

rock hard

too hot at night

You can

go up until dusk

Old but sturdy

dark red leaves shine

covered with dark moss

shining in the moonlight.

Troy Y4


Tiny Smelly Old Dirty Black Tree

Tiny smelly old

dirt gnome

sitting in a dark gray

tree with


one leaf.

The branches

sway in the

wild wind.

Lollies hanging

off the old


Beck Y5


My Tree

My tree reminds me

of a mud slide.

My leaves look like

a snowman

with prickly fingers.







Ormond School – Y5 and 6 share their favourite places

Ormond School’s Y5 and 6 picked places they love to bring alive in a poem. I loved the way the poems did so many different things. Some tell stories. Some build pictures in your mind as you read. Some are long and some are like a little snapshot. Wonderful working with you on these. I have picked just a few to post.

We also had a go at native-bird picture poems. The whole class turned into a music studio as they hunted out sound patterns to make their pictures with. I have got to see some finished ones at the weekended and love the way the both look good and sound good. I have picked a few to post here but congratulations.

I loved working with you over the two days and with your teacher. I like the different directions you explored, the way you dove in and played with words. The great poetry hum in the classroom. Thank you for sharing your time and writing with me. It was very special.




Stained stripped, drifted wood

flung upon beaten shore

nuded as waves pull

away the furnishings.

Amy Y6




Landslides sneaking down mysteriously

horses gazing at me

lambs baaing ‘please’ noisily

we’re digging up shingle roads.

Old electric fences



some hum in a

wordly fashion.

Tractors go vroom

as if the


was hurting its


Punga trees sway

side to side

whispering a puzzling tune.

The smell of

fresh wood

lurking in the

yards down under.

Outside wild stock

give me a warning stare.

Pippa Y5



Olympic Pools

The clear crystal water

and the freezing frozen

air blowing on you

from jumping up high


Olympic pools are as

fun as Rainbow’s End

and splashy as a

whale’s tail.


The water is as

wavy as an ocean’s

rough splashes.


Goggles clear

as crystals,

tight like lycra.


Hot spas hot

like lava and

poppy like popcorn.

Preva Y6


Motor Cross

Start gates

the bikes are off

already they’re at the

jump, big wide steep

Dirt flying in the air

flags waving

people yelling


Jack Y6



Trickling,dripping sparkles

Pooling in the water

Drip, drip, drip into

the creek.

Rushing roaring river

crashing, cascading creek

splashing stream

water sliding down

the rock face,

hesitantly leaving the pool.

Rata Y6


The golden sands of the east.

Golden scorching sand
Drifting in the wind
Wavy green blue
Crashing waves footprints
All shapes, all sizes
Joyous surfers
Ecstatic swimmers in
Calm waters
Foamy waves, the scent
Of driftwood
Wafts through the air
Relaxing sounds
Are everywhere
Splashing waters whistling
Wind squawking gulls
Walking towards the water
The nippy coldness
Circles my feet
Ow! Oh no a crab!
The alluring sands
Of the east.










Another fabulous class poem YO-1 made with me at Ormond School

Some Year Ones joined in a workshop with Y2 and 3s and collected sky words. We used some of these words the next day and added more to come up with this class poem.



Fluffy floating soft clouds

birds diving gliding flying

the sun shines

buttercup sun

daffodil sun

An aeroplane zooms

and glides

A rainbow colourful and bendy





Ormond School – Y 2 and 3 write sky poems that dazzle me

The children hunted for words. They wrote tiny poems. And then they set sail in their longer poems.

Pictures of the sky grew in my head as I read. I loved the way the children took off in different

directions but always came back to sky. I have picked just a handful to post.

I loved this session! Thank you.



The cloud goes gray,

birds fly in

the deep deep

blue sky.

From the gray and

black cloud, thunder.

Ksh ksh goes the





The Sky

In the sparkly night

waves went wild

in the sky

like a skateboard



Beautiful Clouds

Marshmallowy clouds

clouds move around

I see sheep clouds

beautiful clouds



Fluffy Cloud

It is like I am

going though a

fat marshmallow

It is smooth

soft too

and the sun

is shining bright

on me




Big white cloud

flying through the sky

going very slow

looking at the blue




Hot boiling




so hot.



Winning school visit (Ormond School) An adorable Year0/1 poem and an illustration challenge for you

I am back home after my visit to the most darling country school near Gisborne. I loved the way the teachers joined in all the workshops and helped the children find their poetry paths. Thank you so very much. You were all amazing. Inspiring people to be around.

I visited the  Y0/1 class (kowhai) for just thirty minutes (they were in the long session with the whole school in the hall though and lasted so beautifully).

We made up two poems together. I especially love the cat poem. All the words came from the children. I love this poem so much I thought up a really cool challenge for it. See below for details.



Orange like mandarin skin,

my cat purrs

and plays with silvery

wool like pillows.

She sleeps

in a beanbag

and in a wood box

and on the rainbow couch.

But her favourite place

is a knitted basket.


I thought it would be very cool to post it again with some illustrations by children. You will need to scan and send your drawing to me (not as a PDF please but a jpeg).

I will post my favourites with the poem and have a copy of The Letterbox Cat for one child. See below for deadline and details.

Deadline: Wednesday 4th November ( I will post on 5th November)

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com  Put cat drawing in subject line. Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s email.




Visiting Ormond School in Gisborne – what a treat

This week I am visiting the North Island winner of the Fourth Fabulous Poetry Competition for Children. Ormond School is about 20 kms from Gisborne. A darling little country school.

Yesterday I did a session with all the students in the hall and then workshops. Spectacular. I

love the way the children pitch in to poetry. I love the way the teachers pitch in during the workshops. I can’t wait to share some of their fabulous writing. It helps to have Sarah (a teacher) and Penny (the Principal) so passionate about poetry.

I love the way they made tomato soup with herbs from the school garden for my lunch.

I arrived on Monday and went for a walk along the boardwalk at Waikanae Beach then got a hot potato with coleslaw at mid way beach. Perfect as the wind was wild and whippy. Everyone is on a big mission to clear the wood that has washed up on the sand. Wow! What a job.

And I am getting lots of ideas for poems here.

A big thanks to The NZ Book Council for supporting my trip. Thank you!



My sea poem inspired a young class at Ormond School to do their own sea poems. Wonderful!


My sea poem inspired sea poems from Ormond School in Gisborne.

You can read my poem here.

I loved their poems so much I have picked a few to post here. Thanks for sharing.




    A calm beach

    with a blue sea

    behind it

    and behind it

    is a horizon

    with black sand




    The waves are

    very cold

    and they are

    made of ice

    they are

    ice waves

    Ben A


    Frozen Waves

    The waves are big

    and they are frozen

    and it looks like

    a hill

    some of them


    it is very cold

    because it is icy



    Frozen Wave

    The frozen wave

    is like a tunnel

    it’s still

    and calm

    the white water

    is moving slowly

    on the beach




    Giant wave

    was icy

    and it was sticky

    it looked like





    The waves

    look like

    skateboard ramps

    slowly falling over

    the sea

    wrinkled hills

    it is slushy



    Fresh waves

    The frozen, icy

    fresh wave

    looks just like

    a slushy sea

    moving in the

    fresh wave

    and it looks

    all calm

    in a sparkling sea



Treasury Challenge Favourites: Poems inspired by other poems

ATreasuryOfNZPoemsForChildrenJKT_FNL.indd  ATreasuryOfNZPoemsForChildrenJKT_FNL.indd

I have written poems inspired by another poem. Sometimes a word or an image or the whole poem itself. This was a perfect challenge to celebrate A Treasury of NZ Poems for Children.

Sometime you can follow the pattern of a poem and sometimes you can play with that pattern and make it even more of you own. Both ways work!


W o w !!! I loved all these poems. It was impossible to pick a poet to give a book to. But after thinking hard I have decided to give a copy of the Treasury to Angus from Adventure School and Kereru class at Mahana School. Congratulations everyone I picked to post. If I didn’t pick you this time, do try my last two challenges and all the challenges next year.


A sad poem from Ashlee (I love this poem by Chris Tse which is why I talked about it on my other blog. Ashlee’s poem works beautifully as some very sad images grow inside it):

Hi Paula, I have written a poem about SAD. I hope you like it.  My poem was inspired by Chris Tse’s “The saddest song in the world” (from nzpoetryshelf.com)

from Ashlee S, Year: 4, Age: 8, School: Redwood School (Tawa) Wellington

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 10.45.45 AM


Ewen’s version of a very famous poem. Lots of poets all around the world have been inspired by William Carlos William’s poem. I love the way a poem so simple can puff out into something so much more. Great job Ewen.

Hi Paula, This is my poem inspired by The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams. This was a really fun idea… Thanks! From Ewen

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 11.12.21 AM

By Ewen  aged 12,  Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch


Gemma’s poem follows the pattern of Mary Mary Quite Contrary.
Nursery rhymes are a great jumping pad for poems. Gemma’s made me laugh! Peter Millet has had fun doing poems like this in his books.


Gemma, Gemma…

Gemma, Gemma – What a dilemma

Why is your room a mess?

With books and toys and other great joys…

Does my head in, I must confess!


Mummy, Mummy – You are so funny

My room is perfect for me.

The books and toys are sources of joy

And placed there on purpose, you see!!!

 By Gemma, Age 8, Year 4, Adventure School



An alphabet poem. What a cool idea. I really want to do an alphabet book of poems. I also love the idea of classes writing a poem together which is what I always do when I visit schools.

A Nonsense Alphabet

A group poem by Kereru (Years 3 to 6), Mahana School

Inspired by Edward Lear


A is an apple

Shiny and clean,

Juicy and fresh

Red and green


Yummy round apple!



B is a broccoli

Round and green

Who didn’t feature

In most kids’ dreams


Evil little broccoli!



C was a cabbage

Round and green

Sitting in the soil

While watching the screen


Bushy lime cabbage!



D was a dog

Who caught a pig

In a rocky river with fish

He loved to dig


Hairy digging dog!



E is an eagle

Soaring through the skies

They feast on dead cows

That are surrounded by flies


What an intelligent eagle!



F was a fox

Who was really funny

Pouncing on trampolines

and eating a bunny


Hunting jumping fox!



G was a grackle

Sometimes they glide

Catching and digging worms

Flat on their side


Gliding flying grackle!



H was a horse

Galloping up and down

Trotting in the arena

All around town


Beautiful bay horse!



I was an icecream

Melting in the sun

But it was yummy

And it didn’t weigh a tonne


Scrumptious delicious icecream!



J was a jaguar

Pouncing while hunting birds in the sky

Cute and fuzzy

Eating blueberry pie


Dangerous fierce jaguar!



K was a kangaroo

That lived with the king

And had a koala

With a bell that dinged


Jumping punching kangaroo!



L is a lizard

Slithering along

Dropping its tail

Singing a song


Lovely lively lizard!



M was a monkey

That loved sailing in a boat

Singing with his

Shiny new furry coat


Sparkling playful monkey!



N was a nose

Sniffing up rust

Smelling like roses

Who could you trust?


Big strong noses!



O was an octopus

Who had to blink

Swimming around seaweed

And squirting out his ink


Inky, lots of legs octopus!



P was a puppy

Chewing up his toy

Leaving fur around the house

Playing with a boy called Roy


Fluffy cuddly puppy!



Q was a Queen

She’s such a scene

Picking on slaves

Acting so mean


Frizzy afro Queen!



R was a rabbit

Bouncing happily around

Eating green grass

From the soft ground


Happy white rabbit!



S was a starfish

Moving slowly in the sea

With a crab in one tentacle

And a golden key


Slippery soft starfish!



T was a tiger

That has lots of strips

Living in caves

And having lots of fights


Fluffy big tiger!



U was a unicorn

Fluffy pink and white

Prancing and dancing

Man – he’s so bright


Fluffy, cuddly unicorn



V is a valley

Echoing every sound

Lonesome beneath the shadows of the hill

The encroaching forest surrounds


Vacant valley!



W was a wolf

That had a fluffy coat

Who was hunting for fun

And ate lots of oats


Fuzzy cute wolf!



X was a xerus

Running and dancing around

Collecting up nuts

From the mossy ground


Bushy burgundy xerus!



Y was a yo-yo

That went around and around

You can do it anywhere

Even on a mound


Tubby round yo-yo!



Z is a zonkey

He was so stripy brown

When he went dancing

He always boggied into town


Party rocking zonkey!



Some children from Ormond School in Gisborne were inspired by my poem, ‘When I am Cold,’ in The Letterbox Cat. I loved the way they have played with my ending and found surprising things to add. Great job. I loved them all but have picked just a few to post.

When I Am cold 

When I am cold

I get rat bumps!

When I am very cold

I get chicken bumps!

When I get very, very cold

I get penguin bumps!

When I get very, very, very cold

I get elephant bumps

When I am very, very, very, very cold

I get moa bumps!

When I am very, very, very, very, very cold

I get into my black and white onesie,

put on fifty socks, a pair of gloves and then snuggle up into bed!

By Georgia


When I Am Cold

When I am cold

I get penguin bumps!

When I am very cold

I get chicken bumps!

When I am very, very cold

I get elephant bumps!

When I am very, very, very, cold

I get moa bumps!

When I am very, very, very, very cold

I get an infinity blanket

and sit down and watch T.V!

By Noah


When I Am Cold

When I am cold

I get ghost bumps!

When I am very cold

I get pig bumps!

When I am very, very cold

I get lion bumps!

When I am very, very, very, cold

I get snail bumps!

When I am very, very, very, very cold

I sit beside the fire!

By Joshua


When I Am Cold

When I am cold

I get skeleton bumps!

When I am very cold

I get zombie bumps!

When I am very, very cold

I get penguin bumps!

When I am very, very, very, cold

I get ghost bumps!

When I am very, very, very, very cold

I get dragon bumps!

When I am very, very, very, very, very cold

I get muddy bumps!

When I am very, very, very, very, very, very cold

I have a drink of hot chocolate!

By Taylor


Geena’s spring and cat poems were inspired by poems in The Letterbox Cat. It is very special when you inspire someone. I especially loved the sea cat and the hushing waves. Such good detail in this poem. And some pop-out words. Thank you so much!

Hiya Paula- After you came and visited Arrowtown School, and gave me a copy of your fantastic The Letterbox Cat, all your great poems have given me some great poems of my own, so I wanted to share some of them with you.

This one is inspired by your ‘Hello Spring’ poem. Thanks for the great idea!



A small peep of sun is all I need

My small green leaves must get light I plead

One bright spring morning, cool dew rests on my shoots

Oh my Roots!, could it be?

Is it the sun I see?

And sure enough the sun beams back at me.

 By Geena S


This poem is inspired by all your lovely cat poems in your book, so I thought I would write one about the lovely sea.

The Sea Cat

The sea is where you’ll find my cat.

You’ll see him jumping over bubbling waves,

like a blackbird flying across the indigo blue sky.

He loves everything about the Sea,

he loves the salty smell,

the hushing sound of the tumbling waves

and the sweet bliss of the smooth wet sand beneath his paws.

He leaps at passing crabs

and pounces at the forever moving sand,

as the water retreats beneath him.

My cat is a free Seagull.

His home is the Ocean

Because the Ocean is where he belongs.

By Geena S, Year 8, Arrowtown School


Another poem inspired by one of mine. I loved the way Glazie has played with rhyme such as ‘onion’ and ‘minion.’ I loved reading this!

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 11.33.15 AM


This is so cool. Like Gemma, Daniel has taken an old favorite and made it his own. Very imaginative. A tip top poem!

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 11.36.28 AM

 By Daniel, Year 1, aged 5, Adventure School


Another poem inspired by me. I love the way words loop and slip and play in Jack’s poem. It is very good to read aloud. Bravo!

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 11.42.15 AM


Room 8 at Adventure School in Whitby sent a terrific bunch of poems to me that were inspired by other poems. I loved them all but I have picked just a few to post. Such imagination and such great vocabulary. The poems all sang in my ear too! It was a real treat to get these poems. Wow!

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 12.36.26 PM

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 12.44.50 PM Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 12.43.01 PM Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 12.42.05 PM Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 12.40.30 PM