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My cat plus the Principal plus Cinderella plus the All Blacks on Poetry Box

Here are some poems of mine where there is a story creeping through them.

You can borrow whatever you like from my poems and mix it up with your life and make it into something new. If you come up with your version send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age, name of school. I will post some.

1. My short poem that is true. Our big fluffy cat Charlie went into Michael’s studio fell into the blue paint and we had to take him to the vet to get shaved and he looked like a skinny rat. I could have put more of that in the poem! Too late now, as this poem is in Macaroni Moon (Random House, 2009).

Our Cat

Not a lot

of blue left

after our cat





into the paint pot!

© Paula Green


2. My short poem that is not true! I had fun writing this. This poem is also in Macaroni Moon.

Another Funny Thing happened on the Way to School

I was walking down the road dragging my school bag and a toad

when I saw the Principal the size of a plum stuck to the gate with chewing gum.

© Paula Green

3. Here is my longer poem that is not true. It is the Cinderella story gone wrong (also in Macaroni Moon).


When Cinderella lost her shoe down the stairs

the prince’s search fell on deaf ears

because the spell went haywire

when the ballroom caught fire

and the dear shoeless lass

turned in to a big fat


© Paula Green

4. Finally here is my longer poem that starts out true and then is definitely made up. I was watching the All Blacks play the Wallabies on TV and I suddenly wondered how fun it would be if you could crawl into the TV and see the game live. We had all been to watch a World Cup game at Eden Park (not the All Blacks as it was too expensive) but it was so atmospheric. That’s where I got the detail for this poem from. One day I might go and see the All Blacks play there.


Imagine if you

and your Dad or Mum

could climb into the t.v.

and see the All Blacks

play the Wallabies at Eden Park

and spy rucks and mauls and scrums

spectacularly close tries

forward passes and winning runs.

You could eat hot chips

and puff out hot air

and leap up for the Mexican wave

to the sound of Pacific drums.

At the end of the match

you would climb back

with a signed rugby ball

and a souvenir scarf

to show your rugby chums.

© Paula Green