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Northland Tour Oromahoe School is a slice of paradise

I spent the afternoon here in this gorgeous wee country school. Then did a workshop with teachers and librarians who travelled as much as an hour to get here. It was fabulous. 

The teachers were warm and friendly and got stuck into poetry. Thank you!

It was a blue sky day with a surprising chill so we went on the hunt for winter poems again in the children’s workshop. Here are some of the poems. I had taken photos of others but lost them as my phone was full. Do send them to me. 


The sky is grey

and the clouds

are black and

everybody gets




The winter sun

shining on my face. 

I got to my 

feet and looked out

my window and I

saw trees, I saw

birds but most of 

all the beautiful frost. 

I took a 

breath and relaxed. 


Swaying trees white

raindrops frost black

on water lightening thunder


my mum knitted a jumper. 


On a winter’s day

the frost covers the

garden walls. On an

icy day I love pancakes or

porridge. Then I curl

up on a couch and read

a book. 


A Winter’s Day

Cold and frosty

ice solid grass and water

covers the earth. 

Big chunks of hail

stones raining down to

the land as if it was really raining. 


That’s My Dog

As the day slivers and pivers

as the tui tweets

and squawks,

the frosty grass

sticks to her fur

as she shivers

and pivers

she holds her

paws close 

to the door

until we open it,

then she

cosys up by

the fire. 

She puts her

paws wide apart

until someone

kicks her out.