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Hot-Spot Poetry in Queenstown and Arrowtown is as magnificent as the scenery

I’m back home today catching up on everything before I start back on the Hot Spot Poetry Tour events in Auckland and Tauranga tomorrow (they run until Nov 8th).

The first stage of my tour ended in Arrowtown and Queenstown for a few days, and it was simply wonderful. Yes, spectacular scenery that itches to take shape in the form of a poem. Yes, the lakes that gleam and make you stand still to look. But yes too, to  the  warm and friendly people, the scrumptious food, the keen children.

I had half a day at Arrowtown School (now this is one picturesque school!) where a small group of eager writers worked with me and then few hundred Juniors. I am not surprised such good writing comes out of this school with a teacher so dedicated to poetry as Wendy Clarke (she has a poem in the Treasury).

A quick visit to meet Maria Small and her writing group, and make up a cluster of poems. Loved this!

And then a half day session at Remarkables School (also unbelievably picturesque) with Juniors and then Seniors. This is another hot-spot school when it comes to writing and I got to see that live when we made up poems and shared ideas in the hall. I loved this so much too.

The Remarkables School evening event was a treat with Kyle Mewburn, Pauline Cartwright and Wendy Clarke reading poems (Brian Turner was sick) and the local children in the book (Lachy, Max and Becky). It was so good to meet them, to see how they are such passionate writers — like everywhere else I wish I had had enough time to stay and chat with them longer. We heard some great new poems and heard some terrific readings from the two poetry books from local children .

A big thanks to everyone who made my time at your place special — especially those hard working teachers. What a perfect way to finish the first part of my tour. Just perfect.

Here are some photos of the night event including one with Becky (the only child to have two poems in the book!). Man and Lachy have had quite a bit of media attention

photo IMG_0163 photo

The Treasury Interviews: Jasmine interviews Pauline Cartwright


Pauline Cartwright lives in Alexandra, Central Otago in New Zealand. Scholastic has published her books and poems for children. She loves to come and see Intermediate students to talk about writing.

About Me: My name is Jasmine. I’m a Year 5, nine-year-old girl that goes to Remarkables Primary School. I love to read books.


The Interview

Are any of your books in a National library and if they are which are most popular?
I’m sure I do have books in the National Library but I can’t list them all. I will list a few that I know you would be likely to enjoy.
GOLD!     Also published as FINDING MY FATHER

Do you have any new books?
I haven’t any new books out in the shops lately but you might come across some in your classroom eg AWESOME ANIMAL ADVENTURE! which is about very large creatures – dinosaurs to blue whales. And I have put a few titles online with Amazon Kindle. One of them I AM SOMEONE ELSE is my newest story but it is for older teenagers. You might need to wait a few years before you would find it enjoyable.

What schools have you been to to share your writing?
Over a lot of years I have been to many schools in the North and South Island (and one or two in Australia). There have been times when I have spoken to so many classes in one day that I have started to forget whether it was this class that I said that to, or whether it was the class I had just left! Sometimes I have just talked about writing and shared my stories and poems. Sometimes I have taken workshops. Sometimes I have been entertained by the children I have visited and that is a very nice thing to have happen. I have met a lot of wonderful children and wonderful teachers.

What books have you written in the past year?
In the last year I have written only articles and no books at all.

Do you speak to all years about your writing?
Yes I do speak about writing to children of all ages – and sometimes to adults.

What is your favourite book you have written?
I have written a lot of books. If I count every one, including all the small books that help children learn to become readers, I have written over 300. (I feel quite surprised by that!!) I don’t have a favourite from that list. A new story in my head always feels exciting and important and so my favourite is always the one I am writing!


Thanks for a great interview Jasmine and Pauline. Pauline has three poems in A Treasury of NZ Poetry for Children including an old favourite of mine, ‘The Same Old Mum.’ I have seen children write versions of this which are really cool. They have sent them to me at Poetry Box.

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